29 August 2013

Creative Corner 2

Today's theme is:

A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

Jenny looked at the dying Snake Plant in front of her.  “Please don’t die.  You are supposed to be indestructible!  I’ve loved you, watered you, why are you dying on me?”  The plant of course, didn’t reply.

This was no ordinary plant to Jenny, this was the only thing left that she had some control over, the last thing before everything in her life collapsed, or so it seemed.  In the past two months she had lost her job, her boyfriend had left her and now her landlord was threatening eviction if she didn’t make up her payments.

Everything that Jenny touched lately seemed to crumble away.  Her world had shrunk down piece by piece until suddenly; the only thing that she felt that she still had control over was that goddamn Snake Plant that her mother had bought her.  Now even that was dying.

Jenny wheedled and cajoled the plant over the coming days to revive; convincing herself that if the plant made it, so could she.  The plant ignored her and got worse by the day, with its now brown and black leaves falling all over the old carpet.

By day five Jenny had given up.  The plant was showing no signs of recovery.  She started packing boxes up around it, readying herself for the move back to her parent’s place.  She didn’t know what road lay ahead of her but couldn’t see anything good.

On moving day, Jenny was carrying the last box out of her apartment when something small and green caught her eye.  Hidden near the centre of the plant was a small green shoot.  New life amidst all the decay. 

The plant went into the box and Jenny left the apartment with a small smile on her face.  Maybe things would work out after all.

28 August 2013


Challenge 14
Unleash Your Wild Side!

Nat wrote: Leopard, cheetah, zebra....... I hope that will join me in unleashing your wild side and show some love for  animal print! Shoes, tops ,bags or be brave and go head to toe!

Now when I read this challenge idea my first thought was panic as I don't own any animal print clothing.  I do have plans to add a couple of pieces to my wardrobe for the A/W season but at the moment, my animal side is severely lacking!

I then remembered this bag below which I found in my local charity shop which I instantly fell in love with. I decided to use it as an inspiration for an outfit.  Hope you like it!

The black dress is from the @So_Fab_Clothing range at +Very.co.uk the red cardigan is from Primark, the necklace is from +Superdrug and the handbag as I said, was a charity shop find.

Check out the other ladies in the challenge:

26 August 2013

My Heart Skips a Beat

I am on the hunt.  The hunt for the perfect black ankle boot.  It has to go with both jeans and dresses and it has to have "that thing".

What is that thing you ask?  Well if you are a shoe addict you will know.  When you first set your eyes on a pair of shoes and your heart skips a beat.  There is a sharp intake of breath and a little voice inside you whispers "They are the ones".  There is an immediate bond.

I am not the type that can just buy a pair of shoes, they have to speak to me.  The Mary Jane style of shoe for example owns a little piece of my heart. 

When it comes to ankle boots for Winter, I tend to look for boots that are comfortable and can be worn with either a dress or jeans.  Something that is both versatile but still stylish.  Here are my favourites for the upcoming season.  One of these lovelies needs to be mine.

A/W Ankle Boots & a Pretty Bag

During my ankle boot search I also came across the perfect bag.  Crocodile skin and a bow, I practically swooned.  Isn't it just perfect?

What are your favourites for the upcoming season?


Sunday Style

I went out for a lovely meal yesterday with family so thought I would share my outfit and also my new hair, newly coloured to a much darker shade than I had anticipated, but I love it!

You have seen this dress before on the blog, but I love it so much, it’s here again.


I also had to show you this photograph of my mum.  She never believes me when I tell her how amazing she looks.  She is 73 believe it or not.   I can only hope I look as good as she does at her age.

What have you been doing this weekend?

23 August 2013

Friends for Life

I used to be addicted to the "Friends" series.  I still miss it.

I came across this on Buzzfeed, you may have seen it, but if you haven't, you NEED to check this out.

I came across all nostalgic!

31 Things Friends Taught Us About Life



21 August 2013

Creative Corner 1

I recently heard about a book called “642 Things to Write About” which I plan to buy.  I have wanted to put my toe back into creative writing for a while now, so I thought that this would be a good way to start.  I will be posting these every few weeks and see how I go. 

You are given ideas and outlines which you work from.  Today I have decided to use:

You are looking down through the skylight as chefs prepare dinner for your ex-fiance’s wedding.

I am sat here, on the roof of the hotel where my ex love is getting married, peering through the skylight.  There are a million questions running through my head right now.  How did I get here?  How did it come to this?  Why has the bastard got the same cake design that we chose for our wedding?

Mark always used to tell me that I was too organised.  So organised it seems that I have helped him plan his wedding, to someone else.  How can it be that only nine months ago we were planning our own wedding yet here I am today, staring down at everything we had planned, but I’m not invited.

