5 July 2013

I'm Not a Monica

Day 2 - Something you know a lot about or are good at!

Something that I know a lot about………….  Well I know a bit about a lot of things but am not an expert at anything, except maybe being totally clumsy on my feet.  That I am really good at.  I’d probably win a prize for it. 

I know quite a bit about certain aspects of law, personal injury and landlord & tenant matters; I won’t bore you with that however.

Something that I am good at however, I can probably rustle up something.

I am a planner.  I love planning things out.  Be it an event that needs planning or a series of things that need accomplishing within a specific timeframe, I’m your girl.  I am by no means a “Monica from Friends” control freak however and I am open to changing things up at a moment’s notice.  It is definitely not my way or the highway.
Planning absolutely suits my inner (ok not so inner) geek and is probably one of the many reasons I like blogging so much.  I can plan what I am going to write about in advance, take photographs and have them all ready to go, schedule posts ahead of time, I love all of that.

I am aware that I am outing myself as a massive geek here; but that’s me and you see what you get.  On the other hand, I do come in handy when it comes to arranging events.  For my best friend’s wedding in Cyprus for example we needed a really good restaurant to be booked in advance for a hen night, which had to be close to our villa, have really good food and not too expensive. 

After trawling Trip Advisor and many other sites to find the perfect place, I managed to find a gorgeous Italian restaurant, booked it well in advance and we had a fantastic night.

The thing about being a planner is that it can be beneficial to you too.  If you are arranging a night out in another city for example, if you are the one sourcing hotels, restaurants, bars etc you can weed out the ones you aren’t keen on yourself and you are left with the ones that you do like.  Sneaky ;)

So that’s my talent I guess, planning.  What’s yours?


  1. Hello fellow planner! Thank you for organising this. x

  2. I wish I was a planner. I'm totally hopeless. For example I should be getting an early night tonight as Im travelling to London tomorrow but instead im still packing my bag and organising my ipod ready for the train! Im chaotic x

  3. I'm also a planner! I like to be organised and thorough about things; can't help it, always have been! xx


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