18 July 2013

Lady in Black

I haven’t worn an all black outfit in absolutely ages.  In fact I have consciously been shying away from wearing black, after wearing it constantly for so long.  I fell out of love with it.
Today though I was riffling through my wardrobe looking for something cool to wear to the office when I came across a black dress that had escaped the great purge of January 2013.  Rather than throw it into the donations bag that I am currently collating, I decided to try it on.
My love of black was reignited. 
It made me remember that black can look great.  It doesn’t have to be depressing and used as a way to cover up and hide yourself.  This dress certainly doesn’t cover up much of anything on me being sleeveless and with the low neckline!
I had forgotten the power of a little black dress. 
It is probably a little too revealing in the chest area for the office and indeed when I tried it on my first thought was “Vicky, your breasts look too big in this dress”.  Then I remembered that my breasts are not going to shrink, they are what they are.  It’s a boiling hot day and I want something cool to wear so I’m wearing it.  Screw it.
So here are a few photographs of me in the dress and I feel great in it, fat arms out and all.

The dress is an old collection from So Fabulous at +Very.co.uk

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!



  1. You look amazing in that dress! I actually wore an all black outfit yesterday, trying to find something I could bare wearing in this heat, and I haven't done that in a long time. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really own anything light enough to wear during heat waves xx

    1. Thank you Louise! I felt really good in the dress and was a great reminder that black can be many other things than something to hide behind xx

  2. You look amazing, & confident - the power of a stunning little black dress!


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