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30 June 2018

Debenham's MUA Masterclass

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of being invited to a Celebrity MUA Masterclass arranged by Debenhams with Amy's Makeup Box

Having never been to a makeup masterclass before, especially with a Youtube blogger with over 400,000 followers, I was more than a little nervous and unsure what to expect.

The event started with an introduction at 10.30 and we were greeted with muffins (always a good start!) and refreshments.  Amy was immediately lovely.  Friendly, chatty and open to any questions that we had throughout the day, she immediately put everyone at ease.  Amy was also more than happy to share her experiences of how she became an MUA and gave some great tips and advice of how to progress/start your career as a MUA and what you could expect.

We were shown how to do 2 looks over the course of the day, a bridal look and a glam look.  Amy told us what product and brush that she was using at each step, also suggesting alternatives and giving lots of tips along the way.  

I definately learned some great tips throughout the day, including a fool proof way of how to keep your eyebrows perfect all day with a great tip when applying pomade.  Check out Amy's Youtube channel (link above) to find out how!

I particularly loved the bridal look and thought that the model looked beautiful.  Gorgeous makeup without being overdone and was definately a look that I would re-create.

We broke for a lovely lunch of sandwiches and an array of cakes before getting into the second look, full on glamour.

I would not hesitate to recommend attending an future celebrity MUA masterclass. The whole day was wonderfully organised and we were made to feel very welcome.  I have started using some of the tips and tricks I picked up on the day in my makeup routine, particularly in terms of preparation and longevity.  

We were also gifted a wonderful goody bag of products supplied by Debenhams featuring Benefit, Dolls Beauty and Urban Decay which was a real treat.

If you see another event organised, particularly with the lovely Amy, go!  I would definately repeat the experience and pick up even more tips!

* The ticket for the event was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own, as always!

5 December 2017

3 Things To Do Online To Relax

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am quite driven when online.  I like to kept abreast of the news, what is going on with social media; catching up with friends; writing blog posts; reading opinion pieces from writers I enjoy.

The thing is with all of that is that too much of it can mash up your head and fill it with too much information at once.  

It is important, especially for me, to remember that there are normal, fun things on the internet and relaxing things to do that have nothing to do with reading all the latest news bulletins and wanting to bang your head against a wall.

Here are the things I do online to have fun and relax:

YouTube Videos

I confess.  I am a bit of an addict to online makeup tutorials.  I don't put much of them into practice to be honest as I do not have the skills or all the fancy brushes and brands to recreate the looks; but I love watching the videos.

Also, funny animal videos.  You have to love them and find me one person who does not relax when watching a cute dog doing something funny in a video.

Listening to Music

While I am a complete 90s dance woman, when I want to relax, my go to music is piano based classical music; preferably from new artists that I have not heard before.  They can take my mood from stressed and overcome, to a mood of absolute calm and tranquility.

I highly recommend checking out Soundcloud for finding new artists.  For a personal recommendation, I particularly love IIya Beshevli who is a 23 year old pianist and composer from Siberia.  His piece Fairytale Castle is just magical.  


I cannot play games on my phone.  After getting to a great level on Candy Crush and subsequently going back to level one again when I changed my phone, I am done with the game.  Done.  It literally crushed me.  I also don't understand the thrill of finding mythical creatures when I walking to various destinations.  I want to reach my destination, not be surrounded by Pidgeys and Ratatas.

For me, I love retro games and low level betting on formula one races and the outcomes of various events like the US presidential election.  I enjoy sites like Boomtown for online gaming and old classic games like Crypt Raider.

It may also help that a lot of those kind of games also have cheat sites which tell you what to do if you get really stuck.  I am looking for relaxation after all!  Shush!  Don't tell anybody!

What are your online relaxation go tos?

*Collaborative piece

28 April 2017

Score With Your Credit

Saving is something that we all strive to do.  Whether you are saving for someone's birthday treat, a holiday or in my case, saving for my future move; we all have times in our life when we try to actively save.

When you are living from payday to payday, trying to save and conserve your money can be challenging, but there are a few tips that I have picked up over the years that can really help, while still letting you enjoy a few things that you enjoy.

