21 February 2022

5 Cost-Effective Tips That TRANSFORM Your Decor

 Creating the right interior design is no easy task—every homeowner struggles with defining the best decor to reflect their personality. Ultimately, not many people have first-hand experience in decorating a property. More often than not, we seek inspiration from magazines and Instagram, copying the designs we love the most. That's precisely why your home sweet home could be missing crucial aspects of interior styling, such as maximizing natural light passages or building a consistent and intuitive flow from room to room. 

Picture the scene: You've invested a lot of money in decorating your home. Yet things still don't feel quite right. If you've checked for flow and natural contrasts between rooms and can't find any issues, chances are making these small changes will help your decor shine. Spoiler alert: They are inexpensive!

Unsplash - CC0 License

#1. Clear glass panels

Your windows can accumulate a lot of grime during the year. However, you are unlikely to notice a difference. Microparticles of dirt are invisible to the naked eye. Yet, they could still affect how the light comes into your home. That's precisely why it's important to schedule regular window washing to make the most of your windows. It will help brighten your rooms and enhance your mood! 

#2. Add more green plants

Houseplants are more than a decorative addition to your interior, and they can boost your health significantly. Indeed, plants freshen the indoor air by releasing oxygen, which can make your home feel brighter, fresher, and more welcoming. According to NASA, plants can also play an active role in removing toxins from your indoor air, reducing the symptoms of building sickness. 

Additionally, the presence of plants helps soothe the mind. You are more likely to enjoy your decor if you feel relaxed and at peace. 

#3. Introduce scents to your decor

Your decor can become a full sensory experience through the addition of scents. Investing in an essential oil diffuser can help bring soothing smells to your home. Lemon can be uplifting, helping to see your decor in a different eye. Frankincense promotes inner peace, which can also transform the way you perceive your home. 

For those who struggle with high stress levels, bergamot and ylang-ylang can help decrease blood pressure and negativity. Remember that your mood can affect your perception of your surroundings. Therefore, creating sensorial and soothing spots in your home will make the most of your decor. 

#4. Open the windows

Renewing your indoor air is free. It doesn't cost anything to open y our windows once a day and let the air circulate inside your home. You should spend 30 minutes to an hour every day to refresh your indoor air. It will remove the toxins that accumulate indoors and help make everything feel cleaner and fresher. 

#5. Energize your interior

After a long day at work, it's natural to feel sluggish and lazy. But you can introduce pockets of energy within your decor. In moderation, the addition of bright colors, such as red or orange, can instantly make you feel more awake. It can be as simple as adding red cushion covers in your living rooms or painting the frame of your favorite picture in dark orange. Little touches of brightness will make a big difference to your mood! 

Can you change your decor without actually changing your decor? The answer is yes. These small transformations can elevate your interior and make you feel more at home!