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29 August 2018

Top Tips For What To Wear To A Wedding

I have been invited to a wedding in October and I have already started looking at outfits and shoes, trying to decide what to wear.

For this wedding I have been invited to both the ceremony and subsequent wedding breakfast, going straight through to the evening celebration at another location.  Which poses a problem.  What do you wear that is going to work for both parts of the wedding, at different times of day?

Here are some tips that I think will get you through a wedding with style and without offending the bride!

1.  Stay Classy

If you have been invited to a wedding, chances are that it is going to be a formal event (unless it is on a beach, then you might get a little leeway!).  So this is not a time to bring out your jeans.  Have a really good shop around for something formal, but also ideally something that you can wear again or style up to give you different looks.  No white please!

For the summer months, why not go with a mid length fishtail dress in a bright colour?  This one from SimplyBe is an absolute steal at £25.00.

As the wedding that I am going to is in October so I am looking for something a little more covered, but still stylish.  I love the River Island dresses that are around at the moment and am in love with this one which is very reasonable £65.00 and could be worn to a variety of events, not just a wedding.

2.  Think With Your Feet

Chances are, if you have been invited to both the day and evening events of a wedding, you are going to be on your feet, a lot.  There are a few different things to think about here.  

  • You need a pair that are going to work for both day and evening wear.  Glitzy glitter covered heels look fab underneath a disco ball but not so much in a pew at a church.
  • You want a heel height that still looks elegant and stylish, whilst also not being too high.  They have to be comfortable enough to wear the shoes for hours on end without killing your feet and of course, you have to be able to dance in them (after you have negotiated uneven flooring outside churches, cobbled streets etc).
  • Try to go for neutral tones or black.  Matching that perfect colour of jade green from your dress may seem like a fab idea at the time, but you want to wear a shoe that you can wear again with other outfits (thereby justifying paying slightly more than usual for a gorgeous pair!).

I am loving these shoes at these black diamante shoes from River Island at the moment which have just a touch of sparkle and have a manageable, block heel which shouldn't prove hard to walk in.


3.  Remember, it is someone's wedding day

When you are going to day and night event, probably surrounded by many people that you do not know; the urge to have a few more drinks than usual to "ease you up a bit" is an easy one to succumb to.  I know only five people at the wedding I am going to in October and that includes my plus one!

Everyone has a few too many drinks at weddings but make sure that you eat something at the wedding breakfast, have a nibble at the buffet later in the evening.   Tripping the light fantastic on the dance floor is one thing at a wedding, but there is always one that gets too inebriated and can potentially spoil a couple's wedding day.  Don't let that be you!

7 February 2018

Love is in the Air

Considering that January seemed to take the age of man to get through, it comes as a surprise to me that suddenly we are approaching Valentine's Day.

Whilst Cupid has not struck his arrow for me, I confess that I do love to see happy couples on Valentines Day.  Love is everything and is best when you have a special someone to share it with.

What are your plans for Valentines with your partner?  For me, large costly gestures have never been required.  Buying flowers for example seems to quadruple in price which I think is insane.  

Love is shown in actions and the way that you feel.  I would prefer a lovely, thought about card than a throwaway (although expensive!) bunch of red roses.

Today +Simply Be are allowing me to host a competition to win this gorgeous lingerie set in time for Valentines Day.

The bra is available from a 36C through to a 48DD.  The midi briefs run from a 12 to a 26.

This competition opens at 12.00 tonight and will close at 12.01am on Monday 12th February 2018 so the winning entrant can receive their prize prior to Valentines Day.  UK only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

29 July 2017

Summer Wishlist

I feel that I have not talked about fashion for so long!  So to resolve this, today and tomorrow's post will be all fashion focused with favourite items in my most recent purchases and my current wishlist today and tomorrow, I am talking about how to work the sales when you are plus size.

I have always been big on patterns and bright colours.  So today I wanted to share a few pieces that I love that celebrate pattern and colour for the summer months.  First off is a recent purchase of mine, a jumpsuit that I bought from the Joe Brown Collection.

When you are plus size, finding the perfect jumpsuit can be an impossible task depending on your height, shape and the style that you are looking for.  This jumpsuit is perfect for me.  I love the bold pattern.  At 5ft 5 I had to have the length adjusted so that I wasn't falling over the hem and I also replaced the button fastening at the back with a press stud.  It is very easy to get on and off and I love it!