You Don't Need To Cut Out That Treat Coffee

Coffee is life.  For me anyway.  The idea of the cheap ground coffee that we have in the office makes me shudder.  I NEED real coffee.  But can I justify the daily trip to Starbucks?  No.  The £3-4 pounds a day I would, and have, spent in the past would be better placed in my savings than wasted on a temporary coffee hit.

One way to work around this is to buy your own fresh coffee and a one cup cafetiere and take them to work with you.  Get to work ten minutes earlier and you can make your coffee without the boss complaining of the extra time involved and you can start your day with a delicious coffee hit.

Cashback on your Purchases

We all love shopping and sometimes, even when you limiting your clothing and shopping budget, you may need to replace your favourite makeup product or buy a necessary kitchen appliance.

I have signed up to a site called TopCashBack which gives you cashback on online purchases.  Yesterday I wrote about the makeup products I use and one of them is Benefit Dandelion Powder , which is currently on sale in LookFantastic.  You can get up to 10% cashback on that site and the cash can surprisingly really build up.

Use a Piggybank

I have a long pink boot shaped piggy bank that I throw my spare change in.  The thing about piggy banks is that they are very tempting at the end of the month to break into when you are short on cash.  
The way that I combat that is to only save certain denominations of coins so that you would need a lot to make a difference.  I only save copper and 5, 10 and 20 pence pieces so that it does not tempt me to dip me.  

Having a larger piggy bank means that you can save for longer and get a nice surprise when you take it to be changed.

Keep An Eye On Your Credit Score

If you have a poor credit rating like me (damn carefree shopping years), it is important to keep an eye on your credit score and work hard to improve it.  You can check for free these days and it can really help in improving score.

Things to work on are not necessarily the bigger balances that you need to pay off.  I always used to focus on paying off the bigger balances and paying a minimal amount on the smaller ones.  But paying off those smaller ones can help to improve your score so bear that in mind.

Hope the tips help, happy saving!

27 April 2017

What Is In My Makeup Bag?

I have been clearing out my makeup box recently, getting rid of all the old or half used products that I no longer reach for regularly.  I thought that I would show you the products that is my core kit to use, some expensive, some cheap!

This is my makeup box.  I got it as a gift one Christmas.  If you have read this blog before you will know that I love anything that is Paris, so this makeup box is perfect for me.  It isn't too large which is helpful in that I do not splurge on makeup, but fits everything that I need.

The first photograph contains all the regular things that I use on my face.  I will list them below.

Foundation: Collection Illuminating Touch £5.99 - Superdrug

This is a new foundation for me.  I have been trying out a few, more expensive versions but this one goes on beautiful and has really nice illuminating quality.

Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer - £9.99

I really love this primer.  It goes on lightly and again, gives a really nice luminating quality.  If my skin is looking well, sometimes I just use this with a little powder on top and forego the foundation.

Loreal True Match face powder £6.99

This is a great face powder.  I use a huge brush to apply and a little goes a long way.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer - £18.00

This is really nice concealer that is hydrating and goes on really smoothly.  I use this under my eyes and dotted around my face.  I would recommend letting it set for a couple of minutes before you move on with your routine.

MUA Eyeshadow in Chestnut - £1.00

I use this product for my eyebrows.  I simply use a slightly damp small angled brush and use it to lightly fill in my eyebrows and slightly extend the line.  Far, far cheaper solution than the alternatives on the market!

Rimmel London Rock n Roll Nude from Kate Moss - £6.50 

I originally bought this lipstick as I wanted to try out a different colour from my usual red.  I was not happy with the shade on my lips so at first, it was regulated to the bottom of my make up box.  But then, I remembered a trick that I learnt recently when covering up bruises on my legs.

If you apply a pale pink lipstick over the bruise and then concealer, the bruise disappears.  It is like magic.  Remembering this trick, I wondered if I could use it to help with the occasional dark circles I get under my eyes.

I used the makeup hack this weekend when I was going to a class early on Saturday morning.  I had quite a few comments from people saying how alive and alert I looked.  Believe me, it was just the concealing trick.  I felt like a zombie! 

I would highly recommend it if you get dark circles under your eyes.

This second photograph has the more fun items of my makeup collection.

