31 October 2013


Today is one of my favourite days of the year, Halloween!
Hope everyone has a great one, just thought I'd share with you what im wearing at the office today, excxuse the flash of the bra by the way ;)

27 October 2013

An EE of a Problem

Just a quick post today to say that I haven't fallen off the blogging world but I am having problems with my phone and internet connection so can't post properly at the moment.

Normal service should resume shortly, once I find out what the hell the shop who sold me my new contract has done to my account to mess it up so much.

I'm not able to read comments, respond or indeed read any other blogs at the moment but as Arnie says... I'll be back!

25 October 2013

Just Another Blog Challenge

Recently the lovely Toni of The Only Way is Toni put a call out to see who would be interested in a new blog challenge.  I held my hand up as yes and here we are!

The first month is transitional pieces, what items of clothing you wore in Spring/Summer and are carrying forward into Autumn/Winter.

One item I loved wearing this summer is the gorgeous paisley print dress from +Simply Be and I couldn't bare to pack it away for the Winter so decided layering up was the answer.  Here's my Summer and Autumn looks (you'll notice that the hair gets bigger in Autumn haha):

Now you may have spotted my new knee length boots in these pictures, they are what appear to have become the boots of the season as I have seen everyone wearing them!  They are the gorgeous quilted boots from SimplyBe!

23 October 2013

Born in the USA

A few weeks ago during the weekly #psbloggers chat on Twitter on Sunday, the conversation go onto our favourite places to shop.  Many of the shops I have heard from before but I was intrigued to hear that you could also buy from the U.S.  without too much hassle.  More places to find dresses?  Yes please!

The availability of fashion in the plus size community is ever expanding but sometimes, you want to wear something that no one else has.  As it turns out, shipping over to the UK isn’t anywhere near as complicated as I first thought, with many companies working out the correct shipping and more importantly taxes out for you.

Here are a few dresses I currently have my eye on:

Untitled #7

1 - Colour Block Dress from Roamans
2 - Faux Leather Sweater Dress - Macys
3 - Beaded Keyhole Dress - Macys
4 - Printed Drawstring Dress from Roamans

What has surprised me about the American market is the actual ease of buying there and shipping here.  As well as working out the exact shipping and taxes for you, some of the larger companies offer a discount to international customers.  Roamans for example currently gives international customers 40% off your most expensive item, with the idea I guess of getting people to buy more than one item.

There are some gorgeous dresses available and I think I will be treating myself to a bulk buy sooner rather than later!

21 October 2013

Today's OOTD

You that thing where you promise yourself  "I will not buy any dresses this month" and of course, it never happens?  Well here is my purchase this month that I swore I wouldn't buy.  But it's a skater dress with horses on it, what's a girl to do??

Dress - So Fabulous Ponte Skater Dress £32.00 from +Very.co.uk 
Leggings - +Very.co.uk 
Ankle Boots from +Simply Be

Simple Skin

I have always been really lucky with my skin.  I rarely get spots and usually have a clear complexion. 
Over the years my skin and I have reached an accord.  I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser on it and it stays happy and clear.  The thing with having good skin is that you can fall into the trap of getting lackadaisical about taking care of it the way that you should. I have really been guilty of that, but especially lately.
I have always gotten away with just using the beauty facial wipes on it instead of the cleanse, tone; moisturize ritual (I know, I know, you don't have to say).  I usually make sure to at least do a face pack once a week and exfoliate when I remember (read knock over the St Ives Scrub and notice it).  

Now though, my skin has started to remind me that I'm 34 now.  It needs that loving touch that as yet, I have never given it. 
So my next quest is going to be finding a decent skin routine and actually sticking to it.  The Simple skin care range seems to agree with my skin and isn't on the expensive side.  Time for me to really start reading some beauty blogs and getting some tips!

19 October 2013

Maternity Dresses & Weddings

Times have much changed when it comes to maternity clothes.  Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t still be stylish and look great.  There is a vast arrange of maternity clothing out there now, for every occasion.

My friend Jen is going to a wedding in January, exactly a month away from her due date and has been looking for the perfect dress to wear in which she will feel comfortable but elegant.  I promised her that I would have a look over some websites for her as she isn’t very tech savvy and find her a few dress possibilities (like me, she is a real dress girl who loves vibrant colours and prints).

Here are a few examples of what I have found for her:

Untitled #6


I think that there is something in there for everyone and goes to show, just because you are pregnant, you can still still amazing, no matter what the occasion.

