28 April 2017

Score With Your Credit

Saving is something that we all strive to do.  Whether you are saving for someone's birthday treat, a holiday or in my case, saving for my future move; we all have times in our life when we try to actively save.

When you are living from payday to payday, trying to save and conserve your money can be challenging, but there are a few tips that I have picked up over the years that can really help, while still letting you enjoy a few things that you enjoy.

You Don't Need To Cut Out That Treat Coffee

Coffee is life.  For me anyway.  The idea of the cheap ground coffee that we have in the office makes me shudder.  I NEED real coffee.  But can I justify the daily trip to Starbucks?  No.  The £3-4 pounds a day I would, and have, spent in the past would be better placed in my savings than wasted on a temporary coffee hit.

One way to work around this is to buy your own fresh coffee and a one cup cafetiere and take them to work with you.  Get to work ten minutes earlier and you can make your coffee without the boss complaining of the extra time involved and you can start your day with a delicious coffee hit.

Cashback on your Purchases

We all love shopping and sometimes, even when you limiting your clothing and shopping budget, you may need to replace your favourite makeup product or buy a necessary kitchen appliance.

I have signed up to a site called TopCashBack which gives you cashback on online purchases.  Yesterday I wrote about the makeup products I use and one of them is Benefit Dandelion Powder , which is currently on sale in LookFantastic.  You can get up to 10% cashback on that site and the cash can surprisingly really build up.

Use a Piggybank

I have a long pink boot shaped piggy bank that I throw my spare change in.  The thing about piggy banks is that they are very tempting at the end of the month to break into when you are short on cash.  
The way that I combat that is to only save certain denominations of coins so that you would need a lot to make a difference.  I only save copper and 5, 10 and 20 pence pieces so that it does not tempt me to dip me.  

Having a larger piggy bank means that you can save for longer and get a nice surprise when you take it to be changed.

Keep An Eye On Your Credit Score

If you have a poor credit rating like me (damn carefree shopping years), it is important to keep an eye on your credit score and work hard to improve it.  You can check for free these days and it can really help in improving score.

Things to work on are not necessarily the bigger balances that you need to pay off.  I always used to focus on paying off the bigger balances and paying a minimal amount on the smaller ones.  But paying off those smaller ones can help to improve your score so bear that in mind.

Hope the tips help, happy saving!

27 April 2017

What Is In My Makeup Bag?

I have been clearing out my makeup box recently, getting rid of all the old or half used products that I no longer reach for regularly.  I thought that I would show you the products that is my core kit to use, some expensive, some cheap!

This is my makeup box.  I got it as a gift one Christmas.  If you have read this blog before you will know that I love anything that is Paris, so this makeup box is perfect for me.  It isn't too large which is helpful in that I do not splurge on makeup, but fits everything that I need.

The first photograph contains all the regular things that I use on my face.  I will list them below.

Foundation: Collection Illuminating Touch £5.99 - Superdrug

This is a new foundation for me.  I have been trying out a few, more expensive versions but this one goes on beautiful and has really nice illuminating quality.

Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer - £9.99

I really love this primer.  It goes on lightly and again, gives a really nice luminating quality.  If my skin is looking well, sometimes I just use this with a little powder on top and forego the foundation.

Loreal True Match face powder £6.99

This is a great face powder.  I use a huge brush to apply and a little goes a long way.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer - £18.00

This is really nice concealer that is hydrating and goes on really smoothly.  I use this under my eyes and dotted around my face.  I would recommend letting it set for a couple of minutes before you move on with your routine.

MUA Eyeshadow in Chestnut - £1.00

I use this product for my eyebrows.  I simply use a slightly damp small angled brush and use it to lightly fill in my eyebrows and slightly extend the line.  Far, far cheaper solution than the alternatives on the market!

Rimmel London Rock n Roll Nude from Kate Moss - £6.50 

I originally bought this lipstick as I wanted to try out a different colour from my usual red.  I was not happy with the shade on my lips so at first, it was regulated to the bottom of my make up box.  But then, I remembered a trick that I learnt recently when covering up bruises on my legs.

If you apply a pale pink lipstick over the bruise and then concealer, the bruise disappears.  It is like magic.  Remembering this trick, I wondered if I could use it to help with the occasional dark circles I get under my eyes.

