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6 September 2017

Child's Play

When I was 15, we moved from my childhood home to a bungalow around ten minutes walk up the hill from us.  I am not lying to you when I tell you that I was devastated.   That house held so many memories for me that I could not bear to leave it.  

Memories of my dad reading The Far Away Tree to me on a Sunday morning, being pushed on the swing in the garden, the huge cherry blossom trees that used to tap on my window.  Family parties and birthdays, so many memories that I did not want to leave behind.

The street where we lived on was quite an unusual choice for a family.  The majority of residents were elderly and I think that I spent more time on that street talking to old ladies than I did children.  There were no outdoor playgrounds nearby either so much of what I did was based on things made up in my head.

I remember spending many an hour throwing the ball on my driveway, unsuccessfully learning how to ride a bike (my balance is bad, what can I say?) and making what I used to call potions with our elderly next door neighbour.

Starting primary school with so many children was a big of a shock as I was not used to it.  It did not stop me making friends or halter my progress.  If anything, not having many children around in my first few years I think it led to me having a better imagination which has benefited me throughout my life.

I have started walking past my old house sometimes when I take the puppa for a walk.  I wonder how it has changed and sometimes take a sneak peak through the window (from the pavement, not up to the glass haha) while I am walking past.

I can still see myself as a child running around that street, the elderly neighbours getting visits from me and the stories of their lives they used to tell me.  It was an innocent and wonderful childhood.  If I ever see that house up for sale, I will be the first one having a look around!

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23 January 2014

Childhood Reminders

I saw this somewhere, I can’t remember though whether it was a writing prompt or a challenge but I liked the sound of it, so here it is!
Whether it be a smell, a sound, an object or something else,
describe what takes you straight back to your childhood
Music - Any music by The Carpenters.  My mum always used to play The Carpenters when I was a little girl and their music became the anthem of my childhood.
Books – books will always be tied to my childhood as I loved to lose myself in their pages.  I had a penchant for the children’s books that had been written decades earlier and became lost in stories like The Faraway Tree, The Famous Five, Mallory Towers, What Katy Did and all of the Narnia books; which were my favourites.  They all contributed in some way to the person I grew up to be, turning me into a blend of old fashioned and 21st century values.   
Cherry blossom – my neighbour had a huge cherry blossom tree which was the size of the house.  Its branches used to tap on my window and the sight of the cherry blossom arriving each year was a beautiful sight.
Peanuts – my dad always used to buy a packet of peanuts every Friday night.   There always used to be a tiny eggcup with some in for me left over.  It’s funny the things you remember….
Perfume – I always smile to myself when I am choosing on a new perfume.  The street we used to live on didn’t have any other children on it.  The majority of the houses had elderly people living there. 
Our next door neighbours were an elderly lady and her daughter and I remember going over there a lot, playing around with water and different sorts of flower petals to see what sort of fragrances I could make.  I used to call it “making potions”.  Sadly now the “potions” I wear now are a little more expensive.
What takes you back to your childhood?

21 July 2013

A Story from your Childhood

Day 18 - A Story from Your Childhood

I'm entirely sure how old I was.  5 or 6 I think.  We were on a holiday in the South of France.  A tiny little place called Argeles.  We had rented a static caravan on a site, the same one we had been going to for a few years.

Friendly people, a gorgeous sandy beach; my parents, me and their two friends Vera and Ted.  Perfect.

I remember my dad getting a hose pipe out whilst everyone was sunbathing.  Who knows from where.  I remember him chasing my mum around with the water spurting out, her shrieking as she didn't want to get wet.  She ran into the caravan, thinking that no way would he follow her in there. 

He did.  Of course.

I loved those holidays.  It is a very precious memory as I don't have many with my dad.  Details fade over time but some burn so brightly in your mind that you never forget them.

Me and my dad - happy times