Next up is the dress for all occasions.  This is on my current wishlist as it is the perfect hardworking dress that can cover you for many occasions.  Again, this is a Joe Brown dress from Simply Be 

This dress will cover you for everything from going to work in the summer months to that after work drink with the girls (that turns into a few cocktails on a Friday!) simply by a change of accessories and shoes.  I would also wear this on a weekend for going out to lunch.

In September I am going to Grassington for their annual 40s weekend.  After going last night and loving how everyone had dressed up, this year I decided to do the same.  This is a dress that I have just purchased.

I love the dogwood print (which I confess I thought was cherry blossom when I first saw it).  The fit is just right and I will share photographs of the weekend after the event.  Now I just need to find the right shoes!

Lastly is a dress that is on my current wishlist from the Hell Bunny collection. 

I really like the 50s style with a sexy twist.  The length looks great and I am always a sucker for sweetheart neckline!  This is on my wishlist for the moment as I do not (yet) have the right occasion to wear it.  I may have to create one!

What are your favourite items at the moment?

18 April 2017

A Shoe In

I have always loved shoes.  Specifically the Mary Jane kind.  Even when my whole wardrobe was black, I always had beautiful shoes, usually in a bright colour to detract from the black on my body.

Shoes are easy to fall in love with.  You walk into a shop or browse online and suddenly there they are, the perfect pair.  You fall a little bit in love.  The trouble is, they don't fall in love with you.  You make the compromises in the relationship.

I have always had various issues with the shoes that I wear.  My fit veers between an E and EE fitting so finding nice ones can be hard.  My balance is not the best (to say the least) so heel height is a problem.  I can't wear pointed shoes because of my issue with staircases.

That said, for the right pair of shoes I have always ignored these issues.  I have squeezed my feet into shoes that were too narrow, but were beautiful.  I have bought heels too high for my comfort because they were fabulous.

I was looking my shoe cupboard this weekend and there were so many shoes that I no longer wear or have never worn because I bought after falling in love, but in reality that just were not practical. A major clear out was in order and by the end, I have gotten rid of nine pairs of shoes.  Sob!

I decided that I needed a new philosophy when it comes to my shoe buying.  They can still be beautiful, but I need to be able to wear them in comfort.  Not in pain and not compromising what I can actually walk in without falling over.

Here are some that I am currently looking at:

I love these Vans Shoes from Skate Hut.  I would wear these on a casual weekend with jeans or alternatively, they would look great with a casual black dress.  There is no reason why you can't wear casual shoes with a nice dress.  I have seen Callie from From the Corners of the Curve do this really well.

I am just about to buy these wedges from SimplyBe as they will perfect for the summer.  Black which goes with anything, a wedge which negates some of the heel height and a good grip sole (which is it about summer sandals that have really slippery soles???)

These nude fit loafers from Evans are perfect for work and look so stylish and comfortable.  

These knee high boots from Yours and are available (like all the shoes I have featured in this post) available in an E fit.  With a heel height of 3 inches which is a manageable height, these boots with go wonderfully with a lovely dress or will style up a pair of jeans.

Those are my current picks for shoes that work with my limitations, whilst still being stylish and gorgeous.

29 August 2016

Work Wear to Party Wear

Hi there!  It has been so long since I have done an outfit post that I thought that it was high time that I pulled my finger out!

Today I am talking about the conundrum that is work wear to party wear.  You know the scenario, it has been a long week in the office and the suggestion goes round to go out for a couple of drinks on Friday.  Now if your workplace is anything like mine, those couple of drinks after work can easily turn into you being on the dance floor at 1am wondering how the hell you got there. 

The question is, what do you wear?  I for one do not want to be carting party dresses and shoes to work.  When we tend to out after work, that means straight after work, so I do not want to be messing around changing clothes and changing my makeup.  So what to take?

For me I like to wear an outfit that can be changed up to suit any scenario, be it the quiet couple of glasses of wine envisaged, or the party animal on the dance floor with a cocktail.  

So my after work checklist runs simply to bringing my eyeliner with me (I would recommend the Nars Larger Than Life longwear eyeline which goes on like a dream and really does long all day), some concealer and a couple of accessories.