I used the makeup hack this weekend when I was going to a class early on Saturday morning.  I had quite a few comments from people saying how alive and alert I looked.  Believe me, it was just the concealing trick.  I felt like a zombie! 

I would highly recommend it if you get dark circles under your eyes.

This second photograph has the more fun items of my makeup collection.

Benefit Dandelion Powder - £20.83 on sale at LookFantastic at the moment

This is a very well known product.  It is a beautiful rose colour with a slight shimmer that looks wonderful when used as a blusher.  Sometimes I sweep a light dusting all over my face.  It looks great when you have a tan and gives a lovely but subtle shimmer.

Loreal Volume Million Lashes £9.99 & Clinique Chubby Mascara £15.75

I love both of these mascaras.  They give great defination and you can achieve a lovely height with your lashes.

Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzing Powder

I have had this product a while and upon Googling for the price, it appears that this product is now discontinued.  I really like to use it in the summer months for added colour but I think I may need to buy a new one!

Nars Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner £19.00

£19.00 is a lot to pay for an eyeliner, but it is the best that I have ever used.  This is a product I will always buy.  It goes on easily, like a small crayon and once applied, it lasts all day and in some cases when I go out and forget to take my makeup off (oops), all night too!

NYX Illuminator - £9.00

I like this product a lot.  A little goes a very, very long way so be careful when you apply it.  I like to sweep it on the top of my cheekbones and just under the eyebrow to highlight.  This is a great product to use for  night out, but I don't generally use it during the week at work.

MUA Eyeshadow Pallette - £4.00

This pallette has some lovely colours in the brown tone.  It also has a lighter colour which is great for highlighting under the brow,  I like the light browns and the gold tones.  I do not use eyeshadow too much, but this pallette is my go to when I go.

So that is it!  I hoped that you enjoyed the tour around my makeup products.  As you can see, I use products from the very cheap, to mid range and then the more expensive products like Nars.  The thing is, is to find the product that works best for you.  More expensive is not always better.

Do you have any beauty hacks that you use?

26 April 2017

Hair Care on a Budget

I have done so many things to my hair over the years.  I have been a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.  I have had very short hair, very long hair and everything in between.  I am lucky in that I can have my hair straight or curly, but the thing about all these different hairstyles and hair colours is that it can do damage to your hair.

I have had colour in my hair since I was around 15 and straightening irons have been a major part of my life for years.  Although my hair is very thick, it can be coarse and in summer for reasons that I do not understand, my hair falls out everywhere.  Good job I have a lot of it!

Here are some of the styles I have had over the past couple of years.

Hair care is so important.  There is a misconception that you have to spend a fortune on your hair products in order to maintain healthy hair, but it simply isn't true.  The important thing is to spend wisely and in the right places.

For shampoo and conditioner, I go to the pound shop.  Now I have always (stupidly) turned my nose up at things from the pound shop, but the truth is, you can get some great products for, surprising haha, a pound.

You still get your named brands, the only difference is that they buy them in when the expiry date is running out.  With things like shampoo and conditioner that you replace every month, that is not an issue.  At the moment I am using coconut oil shampoo and conditioner which is giving my hair a wonderful shine.

For heat protection and styling I use more expensive products, but they are still under £10:

I use the TIGI Catwalk Sleep heat spray to maintain healthy hair when I use my irons which I got from Cloud Nine.  This one is infused with lychee and honeysuckle which prevents moisture loss which is important for my coarse hair.

I also use the TIGI Bed Head Joyride Texturising Powder  This is a primer which you put on prior to using your irons.  It adds texture and grip which makes styling so much easier.

Finally, rather than using an expensive hair mask every month, I buy a thick moisture infusing conditioner, again from the pound shop.  I wet my hair and then apply a ton of it on my hair and then comb through,  I then put a wrap over my hair and sleep in the conditioner overnight.  After washing out the following morning, my hair feels wonderful!

What hair tips do you have on a budget?

25 April 2017

Guest Post: Mansplaining

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Nicky of Happy Lippy.  I particularly like her post about that utter cockwomble Mike Pence  Today Nicky is talking about mansplaining.


Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement”. Oh yeah, this is a real article headline I found. After reading the article it was clear it was meant to be satire. The thing is...would it shock you to actually see a headline like this? Probably not, it wouldn't shock me anyway.

