9 July 2013

Bare Faced Cheek!

Like most women, I love makeup.  Everything from the bright pop of a red lipstick that can add a zing to my day to the concealer that hides the late night of the day before.

Over the years I have found myself wearing less and less, until I have found what my tastes are and what I am comfortable with.

Gone are the electric blue eyeshadows I wore in the nineties, along with the neon pink lipsticks and the too thick foundation and in are more neutral colours, focusing more on enhancing what I have rather than starting from a new slate.

Although I wouldn’t go for a day out without makeup, I don’t feel the need to cake it on either.   If you were t0 leave me stranded on a desert island, mascara would be the one indulgence item I would want. 

I have taken three photographs of myself as below.  In the first photograph I’m wearing no makeup.  After doing the #flashtheflesh challenge on Saturday I no longer find this scary.  I wore a swimsuit, on the internet, I can damn well go bare faced.

Second photograph I’ve gone for the natural look which is what I tend to wear at work, although a red lippy is always in my handbag ;)

In the last photograph is my favourite makeup look of the moment.  It is how I would prefer to greet the world ideally, but I don’t hold myself to a “must be perfect at all times” theory so if I pop down to the supermarket with no makeup on?  Chicken Licken, the sky will not fall in.

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”



  1. Jealous! ;) I wish I had you skin. You look just as well without make up. <3

    Love, Mel xoxo

  2. You look fantastic in all of these photos. You could get away with never wearing make up as you look great fresh-faced! (Jealous!) I have to say, you totally suit that lipstick colour, too! Mascara is also my one essential, desert-island must-have. I always feel more awake, confident and ready to face the day with a coat of black mascara xx


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