The kitchen is busy with waiters running around, chefs shouting to get the first course out; I see Mark stayed with the prawn and mango salsa starter that we had decided on.

I only meant to take a peek around the door of the venue, how did I end up on the roof?  Now I am here, I’m not sure if I'm insulted or if I just want to laugh.  The menu looks to be exactly the one that we chose, the bespoke wedding cake that I had designed is there; I have no doubt that if I could see into the reception room, the place settings and decorations would be the same too.

Where is the bride in all this?  Where is Sarah?  When Mark left me, he told me that he wanted someone who wasn’t so fiercely independent.  Someone who would stay at home, have the children, become the perfect wife that he always wanted.  That has never been me. 

I always used to notice the way my friend Sarah looked at Mark.  The look of longing that she thought I didn’t notice.  Well I did, but never thought anything of it, until a week after he broke our engagement and I saw the two of them strolling hand in hand down the street.

I wonder what life she has chosen for herself.  Her own wedding, chosen down to the napkin holders by someone else, by me, the friend that she betrayed.  Not the best start to married life.  I thought I was over all of that, yet here I am, sat on the roof like some deranged stalker.

Ashamed, I move back to the edge of the building, looking round to make sure I won’t be seen as I descend the fire escape.  I wonder, have I made a lucky escape or has he?  He is the one in the wedding suit and I am crawling around on a roof.

I made it back down to street level and start walking around the building, anxious to get away.  I spy the wedding car pulling up to the front entrance in the distance and my heart starts to beat faster.  Do I hide, do I walk past; do I turn back?  Instead I linger at the corner, unnoticed by the people now crowding at the entrance.

Sarah looks happy and radiant, Mark looks smug.  His loud voice carries down the street.  He is telling people that they are going to be amazed by the reception.  He's taking credit for everything, as he always used to.

I smile to myself.  My heart stops it's relentless pounding.  I'm done with this man.  I wait for them to enter the hotel and then walk away, entering my own new life.

Losing my Way

I’ve lost my way in blogging.   I didn’t mean to, but it has gradually happened over the course of the past few months and I have realised it this week.

Since February of this year my blog has become very plus size fashion focussed, with just the odd opinion piece thrown in.  Whilst I love putting up the pictures, writing about the clothes and choosing my outfits to go on the blog, I am now feeling a pressure behind it.

This is a pressure of my own making, to always have a new outfit to show, making sure I have enough clothing posts on the blog each week.  What is that even all about? To have “enough” clothing posts?  Since when have I put my blog under a military regime of what I can and cannot blog about?

I had another opinion post that I was going to put up this week and I found myself worrying that I should have been putting up an outfit instead.  That’s when it hit me; I have become more focussed on what other people think of my blog than what I think about it.  It wasn’t intentional, but it happened.

I have become too obsessed with fan girling about other people’s fashion blogs, about how many great outfit posts they do, how well they always style clothing, how regularly they post and how good their blogs look.  I realised that I have turned my own blog into effectively keeping up with the Jones.

I never wanted my blog to be one subject based.  I enjoy doing my opinion/rant pieces just as much as the fashion and beauty ones.  Frankly I don’t have enough money for the blog to become solely fashion based, nor would I want it to become that.

As a person I am a mixed bag.  I love fashion and Formula One; I love shoes and Sci-Fi movies.  I have (probably too) many opinions that I want to write about and my confidence is up and down like a yo yo.   That is what I wanted my blog to be, a mixed bag which is a reflection of myself.

So I am going to stop worrying about what other people think of my blog and just be me.  Write about what I want to in that second.  I will still probably post as regularly and there will still be the outfit posts, the beauty posts, the wish lists.  The opinion ranty stuff will still be there. 

Now though I am opening myself up to other possibilities.  I might even try a once a month creative writing post.  I’ve wanted to try something like that for a while now but I was (again) worried that it wouldn’t fit my blog.  But it fits me.  So I may well give it a go.

I’ve rambled on a bit here but I think what has been in my head has come across.  Always, that is me, I’m a rambler.  It’s what I do ;)


19 August 2013

Pushing Boundaries

Today I decided to push myself a little on the old make up front. 
I have previously done a post called “Bare Faced Cheek” where I was pushing the boundaries of what amount or lack thereof, makeup I was happy wearing in front of a camera.  Actually going out in public like that is a further step forward.
Now I am not going to say to you that I am suddenly going to stop wearing makeup.  I’m not.  I love it and I love how it can transform your face depending on what look you are going for.  But I would also like to feel comfortable going to work with no makeup on.
Especially on those mornings when you are running on slow speed and putting on makeup is the thing that will make you miss your bus or make you late for work.  It isn't that important.  Yet I can't count the number of times I have left the house late because I have needed to "make myself presentable".
So here I am at work, no makeup, shiny nose, no eyeliner.  The world did not end.  People didn't draw back in horror.  The mirror didn't crack.  I look fine.
Whilst makeup is still something I choose to wear on a daily basis, I now know that I can live without it too.  Another step in being comfortable in your own skin.