Despite the fact that it is women who have spent years fighting for the vote, fighting for rape to be illegal even if you're married and demanded reproductive rights. According to some men, we just aren't as good at it as we like to think. When it comes to sex and gender function we are still apparently so inadequate we need a man to explain our inadequacy to us, and what we can then do to work on that.
Despite how many men have kindly reminded me not all men are this badly behaved or ignorant I've learned it really can be any man who decides to enlighten you. 
All it takes is an analytical mind that's not been hampered by the possession of a uterus to remind us how clueless we are about complex concepts. Gender fluidity and social construction of sex are too big for our smaller brains to grasp, alas all us feminists just get distracted with being overly emotional over who won "Legs-it".
Before the likes of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and even Beyonce braved expressing opinions about how someone experiences womanhood, liberal men - convincing themselves that they are allies to both trans people and all women – have been quick to lecture us on the topic. 
Despite the many ways in which woman think feminism should be done, the ultimate goal is to create an inclusive conversation where we can get to the root of systematic behavior that suppresses the ability of women to succeed. Mansplaining is when a man speaks to a woman with the assumption that the she knows less than he does about a given topic, even when it’s painfully obvious that she knows more. Mansplaining only serves to define a certain type of arseholeishness, it undermines men's understanding of the other forms of privilege they may have.
Thinking about the anti-feminist idea that “reverse sexism” is common nowadays, I have heard men throw around the word ‘womansplain’ before and it's the point that if a man can explain something condescendingly, then a woman can as well. Which of course is true! Of course it is. 
But clutching to that argument just ignores the fact that mansplaining was invented to unmask privilege -– the kind of privilege a lot of men assume they have to assume that they are right, that women are wrong, and that it is their duty to explain something to the poor woman who just isn't getting it.
Basically that's the whole foundation for which mansplaining was made: Privilege. But by calling out men for mansplaining, feminists are bringing up a taboo word almost boardering on summoning Voldemort it's that frowned upon.
Okay I'm getting a bit on the ranty side so here is something I hope helps. Some hints and tips for when mansplaining will happen to You, because it had and it will. 
1. If it happens over the internet, you could send them a link to buy the book "Men explain things to me".
2. Explain mansplaining to them! Let's give them the benefit of the doubt for a moment...
3. Question them always.
"Oh, I thought I knew loads about biology because I have a degree in it, but clearly you know more than me. Have you got a Masters?" 
It's always fun undermining their authority.  

Thanks Nicky for a fantastic post!!

We'll Always Have Paris

My plan over the next couple of years is to move out from living with my mum.  At 76 she is very independent and does not need me to look after her.  We have got through the last couple of years after losing my step dad and I feel that now is the right time for me.

I am (finally) sorting out the mess that my finances have been for last few years and now want to spend the next couple of years saving and planning for my future place.

Thanks to my not so great credit rating, buying a property is not in my future just yet, so renting is what I need to plan for.  The trouble is, how much of your own stamp can you put on a property that is not your own?

I have written previously about wall murals which is a great way to use wall space without changing wall colours or putting too many nails into the walls.  Furniture is also a great way to put your own sense of style into a property.

This leads with what I want in my future bedroom.  I want to feel like I am living in a Paris.  I have been collecting photographs of the kind of pieces I like and the styles that appeal to me, (alongside looking looking in the large charity shops that have donated furniture).

I love this vintage inspired rug from Cox and Cox which is a great size and will cover up any ugly carpet that the landlord decides to put in.

I absolutely adore this screen divider from Manomano  I know that I definately want some sort of screen divider in my future place, be it in my bedroom or sitting room.  They can be a great way of creating different spaces within the room and I particularly love this one.   

This dressing table set from HomesDirect is definately out of my price range, but I love the style and hope to find something along the same lines.

Finally, the bed.  I really love this bed from Oaks Furniture.  It is like a sleigh bed and with a really great mattress, I can only imagine the amazing sleep I will have.

I will also be checking out the British Heart Foundation as my local store is huge and holds some great items, from genuine antiques to newer pieces.

This a long term plan and saving will take a while.  Especially as I want to be able to afford a decent place in an area where I feel safe.  Also, I don't want to rely on hand me downs (although some would be greatly appreciated!)  This will my first place alone and I really want to stamp my mark on it.