This is an outfit that I have worn on one of my Friday night jaunts, the outfit being changed up simply be unbuttoning a few buttons, taking off my cardigan and adding a necklace.

 photo C360_2016-08-29-14-46-08-474_zps4akolg7k.jpg

 photo C360_2016-08-29-14-42-32-362_zpshpgfkbv7.jpg

 photo C360_2016-08-29-14-57-21-589_zpsugnt4a1e.jpg

Fit is true to size (I am wearing a 26)
The length on the site size 37" but I would say it more like a 39"
Cardigan - old from SimplyBe
Peep Toe Shoe Boots E Fit £24.00
Heel height at 2 1/2 inches - perfect when you have a long day/night
Necklace - vintage - charity shop

4 August 2014

New Outfit of the Day

I haven't been able to do many outfit posts lately but I wanted to share with you what I am wearing today for work.

I love outfits that you can just throw on and feel comfortable it.  I particularly love my necklace today although I confess that it is a bit on the heavy side!

 photo IMG_20140804_085407_zpsdcba58ab.jpg
The attempt to look sultry but ending up Monday morning grumpy look

 photo share_zpse8657d6e.jpg

 photo IMG_20140804_085236_zps4c211d7b.jpg

 photo IMG_20140804_085434_zps90800d50.jpg

The dress is from for the bargain price of £25.00, the cardigan and sandals are from +Simply Be and the necklace I found in a charity shop.

15 May 2014

I Feel Good

 photo header_zps389ed109.jpg

You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped? This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today". 

We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful.

This month I am following on from last month and am sharing my Capturing the Curves photographs with you.  Warning: there are a LOT of pictures in this post!

I recently had a fantastic experience at a photoshoot arranged by the lovely Betty Pamper.  The theme was vintage and having my hair and makeup done, along with meeting all the other ladies along with Betty herself and Becky from Rambings of was a brilliant experience.

For the first time I even enjoyed having my photograph taken and playing around with the different props.  Nicky Rockets made me feel completely at ease and this, combined with a couple of cocktails after the shoot, made a very memorable afternoon.

I was very happy to learn that two of the photographs that we would be given would be “photoshopped” alongside the regular pictures and excited to see the “new and improved” me.  

We got a surprise preview of one of our photographs a couple of weeks ago and all I could see was my wonky eyebrow that I hate so much.  Looking back at these photographs now, I think it may have turned into one of my favourites!  Fickle woman, as is my right ;)

I wouldn't hesitate to do another photo shoot again and would love to do another vintage style one with Betty Pamper, but very very surprisingly, I would say this time, no retouching!

Here are my photographs, which I have already started to use on my profile pictures everywhere.  I will let you make your own decision on whether I look better retouched!

The above are retouched, so slightly better versions of me!

23 March 2013

March Lovelies

From time to time (read every other day) I like to look at the various clothing websites and pick out dresses that I love, regardless of price.  Although it is slightly like dress torture, as usually I am looking when I can't afford to buy, there is no harm in looking and I think it helps to keep on trend.

Here are my March ladies that I am lusting after, some in my price range, some not, all absolutely fabulous:

1.  Chesca Butterfly Print Dress £195.00 found here
2.  SimplyBe Enchanted Print Dress £35.00 found here
3.  AX Paris Laser Cut PU Scallop Skirt £30.00 found here
4.   New Look Ruby Rocks Monochrome Layered Dress £25.00 found here
5.  Asos Curve Skater Dress £28.00 found here
6.  Very - South Mono Floral Print Dress £49.00 found here

What are your favourites of the month?

9 March 2013

The Notice Me Dress

I had my birthday this week and to mark the occasion I wanted to go with the family for a meal.  I also wanted to use the occasion to find a dress that showed how my confidence journey had progressed.

When the lovely people at SimplyBe let me review a few pieces for them, I immediately noticed this Anna Scholz dress as being one that stood out from the crowd.  With it’s bright, bold colours and colour block design it is a world away from anything I would have previously chosen (black, black and more black) so I decided that this was the one for me.

The dress is very well made and has those little details that you get with a quality dress, such as a weight on the inside of the cowl neckline to ensure that it hangs perfectly every time.  There are also pockets to the front of the dress which add a different dimension to the dress.

As you can see from the first photo, if you have a larger chest the expanse of colour at the top of the dress may be a little much, so I added a necklace and also a shrug which finished the look for me and also covered my arms.

I wore the dress for my birthday meal and I loved it.   With a lot of people wearing dark and muted colours in the restaurant, I felt like a peacock strutting my plumage with the bright colours and felt confident in it.

