6 July 2013

An Uncomfortable Feeling

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

The top of my list would have to be meeting new people. Whilst I do actually love having new people in my life, those first few meetings are so uncomfortable for me as I become very nervous. I either can’t think of anything to say or alternatively the most ridiculous things come out of my mouth in order to fill the silence.

I am going to Plus North in September and whilst I can’t wait to meet all the bloggers I have read and talked to via Twitter for so long, I am also terrified at the thought of meeting so many new people alone. A cheeky cocktail somewhere before the event may not go amiss!

Seeing/hearing racist and homophobic behaviour makes me uncomfortable. I like to think that I would say something if I witnessed it in front of me. I may be nervous in front of strangers but my moral conviction is strong enough that I don’t think that I would hesitate.

Compliments make me uncomfortable. I am actively trying to work on this one as you should just be able to say thank you when someone gives you a compliment, without trying to belittle yourself or whatever it is that you have accomplished.

That is probably my top three of things that make me uncomfortable, what’s yours?

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  1. This is such a good idea for a blog post, a way to know you better x


  2. Someone once suggested whenever I got a compliment that made me uncomfy to write it down and keep it for a different day. I can't say it's worked yet, but I'm trying!

  3. I'm also nervous when meeting new people. I get so awkward and I'm awful at small talk with strangers, unless we share interests and hit it off. I can't stand racism / homophobia either or people who judge others for being this that or the other. It'll quickly put me off somebody. xx

    1. Small talk is something I am terrible at, trying to work on it though! xx

  4. I'm also not good meeting new people in "real life" … while I have no problems to meet then on the internet. ^^

    Love, Mel xoxo

    1. That's the beauty of the internet, we get to hide behind our computer screens and our personalities are allowed to properly come out!


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