23 April 2017

Petals On The Wind

When I was 21, I moved to Ireland.  Being 21, it was not a considered decision.  My good friend was moving home and asked if I would like to come and live in Ireland with her.  I said yes immediately.

I left my job, sold my car, packed up my belongings and without hesitation upped sticks and got on the boat to Ireland.   It was the most impulsive thing that I had ever done and the best thing I have ever done.

We stayed in Ireland six months, before deciding to move again to Jersey.  I remember at the time feeling like I was a petal on the wind, going wherever the wind decided to take me.  I did not want to put down roots anyway.  If someone had offered, they could have put me in a parcel and shipped me off to Australia and I would have agreed.

Sadly, for this petal, my journey began and ended in Ireland.  Hopping from country to country, even when you are working, involves money.  I set off for Ireland with no savings and despite getting a full time job there, I did not have the funds to go to Jersey.  My friend left, and I went back to England.

At the time I swore that I would make enough money and then join my friend in Jersey.  It did not happen.  I was offered a better job back at at my old firm and starting working my way up the ranks.  Comfortable and a regular paycheck, along with the typical many nights out of a 21 year old meant no savings.

Do I have regrets?  No.  I don't believe in regrets, it is a fool's game.  I am now in a great position at the firm I went back to, I have had some great times and I am happy.  I believe everything happens for a reason and therefore, perhaps Jersey was not meant for me.

Now though, at 38, my feet has begun to itch again.  I wrote recently about wanting to take a trip to Barcelona on my own.  I want to go, experience the city, sit by the harbour with a glass of wine and nothing else but my thoughts and do so comfortable in my own skin.

Everything in my life is in flux at the moment.  I know that I am going to be making changes over the next few years, positive ones that will move me forward with my life and more travel, is definately one of the changes that I want to make.

21 April 2017

An Opera Affair

Life has certainly changed since this little boy came into my life.  Used to Yorkshire Terriers that loved nothing more than to sleep, Simba loves to play, cuddle with his mummy and have frequent walks.  We take him three times a day and he still has the energy to play with his teddy for a couple of hours in the evening.

I love taking him for a walk.  He trots away in front of me on the long lead, looking back every few feet to make sure that his mummy is still there.

On our usual walk we always pass a house that has a garage attached, with a man tinkering with his motorbike.  I am convinced he lives in the garage as I never see him out of it.

I always walk a little slower past that house because as he works on his motorbike, he is playing classical music full blast.  The kind that I love.  There is something about classical music that just speaks to me and stops me in my tracks.

One of my favourite pieces is Chopin, Nocturne No 2 which is a well known song, but I also like look out for more modern composers.  I discovered a man called Ilya Beshevli who you can find on Soundcloud.  What he can do with a piano just speaks to my soul.  His music, particularly "Snow Waltz" I could listen to for hours.  It brings me peace.

Music like that slows the world down for me and brings me calm.

The thing about classical music however is that I do not like to listen to it with earphones.  Music like that needs to fill the room and flow around it.   The thing is, all of my music is stored on my laptop.  I do not own any CDs anymore, nor have a stereo that can flood the room with music.  But yet, that is still too modern for me for this music.

What I want, and think that I am going to invest in some time in the next few months is a classic looking turntable.  I want to buy some classical music on vinyl and just sit, with a glass of wine and my eyes closed and listen.

Peace in your life and peace in your mind can be hard to find sometimes.  Classical music is my safe space and I am going to make this vision of mine come true.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

20 April 2017

Vintage with a Modern Twist

I love all things vintage.  Vintage clothes, vintage accessories, old pieces of furniture; I love it all.

When it comes to vintage clothing, there are so many options out there.  When you are plus size, it can be hard to source vintage pieces that work with your body; but there are out there if you look!  There are many sites now that also offer vintage inspired pieces with a modern twist so I thought that we could play a game today; which is the real vintage and which is not!

Now, I am going to share the links so that you can buy/look at the dresses if you wish, but first, comment in the comment section which you think are authentic vintage, and which aren't!

Top Right: Peach Dress Rokit
Bottom Left: Blue & Gold Dress Rokit
Bottom Right: Red Dress Starlet

I thought that I would share a couple of pictures with a some of my dresses which I have tried to work with a combination of a modern and vintage style.

Finally, a glimpse of a closet that I always dreamed of.

I look forward to seeing your guesses in the comments section!