Benefit Dandelion Powder - £20.83 on sale at LookFantastic at the moment

This is a very well known product.  It is a beautiful rose colour with a slight shimmer that looks wonderful when used as a blusher.  Sometimes I sweep a light dusting all over my face.  It looks great when you have a tan and gives a lovely but subtle shimmer.

Loreal Volume Million Lashes £9.99 & Clinique Chubby Mascara £15.75

I love both of these mascaras.  They give great defination and you can achieve a lovely height with your lashes.

Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzing Powder

I have had this product a while and upon Googling for the price, it appears that this product is now discontinued.  I really like to use it in the summer months for added colour but I think I may need to buy a new one!

Nars Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner £19.00

£19.00 is a lot to pay for an eyeliner, but it is the best that I have ever used.  This is a product I will always buy.  It goes on easily, like a small crayon and once applied, it lasts all day and in some cases when I go out and forget to take my makeup off (oops), all night too!

NYX Illuminator - £9.00

I like this product a lot.  A little goes a very, very long way so be careful when you apply it.  I like to sweep it on the top of my cheekbones and just under the eyebrow to highlight.  This is a great product to use for  night out, but I don't generally use it during the week at work.

MUA Eyeshadow Pallette - £4.00

This pallette has some lovely colours in the brown tone.  It also has a lighter colour which is great for highlighting under the brow,  I like the light browns and the gold tones.  I do not use eyeshadow too much, but this pallette is my go to when I go.

So that is it!  I hoped that you enjoyed the tour around my makeup products.  As you can see, I use products from the very cheap, to mid range and then the more expensive products like Nars.  The thing is, is to find the product that works best for you.  More expensive is not always better.

Do you have any beauty hacks that you use?

21 March 2017

Beauty Trends 2017

I recently wrote a blog about 5 Tips for Healthy Hair in your 30s.  This year I am on a bit of mission to change up and improve my hair care, my skin care routine and also my makeup and nail routines.

I recently came across the below e-book called Experts in Beauty which provides some tips for the new makeup trends and how skincare is improving and changing up.  There is some really interesting information in there which I will talk about further in the post.

You can enlarge the e-book by clicking on the top right arrow and scroll through the right slider.

When it comes to makeup, the matte look is gone.  Dewy skin and glossy lips are now coming forward, along with smudged eyeliner (which I am happy about being an eyeliner addict with a not too precise hand application!).

Eyebrows are still a fascination for many.  Going for a brow definition treatment is a great way of finding the right brow for you and microblading is becoming a go to for those who want long lasting perfect brows. 

I have always bitten my nails, right up to a couple of years ago.  Having finally gotten my nails to a decent length and getting some strength into them, I really want to play with different colours and techniques.

I have been getting my nail salon supplies from Ellisons to strengthen up my nails and get some good quality accessories to do my manicures and pedicures.  It has really helped in getting my previously ravaged nails back into shape.

Spring trends from the catwalks have had patterned nails, abstract art and using glitter but in an adult, classy way of just a small line along the cuticles which makes it look like jewellery for the nails.  I can't wait to try it all out!

What beauty plans do you have for 2017?

16 February 2016

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Eyebrows

Eyebrows.  Ten years ago (the first time I was ever convinced to wax my eyebrows), I did not see what the fuss was about.  As long as you did not have a monobrow, the thought of colouring them in, shaping them and making them a part of my make up routine did not even occur to me.

Ten years now and eyebrows are a big business.  We wax them, we tweeze them; they are kept in place with gels and drawn over with pens and liquids.  Some of us even shave them off, to be replaced with a tattoo version (don't try that at home kids, remember, your face wrinkles as you age, so will the tattoo).

You can, and many people do spend a fortune maintaining their eyebrows and keeping up to date with the latest brushes, gels and products.  As for me, although I now love a well filled in eyebrow, I prefer to do the same on a budget; and without much time or effort involved.

While I like my eyebrows to be groomed, I still want a natural look and not tweezed within an inch of their life.  To maintain a natural line I use the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Here I am, sans makeup, ready to put my makeup on to start my day.  It is first thing in the morning so please excuse grumpy face.

 photo twe a_zpszogdhidx.jpg

I never put anything on my face in the right order (does anyone even know what this is?) but I always start with the eyebrows.  I use a slanted makeup brush which I bought from Superdrug (similar found here) and a £1 eyeshadow from MUA, which I find stays in place all day.