18 August 2013

Silent Sunday


Girl’s Night

Just wanted to share the outfit I wore last night.

Myself and my two best friends had planned a catch up with involved first much gossip, wine and 90’s music at my friend’s house to get us in the mood and then off out into town for a few drinks and a dance.

Alas due to the pulled muscle in my leg I didn’t get to do much dancing, but there was a lot of laughter, gossip and much needed time with two of my favourite people.

I wore my black Hush Puppy shoes, purple tights from Evans and a geometric print dress from South at +Very.co.uk .


After some persuading from my friends, I decided to ditch the little black shrug I had been wearing and went out with bare arms, so was feeling very brave as my arms are a part of my body I don’t like.

I had a fab time though and absolutely loved the dress.   Here’s the link to the dress if you fancy one yourself South Shirt Dress  I really want a mustard colour cardigan to go with it now, but need to be good on the spending front for the moment!

What did you get up to last night?

16 August 2013

New Blog Challenge, Any Takers?

I’m thinking of starting a new blog challenge, so thought I would first write a post to see if anyone wished to join me.
This challenge would be once a month, on a fixed date.
The idea I have is one of a confidence booster.  Something very simple.  At some point during the month, take a photograph of yourself.  Not when you have decided to take photographs for a blog post or when you know that you are going to be dressed up.  Take the photograph when you look in the mirror and think to yourself “I look good today”.
I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t think that every time I look in the mirror but now and again, I’ll look, and think “You know what, you look ok today”.  That’s the image I want to capture.  Not planned, not prepared, just whenever you feel you look good, but it in your pajamas or a ball gown.
The title of the challenge, unless something can think of something better, will be “I Feel Good”.

I thought that I would put the idea out there to see if anyone wanted to join me, or if not, I will do it myself.

If you are interested, please email me at thecurvedopinion@gmail.com  I would love to hear from you.

15 August 2013

Cereal for Breakfast, Tuna for Lunch

I wanted to write this post further to a blog that the fabulous Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista wrote on Wednesday, found here at I am always more than just a blogger.

She was talking about her friend, who had been told that she was “just a blogger”.

I always find it interesting to note when people insult bloggers.  While some people understand blogging and enjoy reading/writing them, many others have no comprehension what blogging is all about and insult it instead.  Sound familiar?  Insulting what you don’t understand? 

One pre conception I often hear is that bloggers write down everything about their lives, from what they had for breakfast to what pyjamas they are wearing that night.  Everything is micro analysed in the smallest detail and written about. Maybe some do, but so what?  That’s their bag, what they enjoy doing, who are you to criticise?

Blogging can be many things to many people.  I for instance used it in the beginning as my own free form of therapy.  Talking through my fingers rather than saying it out loud.  Any issue I have or problem I am worrying about, I write about it and nine times out of ten, I find the solution right there in what I have written.

Now I blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, opinion pieces, whatever takes my fancy.  It is something that I adore doing and the fact that some people would insult you for that blows my mind a little.

I started to think today as well; how many people who have insulted bloggers actually read blogs to find out what a product is like?  I bet many do it without even realising it.

That mobile phone review on Youtube, that’s a blogger.  That detailed camera review you found that tells you everything you need to know, that’s a blogger.  That £1 miracle mascara that you have thanks to something you saw online singing it’s praises, that’s a blogger.

I spend the equivalent of a full working day (probably more) each week doing what I do, if I review something (either paid for by myself or gifted) I try to be as accurate as possible, and if once in a while something that I say helps someone else to improve their lives; well what is better than that?

I read the post, as did many, on Wednesday entitled "The Rise of the Fatshion Blogger" (since deleted).  The writer implied that bloggers were solely in it for the freebies these days and that we were all doing somersaults for the brands in order to get attention.

Personally, I feel extremely lucky to have been allowed to review anything.  I don't accept every offer that comes my way and if I don't like something or notice an issue with something I have been gifted, I say it.  I checked the count and I have reviewed 9 pieces within the last 150 posts. 

I got into fashion blogging because I love fashion, I adore the plus size fashion community and have felt welcomed by it.  There are some amazing people who didn't deserve the critique that they received from someone who was clearly following them and reading their posts, but then slating them behind their backs.

So having read the posts as above, I still say yes, I am a blogger, and I am damn proud to be one and part of the plus size community.  Are you? 

14 August 2013


omcz blog header
Today’s challenge was thought up by Rachel from A Dress is for Life and the theme is “Standing Out From The Crowd”.