19 April 2017

Fashion Is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Pexels At: Unsplash

There are times where even the most confident fat girl feels society thinks she’s not thin enough for fashion. Hell, we just don't feel it, we experience it and sometimes, that can really affect our confidence.

For years, numerous articles warned fat women off wearing vertical stripes, tight dresses and short skirts to make their weight less noticeable. In turn, this had led to thousands of women feeling ashamed, and alienated by their bodies as they hide impressive figures in baggy jeans, sweaters and T-shirts in a desperate bid to fool people into thinking they’re smaller. Enough is enough. We are done hiding away because that is what some in society seem to want.

Over the past few years, things have slowly started to change thanks to an army of body positive beauty bloggers, plus-size bloggers and healthy, but curvy fitness followers! Fashion is no longer about being thin or the door is closed to you, people no matter what size they are, are beginning to realise being happy is far more important than fitting into a certain dress size.

Earn Your Stripes

How many times have you seen a fashion article talk about suiting vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes depending on your body shape? Thinner girls were given carte blanche to wear whatever they liked, while those of us with more shape we told, almost covertly, avoid horizontal stripes as they’ll accentuate your figure. Well, so what? Now’s the time to embrace your curves because it’s not just possible, horizontal stripes look downright amazing on someone who looks like a woman and if a striped knit dress clings in all the right places it can look super sexy too!

The Right Fit

There is no "right fit". If you want to wear baggy clothes, then rock them. If you want to wear a skin tight dress, you wear that dress with a swagger. I found it quite helpful to look at tips to shop for your shape. Working out whether you are an hourglass, pear, apple etc shape can assist with some of your earlier decisions when you are changing up your style.


Pexels At: Julian Jagtenberg

Stick To The One Piece

Up until very recently, even the most progressive fashion magazines have struggled when it comes to swimwear season and advising women on what to wear if they’re over a size 16. Look, it’s simple.

Wear what you feel great in.

If that’s a swimming costume great, but if it’s a fifties style halter neck bikini or tankini with flamingo fashion jewellery then that’s awesome too! Stop worrying about what everyone else looks like in their swimwear and just focus on having fun. Most people will tell you the most attractive thing about a woman is when she's just being herself and feeling confident.

Out Of Print

Who says you can’t mix colors, fabrics and prints? Sometimes the most fashion forward, on trend outfits are a color clashing whirlwind of gorgeous shades, luxuriously soft material and to die for tropical prints. Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear print every single day and I love it.

Looking for some inspiration? Just check out the #psbloggers tag on Instagram or start following plus size fashion bloggers because when it comes to amazing street style looks these ladies aren’t afraid to push the envelope!

I would highly recommend that you check out Danielle Vanier, Callie Thorpe and the gorgeous George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for some great style and confident tips for wearing exacting what you want, when you want.


Pexels At: Unsplash

18 April 2017

A Shoe In

I have always loved shoes.  Specifically the Mary Jane kind.  Even when my whole wardrobe was black, I always had beautiful shoes, usually in a bright colour to detract from the black on my body.

Shoes are easy to fall in love with.  You walk into a shop or browse online and suddenly there they are, the perfect pair.  You fall a little bit in love.  The trouble is, they don't fall in love with you.  You make the compromises in the relationship.

I have always had various issues with the shoes that I wear.  My fit veers between an E and EE fitting so finding nice ones can be hard.  My balance is not the best (to say the least) so heel height is a problem.  I can't wear pointed shoes because of my issue with staircases.

That said, for the right pair of shoes I have always ignored these issues.  I have squeezed my feet into shoes that were too narrow, but were beautiful.  I have bought heels too high for my comfort because they were fabulous.

I was looking my shoe cupboard this weekend and there were so many shoes that I no longer wear or have never worn because I bought after falling in love, but in reality that just were not practical. A major clear out was in order and by the end, I have gotten rid of nine pairs of shoes.  Sob!

I decided that I needed a new philosophy when it comes to my shoe buying.  They can still be beautiful, but I need to be able to wear them in comfort.  Not in pain and not compromising what I can actually walk in without falling over.

Here are some that I am currently looking at:

I love these Vans Shoes from Skate Hut.  I would wear these on a casual weekend with jeans or alternatively, they would look great with a casual black dress.  There is no reason why you can't wear casual shoes with a nice dress.  I have seen Callie from From the Corners of the Curve do this really well.