I simply fill in the eyebrows in, following the line and then I extend the eyebrow out another half inch with a thin line, which I find looks better on me as I have quite stumpy eyebrows otherwise.

 photo twe c_zpswsgejin5.jpg photo twe product_zpsxwug6phm.jpg

I never have too much time in the morning, I prefer to sleep, but eyeliner is my master and I must obey its rule.

 photo twe 3_zpsfmfhyo9g.jpg

Finally, here I am to start my day.  My makeup usually takes 5-10 minutes to do, the majority of time on that being eyeliner.

 photo twe 4_zpsrdkckp3d.jpg

Eyeshadow (for eyebrows) - MUA  £1.00
Eyeliner - Loreal Super Liner £6.99
Mascara - Clinique High Impact £17.50
Foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish £6.00
Blusher - MUA £1.00
Strawberry lip balm - gift

29 August 2015

Have Bag Will Travel

I went to Blackpool for the weekend with my mum last week for a some relaxation and fun (post to follow).

Neither my mum or I are what you could call light packers.  My mum tends to bring clothes for every eventuality and I am definately the products girl.

For me there is nothing worse when you go on holiday, even if it is just for a weekend and you haven't got everything with you that you want.  Whilst I can easily plan outfits ahead of time and pack the minimum pair of shoes, if I do not have options for accessories and if I cannot bring all the makeup and products I want, I am not happy.

A couple of years ago I decided to solve this problem and bought myself a vanity case.  The one pictured below is no longer available but there are so many options about.  Mine has the added bonus of being rain proof so you don't have to worry if you are caught in a shower.

Next up is my pink leather toiletry bag.  I have all my shower and hair products on one side and keep my makeup in the other.  It holds a surprising amount of stuff whilst still being compact when you zip it all back together.  This bag was a present and I believe it was from Next.

I don't know about you, but every time I pack jewellery in my suitcase, it always seems to tangle into a horrible state and for some reason, I always end up losing an earring or two.  Enter my new jewellery case* from the House of Fraser.  It is just the right size to hold your jewellery, securely locked away in a zip and thanks to the draw string pouch inside,  every stays put with minimum tangling.

Lastly I have my old faithful make brush up case which folds away neatly for packing.  I like to have all my favourite brushes with me and this case lets me do that, without taking up much space at all. I bought mine here in a set which includes four brushes, but has more room in the sections for more.

All that is left to pack are my hair straightners and hair dryer (never rely on the hotel supplied version) and I am set for travel.  Now, where's my suitcase?  Maybe I can fit one more dress.....

21 July 2014

Shop Your Stash 3

 photo stopyourstash_zpse4d68060.jpg

Welcome to the Shop Your Stash Challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger - even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!

For today's challenge we are looking at what you use to cope with the heat of the summer months.  For this particular post I decided to go down the makeup/skincare route and show you what I tend to use during the summer.

Hot weather is always rough on my hair because the sun rays usually turn my hair lighter and I am always throwing my hair up and out of the way giving myself endless split ends. To combat this (as well as using my usual John Frieda Brunette Shampoo and Condition) I tend to use the Tresemme Split Remedy which you put on after washing your hair but you can also use on the ends when they are feeling a bit dry.

For body moisturising I love the Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter but at £13.00 it is a bit pricey and a bit heavy to lug around in your bag during the day so I carry the Vaseline Spray & Go which is both a lot lighter and also only £5.00 and it lasts for ages.

For my face I am a follower of the god that is Clinique but again, you can't always afford over £20.00 for a moisturiser so sometimes I turn to the pound shop to see what they have.  Typically their beauty products only have six months or less to go (hence the cheapness) but hey, when are you ever going to make a tube of moisturiser last so long?  I am using the Johnson & Johnson Morning Energy Moisturiser in my morning routine which works a treat and only cost me a pound.

The last in my arsenal is the NYC setting spray which I put on after I have finished with my makeup.  I think I paid £8.00 for it but you can probably get it for less if you hunt on Ebay.