For this post I decided to share with you my quest into brighter and bolder prints, charting how I became to be more adventurous.

This first dress I bought over a year ago.  I loved the shape of the dress and I am a sucker for anything coral.  Now, I say I bought the dress over a year ago, but the picture below, taken in May of this year was the first time I wore it.  Because before, I was too scared. 

I tried to wear it on numerous occasions previously, but it was so far out of my black comfort zone that I felt like I was wearing a flashing neon sign saying “Look! Fat girl!”  Now I wear it and enjoy wearing it.  Looking back, I can’t believe how scared I was, simply to wear a pretty dress that wasn’t black.

The next dress I am showing you is one that truly does stand out from the crowd.   This dress has a beautiful flower print and is quite unusual.  I wore this on a trip out to Manchester with the girls for cocktails and it definately stood out from the crowd, for the right reasons!


I was so nervous about wearing this dress, but I loved it so much that I had to wear it, even teaming it with a red cardigan for an extra pop. 


My next standing out from the crowd dress I am not showing here, but will be wearing at the after party of Plus North.  I wanted something that exuded confidence and for me, that had to be a bright red dress.  My final goal.

Check out the other lovely ladies to see what they have chosen to stand out from the crowd.

Nikki http://www.nattynikki.blogspot.co.uk/
Rebs http://sullen-hearts.blogspot.co.uk/
Verena http://aplussizefashionobsession.blogspot.de/
Beka bekasstuffystuff.blogspot.com
Vicky http://www.thecurvedopinion.com/

12 August 2013

Guest Posting

Today I have guest posted on the brilliant FashionWorked in conjunction with their body image season, found here:


They have some brilliant fashion posts for both men and women as well as opinion pieces and Style or Vile posts.  I urge you to check them out, not just because I have written for them today!

10 August 2013

Work Wear

I am a firm believer of not keeping clothes tucked away in your wardrobe “for best”.  What’s the point of that?  If you love an outfit, wear it and enjoy it!

I tend to buy daytime clothing that I can wear equally well at work, at weekend, or wherever I wish to.  I don’t see the point in having a dull work wardrobe, I want to enjoy my clothing every day, not just at the weekend.

I thought that I would share with you some of my recent outfits of the day which I have worn to work.  Apologies for the bathroom shots, but it’s the only mirror in the building.

I think that you can tell the days that I haven't really woken up yet!

What do you wear to work?

9 August 2013

Shouting Back

Unless you have been living under a rock, most people by now will have heard of and seen the horrendous abuse and threats that have been sent to Caroline Criado-Perez and others.  Not just insults or abusive comments, but physical threats. 

In case you are not aware of the background, Caroline had successfully campaigned to maintain female representation on a bank note and appeared on various interviews thereafter.  For that she was inundated with threats of rape, assault and murder. 

Caroline chose to shout back rather than stay silent and to alert the police rather than be scared into submission.  The reaction to those measures by fellow Twitter users, the media and the public has stunned me. 

Victim blaming isn’t anything new.  It has been going on for years and whilst I thought that in more recent times, people were a little more enlightened, it seems that couldn’t be further from the case.

Comments like “Being on Twitter is like walking down the street naked” which I saw this morning on not what you would presume (The Daily Fail) but in The Times, by people whom you would presume would know better.  So by that, if I were to walk down the street naked should I expect threats of rape?  Is the commenter saying it would be acceptable behaviour because I was naked? 

Other comments such as “if you don’t like what is being said, leave Twitter” have been bandied about by many.  Personally, I don’t see why you should be forced off anywhere because of threatening behaviour.  

If someone was threatening you in a restaurant with rape or murder, you wouldn’t ignore it, you would report it.  It wouldn’t stop you using the restaurant again.  If someone was using menacing behaviour against you in the workplace, would you leave work and find another job rather than speak up?  Of course you wouldn’t.

Insults and abuse you can ignore, block and indeed feel pity for those who have little else in their lives other than to hurl abuse at others.  Because that is trolling.  Trolling isn’t illegal.  Threats to physically hurt you aren’t trolling, they are illegal.

Those are just some of my thoughts on the matter.  I am not a “man hater”.  I am not, as I have others been accused of “moaning about every little thing concerning women”.  I just believe that everybody, men and women alike have a right not to be physically threatened, be it in the street, in their own home or online.  If it happens, it should be reported.  Being online does not mean that laws suddenly do not apply.

What are your thoughts?


8 August 2013

What a Girl Wants

I have recently joined Polyvore and have been playing around with creating different sets and finding items that I love and putting them together.

I was looking through the +ASOS Curve dresses and thought that I would share my favourites with you! My favourite I think is the skull print dress that I have been ogling for weeks now.
What favourites have you got your eye on at the moment?

What a Girl Wants

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