I am just about to buy these wedges from SimplyBe as they will perfect for the summer.  Black which goes with anything, a wedge which negates some of the heel height and a good grip sole (which is it about summer sandals that have really slippery soles???)

These nude fit loafers from Evans are perfect for work and look so stylish and comfortable.  

These knee high boots from Yours and are available (like all the shoes I have featured in this post) available in an E fit.  With a heel height of 3 inches which is a manageable height, these boots with go wonderfully with a lovely dress or will style up a pair of jeans.

Those are my current picks for shoes that work with my limitations, whilst still being stylish and gorgeous.

15 April 2017

Decorating Your Dream House

Let’s paint a little picture, imagine your dream house, a cottage in the countryside? A villa vista in the heart of Spain? Or a deluxe apartment in the hustle and bustle of New York? No matter what it is, we will take a ponder over the decorations which are to make it look beautiful and majestic.

Image Source

For the Inside

Now, we all like displaying some ornaments, especially the cute crystal animals, but the question is, when do we stop collecting them? We can all go overboard with the bric-a-brac, but the saying ‘quality over quantity’ applies here. Use shelving and bookcases to save on space and display cabinets to store your favourite trinkets. By doing this, you’re not overloading your dining table with unnecessary objects and putting the correct things on it...Food!

How about the Flora? Just by perusing the exotic flower range on floraqueen reviews, this can give you an idea of the various types of flowers which can adorn your dream home. From tulips to daffodils, carnations to roses, flowers can brighten up a home without much hassle at all. Also, flowers don’t last forever (except the fake ones), this means you can keep replacing them, introducing a different contrast of colours to your house every time.

Artwork is simple yet a beautiful addition to any room in the house. It can bring a room alive with vivid and vibrant colours. There are various ways you can decorate with artwork. One of these ways is wall murals, which can leave guests with a hanging jaw. Whether you’re a Van Gogh lover or a Banksy fan, your creative juices will flow and show as you begin to decorate.

Mirrors are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but sometimes they can be the most important feature of a room. They can make a place seem much bigger, brighter and better, especially if the room is cramped looking and lacking in natural light. The bathroom is a place which always needs to look good, especially for guests, which is why various mirror designs can give the bathroom a grand feel to it. You can even watch yourself as you go to the toilet (sorry that was uncalled for).

For the Outside

Decorating the garden is the best part. You can personalise it and add your own quirky, original style to it. You don’t even need to splash out too much on what you buy. By using old rusty buckets to plant flowers, patio furniture, and retro lights, these simple things can give the exterior of your house a funky and unique look!

And then you have the more classy look. The water fountains, the sculptures, and the intricate pavements. The garden which everyone wishes were theirs, these require a lot of time and patience in creating. But it is worth it in the end.

Now you’ve created a perfect image of what your dream house will look like, let’s start making it for real.

*Collaborative piece

13 April 2017

Chic Swimwear To Suit Every Shape

Having total confidence while sporting your swimwear isn’t a matter of flipping a switch and deciding you’re ready to bare all at the beach. It’s about finding the exact right swimsuit for your body shape, one that makes you feel comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

This usually involves one of my favourite things – trying on all the swimsuits you can to see what works best for you. To get started, here are a few of my favourite cuts and styles, with variations that look great on just about everyone.

I love a good tankini because it has all the fun and flare of a two piece but the coverage of a one piece. There are a wide selection of different styles in this year’s swimwear range from Figleaves, not least because you can mix and match with different coloured bottoms or go with the classic set. Tankinis are especially great if you love wearing a two piece but aren’t totally comfortable showing off your stomach. Think of it as training wheels for a bikini once you’ve got your beach confidence up, but it’s still a perfectly lovely option on its own.

Classic bikini
You don’t have to be a specific size to wear a bikini – these swimwear staples are for everybody. That said, they come in about as many shapes and sizes as you can think of, and the different styles can be used to accentuate different parts of your body.

There are bandeau tops for women with smaller busts and sturdier tops with underwire to help support larger ones. Halter necks are great for cutting lines into wider shoulders, while boy shorts provide maximum coverage in the hip area. But above all, it’s about wearing what you want, and looking amazing while you do it.

