11 July 2013

No Good Advice

Day 8: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

First of all, sorry for the Girl's Aloud title, I couldn't resist.

Giving advice to others can be tricky. If you get it right, then all is well but get it wrong and you are in danger of making situations worse or leading someone down the wrong path. As a rule, I don’t give it, unless specifically asked.

Unsolicited advice is something of a bugbear to me as there is nothing worse than someone trying to give you advice on what you neither want nor need.

You know the kind of advice that people try to force upon you, everything from diet tips you didn’t ask for to how you should be driving to what is “appropriate” for you to wear.

That said, it is important that if someone does ask you for advice for something that you give them the right advice. I always try to remember that they are not asking for your point of view, and the advice you give will be having a direct result in their lives, not yours.

So I guess my advice to you today is don’t give it, unless asked, and then, if you know what you are talking about.

I will end with some advice that I do like.  You can really go wrong with Robert Frost.

Check out the advice from the other ladies involved in the challenge:

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