12 July 2013

A Moment in your Day

Day 9 - A Moment in your Day

I get on my usual bus in the morning.  I look up, wondering which bus driver we have today.  The smiling, chatty one, the grumpy one; the one who thinks he is driving a tank; the racer, the one who looks like he wants to be anywhere but here.

Today it's racer guy.  I rush to the nearest seat to avoid the jerking of the bus as he veers back into the traffic.  Cool seat at the back be damned,  I want to remain upright.  I have experienced his driving before.

My eyes glance around me.  Do I need my usual armoury of book, earphones, Blackberry?  No, it's quiet today.  No screaming children running up and down the aisle, no throng of people all trying to use the same space.

Then, the quiet shatters.  Shouty man has gotten on to the bus.  All the regulars of the bus journey immediately reach for their chosen defence mechanism.  Noses disappear behind books and Iphone screens light up everywhere.  We know what's coming.

After a few minutes shouty man starts his usual tirade.  He gets on the bus once or twice a week, we are well used to the subjects.  We are all stupid, mobile phones are the root of all evil, the world is going to Hades.  His aim is always the same, get someone to argue back.  We ignore him.  His usual combatants of college students aren't here today.

When he starts swearing, which usually makes someone pipe up, the bus driver asks him to be quiet.  All falls silent and quiet resumes.

The bus reaches the bus station and I get off.  It's time for work.


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  1. Fantastic quite the journey to work!!

    1. It is always eventful on my bus, both on the journey there and on the return!

  2. I loved reading this x A really good caption x


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