21 July 2013

A Story from your Childhood

Day 18 - A Story from Your Childhood

I'm entirely sure how old I was.  5 or 6 I think.  We were on a holiday in the South of France.  A tiny little place called Argeles.  We had rented a static caravan on a site, the same one we had been going to for a few years.

Friendly people, a gorgeous sandy beach; my parents, me and their two friends Vera and Ted.  Perfect.

I remember my dad getting a hose pipe out whilst everyone was sunbathing.  Who knows from where.  I remember him chasing my mum around with the water spurting out, her shrieking as she didn't want to get wet.  She ran into the caravan, thinking that no way would he follow her in there. 

He did.  Of course.

I loved those holidays.  It is a very precious memory as I don't have many with my dad.  Details fade over time but some burn so brightly in your mind that you never forget them.

Me and my dad - happy times


  1. Aww what a lovely childhood memory! I felt myself relating to this scene a little; it's pretty much how our family holidays were... except usually down in Cornwall, France came later! xx


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