8 July 2013

A Favourite Blogger

Day 5 - Publicly profess your love for one of your blogger friends

My absolute favourite blog belongs to the fantastic Becky Barnes of www.MrsBeBeBlog.com. Becky’s was the first ever plus size fashion blog that I ever read and it was also the inspiration in kickstarting my own ventures into fashion blogging.

I had never even read a blog before I found Becky’s and I still remember being completed awe inspired by her. Someone who dressed well; who wasn’t hiding away in black and looking amazing and confident. I wanted that confidence for myself and wanted to be able to reach a place where I was happy not only wearing colour and print, but also was photographing myself wearing it.

Becky’s blog started me on my self confidence journey and continually inspired me to push the boundaries in what I was comfortable wearing, proving that you can be any size and look good.

I don’t hide from the camera now, my wardrobe is awash with colour and I am happier now than I have ever been. There are a lot of people who have helped me with this journey, but Becky’s blog was the very first step.

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  1. I've entered the fatshion world via Gabi, but I remember, that Becky was one of the first blogger I stuck to. I love her confidence, her style and the way she's posing. :)
    But you are also an inspiration. Especially because you are talking about hiding in black sacks. The transformation from the "ugly duck" to the beautiful woman you are is omnipresent and reassure me. When I grow up I would be like you. :) <3

    Love, Mel xoxo

    1. Thank you Mel that is so lovely of you to say xx


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