2 July 2013

Paisley & Lace - My Way

I saw Lace Paisley Maxi Dress dress weeks ago on +Simply Be and was instantly drawn to the gorgeous pinks and purples of the paisley patterning as well as the lace detailing to the top and bottom of the dress.

My only issue with it was that as a maxi dress, for me personally I knew that I would not get as much wear out of it as I would with a shorter dress. If I could have chopped off the bottom of the dress then I would have bought it instantly, however you don’t pay £45.00 for a dress and then cut it up!

Happily though when I saw the fabulous Becky wearing the dress on her blog MrsBeBeBlog she kindly noted at the end of the post that the dress was now on sale. I headed over to the SimplyBe website and found it for the absolute steal price of £18.50.

Now a £45.00 dress I wouldn’t cut up, but £18.50? Hell yes.

So with the help of my talented mum who can wield a sewing needle far better than I, we chopped the dress off at the knees. I have gained a dress that will work with me in a variety of situations and my mum has used the excess lace to fashion a lace wrap to go with one of her dresses. Result!

Earrings from +Dorothy Perkins 

Have you ever taken  the scissors to one of your dresses?


  1. I love that dress I keep looking at it, I'm not brave enough to take scissors to stuff but then that is because I am totally useless with anything like that!!! It looks fab as a short dress and if it means you will get more wear out of it then it was worth altering! When it was full length what was the length like as I think you are the same height as me? xx

  2. I loved that dress on Becky but hated on myself when I tried on in store. I think it was the lace around the bottom that put me off it. I love what you and your mum have done to the dress it looks totally different! Oh and it's actually 25.00 in the Simply Be stores!

  3. I keep looking at that dress too as it looks fantastic on Becky and you too and I love the alterations.. I just need to work out whether I can justify buying more maxi dresses :) xx

  4. I think it looks even nicer as a knee length dress! Xx

  5. Wow, what a transformation! It really looks lovel as a midi dress, and really suits you! I had to alter an ASOS midi dress (read, I got my Mum to work her magic) as it looked matronly down at my calves, so it was chopped in to a much more wearable knee length. So much better! xx


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