PR Collaboration - all opinions and choices are my own 

16 October 2013

Strutting Like a Peacock

Knowing that a parcel is waiting for you when you get home from work is always an exciting prospect.  Even more so today because it knew what it contained, the beautiful peacock dress designed by the fabulous Em of The Boombands Blog for +Simply Be 

I have wanted this dress since it came out yet for some reason it has never made it to check out.  I have watched many different bloggers wear the dress, all looking gorgeous, yet still, no purchase.  Then a couple of days ago I saw it worn by lovely Leah of Just Me Leah and I was instantly sold.  I bought it 30 seconds later, sat on the bus, cursing at my slow connection.

Luckily I also saw that Leah had noted on her blog that the dress was available on the Crazy Clearance website for £23.50, a bargain considering the dress is at the full price of £45.00 on the main site.

I absolutely adore this dress.  So much so in fact that I had to take photographs of it right then and there so hence you will also see no shoes, windswept hair and a face with less make up on it than it had this morning!

I don't know why I waited so long to buy this dress, but now it's here, I feel amazing in it.  Perhaps a contender for my work Christmas party??  

Spooky coincidence, just seen that the brilliant Nikki from Natty Nikki has just reviewed this dress today too.  She looks a million dollars in it so I urge you to check her out! 

15 October 2013

I Feel Good 2

Today is the second outing of a challenge that I thought up a while ago now.  I was so happy with the first posting went out last month.  Just a wave of women putting up photographs of themselves that they felt great in.  I found the posts really inspiring and couldn't wait for this month.

Here is the premis of the challenge:

You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped?  This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today".  

We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful.

For today's photograph I am using something that was taken a couple of years ago on a girl's night out.  I chose this one in particular to highlight the example of what confidence levels can do for you.

When this photograph was taken, I hated it.  All I could see were the faults.  I was completely focused on my arms which I don't like, my left eye which looked wonky, my breasts which looked weird.   These are all the reasons why I told my friend I didn't want it uploaded anywhere.   She told me I was crazy.

Roll on two years and I found this photo again, discarded in my Not Uploading file.  I look at it now and I don't see all the faults that I once did.  I see me, looking happy and you know what?  I think I look good.  So today it's going on my Facebook profile picture.

Times change, for the better.

13 October 2013

Lazy Day OOTD

Last night I went to my best friend’s for a long awaited catch up.  A few drinks and a late night meant that today was definately labelled as a lazy day which needs comfortable clothing.

I went with a jumper from the Ava Collection from Marisota which was kindly gifted to me at the recent launch I attended together with some leggings and ankle boots.

Everyone needs a little sparkle sometimes!

Tired face

High Waisted Leggings from South at +Very.co.uk  - 2 pack for £14.00

Someone decided that she wanted to get in on the action!

How have you spent your weekend?

* Denotes a gifted item

10 October 2013

Perfect Tweedy Coat Review

I was recently asked by +Simply Be if I wanted to have a look through their current Winter coats and chose one for review. 

I always tend to chose coats that are either practical but plain or stylish but conservative so this time I wanted to chose something that was both warm and stylish; but also just a little bit special.  I also had an eye out for something that would work either day or evening and could be used during the week at work or to dress up a weekend outfit.  Yes, I wanted a lot!!

After much searching through the various styles, colours and shapes, I decided upon the Joe Brown Perfect Purple Tweedy Coat 

I have taken photographs of the coat wearing a black bodycon dress that I wore to work this week and also in a pair of leggings and a tunic dress that I would normally wear at the weekend.  The Purple Tweedy Coat is definately a coat that can be used on all occasions, except perhaps a muddy field, by why would you want to do that to something so pretty?

At £110.00 it is on the higher side of what would be my budget for a Winter coat, but it ticks every single box for me and works doubly well for work or play. 

The coat has a luxurious feel with attention to detail in the coordinated lining and the detailing on the buttons.  It is warm and the neckline can be worn higher or lower depending on how cold it is.  One thing it is missing is pockets however that may have detracted from the lines of the coat.

One thing to mention, the buttons on the coat, mine at least, were quite loose and on the second of time of wearing, one fell off, never to be seen again.  Thankfully there is a spare button and I have restitched them all so they are all now secure.

I feel like a million dollars in this coat, I really do.  I have never been a real lover of coats before this year as they always seem to be teamed with the word "serviceable" which I hate.  This coat is stylish, comfortable and absolutely fabulous.

What will you be wearing this Winter?

 *This coat was gifted to me however all my opinions are my own


Whether you are browsing through a shop, or checking out the latest styles online; how many times have you said to yourself "If only I could see clothes on someone the same size as me!"  I'm betting hundreds, if not thousands of times.  I know that I have.