A couple of things I use for my summer makeup routine:

If at all possible I try to avoid foundation when I can in the summer, during the day at the very least as my skin really disagrees with it on a hot day.  Instead, once my skin is properly moisturised I just use the Barry M Natural Dazzle at £5.99 which lasts forever and also the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder which you can pick up for around £4.00.

Finally, the favourite thing is my makeup bag is probably also the cheapest which is my Natural Collection Crushed Walnut Eyeshadow which cost me £1.79.  I use this all year round in order to fill in my eyebrows with a slanted brush which I have found more effective, and has more staying powder, than any pencil, wax or liner that I have used.

So that's it!  Some of my skincare and makeup routines for the summer!  What do you use?

Please check out the other ladies in the challenge and also my blog competition to win some Pamela Mann Tights, linked here

19 August 2013

Pushing Boundaries

Today I decided to push myself a little on the old make up front. 
I have previously done a post called “Bare Faced Cheek” where I was pushing the boundaries of what amount or lack thereof, makeup I was happy wearing in front of a camera.  Actually going out in public like that is a further step forward.
Now I am not going to say to you that I am suddenly going to stop wearing makeup.  I’m not.  I love it and I love how it can transform your face depending on what look you are going for.  But I would also like to feel comfortable going to work with no makeup on.
Especially on those mornings when you are running on slow speed and putting on makeup is the thing that will make you miss your bus or make you late for work.  It isn't that important.  Yet I can't count the number of times I have left the house late because I have needed to "make myself presentable".
So here I am at work, no makeup, shiny nose, no eyeliner.  The world did not end.  People didn't draw back in horror.  The mirror didn't crack.  I look fine.
Whilst makeup is still something I choose to wear on a daily basis, I now know that I can live without it too.  Another step in being comfortable in your own skin.


9 July 2013

Bare Faced Cheek!

Like most women, I love makeup.  Everything from the bright pop of a red lipstick that can add a zing to my day to the concealer that hides the late night of the day before.

Over the years I have found myself wearing less and less, until I have found what my tastes are and what I am comfortable with.

Gone are the electric blue eyeshadows I wore in the nineties, along with the neon pink lipsticks and the too thick foundation and in are more neutral colours, focusing more on enhancing what I have rather than starting from a new slate.

Although I wouldn’t go for a day out without makeup, I don’t feel the need to cake it on either.   If you were t0 leave me stranded on a desert island, mascara would be the one indulgence item I would want. 

I have taken three photographs of myself as below.  In the first photograph I’m wearing no makeup.  After doing the #flashtheflesh challenge on Saturday I no longer find this scary.  I wore a swimsuit, on the internet, I can damn well go bare faced.

Second photograph I’ve gone for the natural look which is what I tend to wear at work, although a red lippy is always in my handbag ;)

In the last photograph is my favourite makeup look of the moment.  It is how I would prefer to greet the world ideally, but I don’t hold myself to a “must be perfect at all times” theory so if I pop down to the supermarket with no makeup on?  Chicken Licken, the sky will not fall in.

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”


6 October 2011

It’s Illogical, But Then, So Am I

I believe in making an effort when I go to work. You will usually find me in nice shoes, a dress, make-up etc. Don't get me wrong though, I am not the oompa loompa type with false eyelashes, three inches of make-up and hair extensions.

The hair though, confuses me.

Like everyone, I get the days when I get up too late to do anything with it, or have washed it the night before, going to bed with it still wet which means I closely resemble someone who has stuck their fingers in a plug socket in the morning.

Those are the days though when I people have complimented me on my hair. When I haven't done a damn thing with it and I have looked in the mirror and gone "Eek!".

The first time it happens I presumed it was that thing that people do, lie to someone about their very bad hairdo by telling them it's lovely. On a side note, I wouldn't do that. If I don't know you, I am not going to lie to you about something and if you are a friend, I would tell you straight. Well I would direct you to a comb at least.

Anyway, this happened a couple of times and then today, hair messy, I got asked if I was going on a date at lunch as my hair was nice. Then later, someone else commented, asking me what I had done as they wanted to do something similar.

WTF is going on people?

So today I have drawn a conclusion, why spend the time doing my hair, when it looks better when I just crawl out of bed? Although of course, being a woman, I will continue to ignore my own advice and carry on with the straighteners.