29 July 2013

Burning Money

Day 26 - Something you read online

Once my head had exploded, steam stopped coming through my ears and my incredulous shouts of “What the bloody hell?” stopped I re-read the article in order to try and find some real meaning and reasoning in it.

Are they suggesting that fat people don’t currently walk on pavements as we are afraid of breaking them?  We park our cars on concrete. There is not an epidemic of fat people causing earthquakes or paving slabs splitting as we walk, so I’m pretty much sure that pavements are self from us.

Are they intimating that fat people are scared of pot holes or cracks in the pavement more than thinner people?  Anybody can fall over a defective pavement.

My only guess for what they are doing is this:

They obviously have problems with their pavements and are getting a lot of tripping claims coming through. They presumably don’t have the funding in their budget to make the repairs to the pavements, so need an excuse.

I have a vision of some bright spark in the roadways department coming up with an idea.

“Hey guys, I’ve got it!!! Put through on another department’s budget, pretend it will benefit something. Blame the fat people. Everyone hates them. Say it’s of benefit to them to get them to lose weight and we’ll get it through on “Health in the Community”.

This article blows my mind. What does it do to yours?

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  1. Bleedin' Nora. Why do these fuckers love pissing away the public purse?! x x

  2. What. The. Actual. Fuck?

    Is this seriously the excuse they're using?? I doubt the pavements are being sorted in concerns to obesity and exercise; they're probably being done because the whole bloody country seems to be cratered with pot holes. If this is the real reason they're using, do they really think providing level pavements will actually encourage people to walk instead of driving everywhere? And can fat people be used as an excuse for anything else, while they're at it? Honestly! People just love to shame the fat guys! xx

    1. I had to read it through twice before I could even take it in. Talk about misappropriation of funds!


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