17 July 2013

10 Things That Make You Happy

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy
  1. Catching that song on the radio when you are alone that makes you turn up the volume and dance around like a wild thing. Typically the guilty pleasure ones.
  1. Sunshine. The weather is tied to my mood and I find that it is impossible for me to feel down or sad when it is blazing with sunshine like it is today. Maybe I should move to warmer climes?
  1. Books. I absolutely love to completely immerse myself in a good book. No romance books for me, I prefer true crime, sci-fi and horror. Many times I have picked up a book with the intention of reading the first few chapters and have emerged hours later, 700 pages finished.
  1. Going out with my mum. We are both as silly as each other and usually end up in fits of giggles no matter what we do.
  1. Being with my friends. A guaranteed great time no matter where we are and what we are doing.
  1. My blog. It makes me immeasurably happy.
  1. A good banter. I think that is one of the reasons I like Twitter. Diverse opinions that (most of the time) you can have an interesting discussion with. I don’t like “yes” people who agree with everything you say.
  1. Opening parcels. Most of the time it is something that I have remembered ordering so I already know what it is inside, but occasionally I forget and I am react like a six year old at Christmas.
  1. When a plan comes together. Sorry, A-Team quote in there. If I have spent a great deal of time planning something, be it a event, a night away or something smaller, when everything works out just as I planned it, that makes me really happy. Geek.
  1. My blog post for the Flash the Flesh Challenge – Swimwear. I talked myself out of doing that post more times than I can count but in the end, I had to do it and I’m proud of myself. I have come a long way from the girl who detagged herself from nearly every picture.
So there you go, ten things that make me happy.  What about you?


  1. Omg! I am so glad I have found someone else like me! I am like a child on xmas eve when a parcel arrives even if I know what it is. I'm like a postman stalker! lol xx

  2. I share a lot of these with you! I love getting stuck in to a good book and spending an entire day reading. And I get so excited when I get a parcel, even when it's something I've ordered. I've ever been known to peek out the window wondering where the postie as I get impatient if I have to wait for too long! Haha xx


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