18 March 2019

Same Curved Opinion, A New Approach

Welcome to my new blog!

New blog you say?  But you have been blogging for eight years?  Well yes, I have.  This blog has undergone many changes over the years; from a place where I shared my thoughts and darkest secrets (now deleted so don't go looking), to a plus size fashion blog, then a lifestyle and opinion blog.

I decided to monetize this blog a few years ago as a sideline, but as a result and by mistake, I got sidetracked.  I began to write purely for profit, with the only occasional semblance of what I really wanted to write.  I lost myself and my motivation to write from my heart.

While writing professionally is something that I enjoy doing now and again and I do feel that it is something that I am good at, it does not drive my writing.  I do not profess to be a great writer, by any means; but they say that you should do what you love; and pouring my thoughts out in this blog has changed my life.

That sounds like an over exaggeration.  But it is true.

As I wrote about recently, I have quit smoking.  The extra money that I made through paid blogging, also funded my habit.  As such, I never kept a record of what I was spending on cigarettes and accepted some posts and wrote on some subjects that I would not ordinarily have chosen.

Whilst I will continue to occasionally write commercially, I want to get back to my writing roots.  The reason that I started blogging in the first place.  To pour my thoughts out on to the screen.  Things about my life, things about current events, my thoughts and opinions on anything; and everything.

There are a million different topics that run around in my head all the time.  My thoughts and theories change as I think about, research and listen to other people.  But yet I never write about them anymore.  Some controversial topics, some not.  

I truly believe that you should be able to talk about and say whatever you want, within the parameters of the law of course!  This is something that is currently shifting in current climes, but that is the subject of another blog post!

One of the things that I most recently wrote about was inclusivity within gaming, using Battlefield V as my example of when inclusivity does not have a place or is incorrectly used.  I felt more myself writing that than I have in a couple of years of writing.

My next upcoming piece is in relation to someone I greatly admire, a lady who goes under the pseudonym Jean Hatchet on Twitter.  Jean raises money for refuges for women who have suffered from domestic violence and has single handedly raised a nearly £19,000 so far.

Read more about Jean in my next blog post!

14 March 2019

Tops For The Dress Addict

As a dress addict, it’s tough to find tops you like. You enjoy the freedom a dress gives,  and tops and pants are just a burden. If you must wear a top - and I really can’t think of a reason why - here are some tops that are great for the dress addict who has trouble letting go.

Fitted Tops

Fitted tops help you maintain the same curves and figure-flattering style of a dress. You can get all kinds of fitted tops in many different fabrics to mimic your favorite dresses and make you feel sexy. Fitted tops enhance your shape and look elegant, fun, and professional.

Oversized Tops

If what you like about dresses is their free-flowing nature, then an oversized top makes a great transition. They give you freedom of movement and are long enough to cover the rear section that dresses usually hide. Wear oversized tops with leggings to make you even more comfortable and stylish.

Belted Tops

Many dresses have belts or ties around the waist, and you can get tops like this, too. They flatter your waist and draw the eye to something of interest. If you enjoy wearing dresses that enhance your hourglass figure or draw attention to your waistline, these types of tops are great for you.

Cami Tops

You can wear a cami alone or under another top. While some would never feel comfortable wearing a cami alone, you can use a strategically coordinated cami under a sheer top or button down to give your wardrobe more versatility. Pick out colours you will wear a lot, making them even more versatile and giving you a pop of colour.

It can be tough to transition away from dresses, but if the situation calls for it, you have some great options for tops that will mimic the style of your favorite dresses and make you feel comfortable despite the change in wardrobe for the day.