It’s a swimsuit, it’s a dress, it’s a swim-dress! Swim dresses are not only adorable but incredibly versatile – that whole I-don’t-feel-comfortable-wearing-my-bikini-to-the-shop problem is no longer a thing. Plus, its flowy cut will taper away from the body and give you more room to breathe. Swim-dresses like this cute, spotty one from Sainsbury’s swimwear line give you enough coverage to transition from beach- or pool-side to back-on-the-street in, well, no time at all.

High waisted bikini
High waisted bikinis are essentially tankinis but in reverse. You’ve got much of the coverage of a one piece, but the fun of a two, except the coverage this time is coming from the bottom. They ooze retro glamour while still being ultra-contemporary, especially when you add a cute print or flash of bling into the mix. What’s more is, you’ve still got the versatility of bikini tops, so if you want to highlight your upper half while maintaining a little more coverage below, you’re in good hands.

One piece
Ah, the classic all-rounder. Everyone looks good in a one piece swimsuit. That’s because they come in so many shapes and sizes. You can wear a one piece with a low V in the front or the back, high up on your hips, with a ruched middle or cut-outs along the sides. Whatever you fancy, there’s a one piece to suit your body type. I can pretty much guarantee it.

The more swimsuit types you’ve got on hand in your closet, the better. What’s your favourite poolside style?

8 April 2017

Your Fantasy Dinner Party

We have all played this game.  If you could host a dinner party and invite absolutely anyone, who would it be?

I have always found this game interesting as the people who you choose says a lot about you as a person.  You can choose anyone whom you wish, alive or dead so there is a plethora of people to choose from.  But which ones?

I imagine a large dining room.  Nothing too formal, a round table which means that everyone can talk to each other.  Quite a few different, small, courses so that you are not eating one big meal.  Alcohol flowing.  The meal reaches the dessert course and the wine has been flowing all night.  People lose their inhibitions and speak freely.  Who would you want to talk to?

My first invitation would be:      God.

Now.  The people who know me, know that I am not a believer.  So my invite would answer the question if he/she existed at all.  Hey God, do you RSVP?  Secondly, can you imagine the questions that you could ask?  

My second invitation would be:       Eddie Izzard

I am not a big fan of comedians but I love Eddie.  I love his thought process, his passion and very strong sense of self (although not a great fan of how he chooses to promote his political opinion.  I agree with many of his stances, I just think he goes around it the wrong way). 

Eddie came out as a transsexual in 1985.  The way he speaks about his gender identity is so simple, that it makes you wonder how anyone could misunderstand:

“If you look at a tiger, you go ‘ooh, tiger!’, we don’t go ‘girl tiger’ or ‘boy tiger’. We are obsessed by the genders because we grow up in one gender or another. No other animal is obsessed by our gender – they don’t give a monkeys about our gender.
“No matter what sex or sexuality, how you self-identity, or who you fancy, matters not one whit – what do you do in life? What do you make? What do you add to the human existence? That’s what’s matters."

My third choice would be:        J K Rowling

Her first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, although I do not remember coming across the books until probably the early 2000s.  She created a world so complete and so intricate that it drew in both children and adults alike.  Although I love to write, I could never create a world of fiction as completely as she did.  Plus, she absolutely rocks on Twitter.

My fourth choice?          Marilyn Monroe

 Ah Norma Jeane.  She was famous for playing the dumb blonde characters in films, but she was so much more complex than that.  She was a wonderful comedic actress with perfect timing, coupled with suffering depression and anxiety.  The circumstances behind her death will always be a mystery, but she has always fascinated me and always will.

My fifth choice?       Stephen Fry

The man is a British institution.  No fantasy dinner party would be complete without him.

My sixth and final choice?    Millicent Fawcett

Elected president of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies in 1890, she complained all her adult life for not only equal rights for women but also abolition of the slave trade.   She died one year after women gained the equal rights to vote as men did.  I can only imagine how extraordinary she was.

That would conclude my dinner invitations, although they could be endless, as I would like my dinner table to hold seven, my lucky number.

Other people who would have made the list (in no particular order)?  Samuel L Jackson.  Caitlin Moran.  Cleopatra.  Russell Brand.  Roald Dahl.  Maya Angelou.  Anna Kendrick.  Winston Churchill.  Abraham Lincoln.  Will.i.Am. Eleanor Roosevelt.  Robin Williams.

Who would you invite?