18 July 2013

A Day in the Life

Day 15 - A Day in the Life of Me

A sight I see nearly every morning, Elvis the Squirrel

Ready for work - got that I need coffee glazed look

My bus stop

Usually the water fountain is switched on, typically not today.  The Court House in the background

Not, I haven't loaded this upside down.  A letter box of a well known bank, been like that for ten years

Room with - well not much of a view!

My Messy Office!

Stairs to nowhere, leads to no doors, a useless space.  I vote filling it with water, could use a swimming pool

Lunch Outfit of the Day Photo

I stupidly put myself on the reception rota for two hours, The Times and my phone saved me from boredom

Planning my outfit for tomorrow

Movie and then bed!!

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