31 July 2013


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I have been seeing this challenge popping up regularly and always love the different styles and ideas that have been used.  I cheekily contact Steph who is now organising the challenge and asked her if I could join.

From what I understand about the challenge, the idea  is for each post to have something that is pushing our comfort zone.   This post’s subject was chosen by Emma of Meet The Millards and she has chosen the Bohemian look.

I have never worn the boho look before, not really knowing if it would suit me or even if i had anything that remotely fit the bill.  I dived into the back of my wardrobe however and I think I have managed it ok.


The dress is from Joanna Hope although I am not sure where I purchased it from.  The gold sandals are Hush Puppies from +Very.co.uk and the earrings were a sale bargain in +Dorothy Perkins 

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  1. Love the earrings! Gorgeous outfit. Well done hun you always look amazing xx

    1. Thanks Linda! I am in love with those earrings at the moment.

  2. That's a lovely dress! I love paisley. x x

    1. I've got two paisley dresses now, I love it too :)

  3. That dress is gorgeous fab take on Boho xxxx

  4. You look fab, very bohemian.

    The idea of the challenge is to push us out of your comfort zone, dig deep in our wardrobe and wear those hidden gems we bought but decided we could never wear.

    When the challenge originally started Rachel sent out a survey and set challenges based on we we had said was pushing our comfort zone, after a few times she opened it up for us all to take a turn.

    When I took over I decided to keep going we everyone taking a turn, over the weeks people have left and new people have joined so we have an ever growing list of people taking their turn.

    Depending on how it goes over the coming weeks / months I might keep it as it is until the new year then send out a new survey and me pick some challenges.

    I will no doubt sent an email to everyone and ask for ideas and opinions but I really like seeing what people think of as out of their comfort zone and how others interoperate it.

    Glad to have you on board and sorry for such a long comment. xx

    1. Hi Steph, is there a current list of challenges and when they are taking place? Just want to prepare myself for the next ones. Thanks again for allowing me to take part xx

  5. Beautiful outfit. You're looking fab. <3 xoxo

  6. You look lovely! The dress is just gorgeous xx

    1. I've actually had it for ages but it has been hiding in the back of my wardrobe!


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