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25 September 2013

OMCZ 16 - Nightwear

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This challenge was chosen by Rebs from Sullen Hearts.
“I want to pick nightwear.  Let’s see what you wear to bed, or flash us your naughty but nice undies, or shoe us what you’d wear for a good old fashioned sleepover”.

I wasn’t sure what to wear for this challenge as all of my nightwear is mismatched and generally needs replacing! 

Recently though I have invested in the most cuddly, cute and cosy dressing gown in the entire world so that’s what I am sharing with you today, along with my fluffy slipper boots!!





I bought the dressing gown from Sorbet at @Very and you can find it here

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Becky Brown

28 August 2013


Challenge 14
Unleash Your Wild Side!

Nat wrote: Leopard, cheetah, zebra....... I hope that will join me in unleashing your wild side and show some love for  animal print! Shoes, tops ,bags or be brave and go head to toe!

Now when I read this challenge idea my first thought was panic as I don't own any animal print clothing.  I do have plans to add a couple of pieces to my wardrobe for the A/W season but at the moment, my animal side is severely lacking!

I then remembered this bag below which I found in my local charity shop which I instantly fell in love with. I decided to use it as an inspiration for an outfit.  Hope you like it!

The black dress is from the @So_Fab_Clothing range at the red cardigan is from Primark, the necklace is from +Superdrug and the handbag as I said, was a charity shop find.

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14 August 2013


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Today’s challenge was thought up by Rachel from A Dress is for Life and the theme is “Standing Out From The Crowd”.

For this post I decided to share with you my quest into brighter and bolder prints, charting how I became to be more adventurous.

This first dress I bought over a year ago.  I loved the shape of the dress and I am a sucker for anything coral.  Now, I say I bought the dress over a year ago, but the picture below, taken in May of this year was the first time I wore it.  Because before, I was too scared. 

I tried to wear it on numerous occasions previously, but it was so far out of my black comfort zone that I felt like I was wearing a flashing neon sign saying “Look! Fat girl!”  Now I wear it and enjoy wearing it.  Looking back, I can’t believe how scared I was, simply to wear a pretty dress that wasn’t black.

The next dress I am showing you is one that truly does stand out from the crowd.   This dress has a beautiful flower print and is quite unusual.  I wore this on a trip out to Manchester with the girls for cocktails and it definately stood out from the crowd, for the right reasons!


I was so nervous about wearing this dress, but I loved it so much that I had to wear it, even teaming it with a red cardigan for an extra pop. 


My next standing out from the crowd dress I am not showing here, but will be wearing at the after party of Plus North.  I wanted something that exuded confidence and for me, that had to be a bright red dress.  My final goal.

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31 July 2013


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I have been seeing this challenge popping up regularly and always love the different styles and ideas that have been used.  I cheekily contact Steph who is now organising the challenge and asked her if I could join.

From what I understand about the challenge, the idea  is for each post to have something that is pushing our comfort zone.   This post’s subject was chosen by Emma of Meet The Millards and she has chosen the Bohemian look.

I have never worn the boho look before, not really knowing if it would suit me or even if i had anything that remotely fit the bill.  I dived into the back of my wardrobe however and I think I have managed it ok.


The dress is from Joanna Hope although I am not sure where I purchased it from.  The gold sandals are Hush Puppies from and the earrings were a sale bargain in +Dorothy Perkins 

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