When you are a plus size woman in particular, 99% of the time the model you see wearing the dress that you want is not your size. The way it looks on her will not be the way that it looks on you. What I have done in the past is order a large selection of clothing and hope that one or more items look the way I want it to. That is obviously not ideal, particularly if you are on a budget.

However, no matter what size you are, even if you did see a model wearing your exact size, you are not guaranteed that it will look the same on you either. Two people can have the same dress size, but look completely different in it due to their difference in shape.  A larger bottom, a smaller waist; large breasts; tall or short; all can make a vast different in how clothes look on you. so you never really know until you try something on.

Until now. It turns out, there is another way.
I recently discovered a site called Beaucoo

Beaucoo enables users to upload their photographs via their Android or Iphone apps of what they are wearing that day. Now how it that different to any number of fashion blogs out there? Well, the difference is that when you join Beaucoo alongside creating your profile, you also enter your measurements and your height. These are stored confidentially and are not visible to other users.

Hit the “Fit Match” button and hey presto, pictures of women with your measurements are shown to you, wearing whatever they have posted on to the site. Along with the photographs are the size they are wearing, wear they got it from and along, how it fits.

What I particularly love is that because the photographs are uploaded by regular people, the outfits have also been styled in their own way so you can also get inspiration of how to wear your garment.

Beaucoo is an amazing site which not only lets users share their pictures for the benefit of others, but also promotes body positivity across all the social networks, just search for the hashtag #BoPo. Check out this Video to see what their message is.

Beaucoo offer a number of buttons to enable you to spread the word on your blog or website and also have a blog themselves which covers a variety of subjects including body positivity, plus size and petite fashion as well as celebrity style and DIY fashion which offers many tips, trick and ideas to help you out.

Like me, I think that you'll find Beaucoo becoming the indispensable wardrobe aid you can't live without!

* Sponsored Post

9 October 2013

OMCZ 16 - Your Choice

Welcome to OMCZ 16 - this time there is no theme, just our choice of what is outside of our personal comfort zone.

What I decided to wear was the dress that everyone has been talking about, the +Pink Clove UK tartan dress.  Now this dress is out of my usual comfort zone as red check is something I have never thought would suit me and indeed when I saw the trends emerging for Autumn Winter, I swore I wouldn't buy any tartan at all.

Yet here I am today, wearing a tartan skater dress and loving it.  How times change.  I wore this dress to the the +Marisota blogger event last week and it was comfortable to wear all evening and I didn't need to do any adjusting half way through the night which you can find with some dresses.

The lighting isn't great in these pictures I am afraid, I was having a bit of an argument with the flash which seemed to insist on highlighting where I didn't want it to.

With the dress I am wearing an Alice in Wonderland quote necklace which I got from Etsy and wedge ankle boots which are from +Simply Be and I am totally in love with them.

7 October 2013

Standing Out

I was reading a post called The Looks, The Stares  by the fabulous Leah of Just Me Leah recently.

It made me think of the extra layer of veneer that is necessary sometimes when out and about in the general public.   It shouldn’t be necessary, you should be able to walk around in public without judgement but as you know, some people can be idiots.

What it did make me remember was an incident last week when I was at Euston Station that made me realise that something has changed.   I am not as self conscious as I used to be.  Not by a mile. 

At the time the weather was fairly warm and so I was travelling in my striped floral Asos Curve dress.  It is pretty and was just right for wanting to be comfortable whilst travelling.  I have always travelled in black previously and have usually blended into the crowd.  This dress stands out, but I didn’t even think about it.

So there I am stood at Euston Station, looking at the departures board for my train and I spy a woman openly staring at me.  She stares, she looks away, she stares again.  She looks a bit baffled.  At that point I could not understand why she was staring at me in such a way.

Then a minute or so later the penny dropped.  She was staring at the fat girl who was standing out.  Not wearing black, not trying to blend in.  Wearing stripes and bright florals.  I wasn’t playing by the rules.

Instead of feeling self conscious and wanting to cover up, I smiled at her.  Which made her even look even more confused.  Then a wonderful thing happened.  I started to laugh.  I walked away and went to board my train.

Another layer of veneer fell off me that day and the world got a little bit brighter.  Here is me in the oh so shocking dress by the way.

Have you experienced anything like that?

Magnificent 7th - Polka Dot!

Hello and welcome to today's Magnificent 7th Challenge - Polka Dots!
We will be posting on the 7th of each month, and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit the theme, using clothes from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won’t end up in Narnia, but you never know with a bloggers wardrobe!

I had a bit of a panic this month as I realised that I owned three different pieces of polka dots, and every one was either packed away for the Winter or in the wash!  So I have in haste found some photographs that I have taken previously of me in polka dot!


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