24 July 2013

The Best Bits

Day 21 – Your Five Favourite Blog Posts (Your Own)

Today’s topic is a bit of an odd one as it asks you to choose your favourite five blog posts that you have written.  It is a little like holding an awards ceremony but giving all the accolades to yourself….

In the end I decided to choose five posts for all different reasons, either because the subject was important to me, it was a milestone, a good memory or simply something I really enjoyed writing.

So in no particular order!

Written in September 2011, Trophy Hunting - Are We Still Neanderthals?
Animal rights is a subject close to my heart.  Trophy hunting isn’t something that appears a lot in the popular press and a lot of people don’t know it exists or even what it is. 

Written in December 2011, Think
I wrote this piece whilst thinking of my dad.  There are too many people on the roads who have no care for their safety, or the safety of others.  The “I’ve only had a couple” people and the ones who drive through a red light to show off to their friends.

Written in August 2012, Great Britain
I was still engulfed in Olympics fever when I wrote this post and reading it back now makes me remember how proud I felt of our country during the Olympics and how proud I felt to be British.

Written in January 2013, I am not a Lemming
January of this year was a time that I was finally beginning to find some confidence and realise that we aren’t all the time, and that is good thing.

Written in March 2013, SimplyBe AX Paris Dress Review
The blog post that inspired my first real smile in front of a camera. 

So that’s my top five.  Check out the other ladies involved in the challenge for their top five posts!

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