The dress can be found here, priced at £70.00.  I also wore t-bar shoes from Love Label and a shrug from Very.

2 March 2013

AX Paris Floral Prom Dress from SimplyBe

 Normally when I put together an outfit, I look at the end result and, providing it looks ok, I forget about what I am wearing. The clothes just become a part of me and I carry on with my day or evening without further thought.

Sometimes though, you find an outfit that makes you feel special. The kind that you really do feel pretty in. The kind of outfit that makes you smile to yourself.  You know the kind I mean.

Recently SimplyBe kindly let me review some pieces for them and I jumped on the AX Paris Sleeveless Floral Prom Dress like a vulture. Having already seen this dress worn by Mhairi of Lilybobombslovelylumps I had admired it then was curious if it would suit me.

Image courtesy of Simplybe

I wasn’t sure whether this dress would suit my body shape or even have a good fit as usually anything button up fits badly on me.  I usually end up having to undo too many buttons and AGAIN use the slip under the dress trick. I need not have worried as it buttons all the way to the top if I want it to and it fits just right without any pulling anywhere. 

I am wearing the dress, it doesn't wear me.

I feel fantastic  in this dress. It makes me want to waltz around the room like Maria from West Side Story singing “I Feel Pretty”. It is floaty and feminine and fits just right. Any dress that makes you feel like that is a special thing indeed.

The Floral Prom Dress is available from Simply Be in sizes 12 to 32 for the price of £35.00.

Red Skinny Belt from Asos Curve
Cardigan from Ebay

Do you have a dress that makes you feel like that?

I have not been paid to write this blog and the opinions in the same are honest and my own.

25 February 2013

Review SimplyBe Glamorosa Tunic Dress

I often compare finding the right dress as being similar to finding the Holy Grail.  Both being much talked about mythical objects that no one can find.

Having accomplished the feat of finding a plus size dress that is both fashion forward, to my taste and not shaped like a tent I am often thwarted at the last hurdle by the bust area.  Many times I have tried on a dress which has fit perfectly in all areas, but my breasts have either been squashed so much it looks like I have a lumpy pillow stuffed under my dress or there is far more cleavage showing than I would prefer  to show outside of my bedroom!

SimplyBe recently kindly offered me the chance to review an item from their range.  I came across their Glamorosa section which said it’s clothes were “Designed for your boobs, tailored for you”.  We’ll see I thought and decided on a Bird Print tunic dress in Voluptuous Fit.

Having high hopes I tried on the dress and hurrah!  Finally a dress that ticked all the boxes.  What I wanted from this dress was something that I could wear either at work or with the girls at the weekend.  The v neck hits me at just the right spot to be work appropriate.  With the length, if you are 5ft 4 or over, this dress may be a little short without tights or leggings.

The viscose material is light and flows perfectly, although personally I wouldn’t wear it without my trusty silk slip underneath as it is a little see through when viewed in sunlight.  After wearing it for a full day in the office, I can confirm that there was not a crease to be seen!  The bird print on the SimplyBe site appears to just be black and white but there is a smattering of pink on each bird which really adds something to the dress.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive as I anticipate this dress getting many an outing.  I prefer a belt that cinches in a little more at the waist so have substituted one of my own, although the belt has come into other uses, namely in my hair as you can see from one of the photographs!

The dress can be found at SimplyBe and is available in sizes 14-32, covering cup sizes from A - K.

Here are the pics!

I have not been paid to write this blog and the opinions in the same are honest and my own.

19 February 2013

Dressing Up

As we slowly crawl out of the winter, it is time to start looking at some pretty dresses (one of many excuses I use to look at dresses).

I have seen SimplyBe mentioned a lot in plus size blogs recently so I thought that I would use the site for my first foray into dresses for the spring and summer.  I have shopped there in the past but it has been quite a while now so I was excited to see what they had to offer.

Here are my favourites!

Glamorosa Tunic Voluptuous EE-G
I love this dress.  It is something that I could use both at work and also at the weekend which is an added bonus.  I love the print detail and the fact that the dress actually goes in at the waist, whilst still catering for a larger cup size.

It can be found here

This is on my wish list!

Red Print Skater Dress
I have an ongoing love affair with red.  I love this dress because of the added bonus of a pattern, as well as the tie detail at the back to give you more shape.

It can be found here

Bespoke Penelope Poppy Dress

I actually have no idea whether this dress would suit my shape, but I have fallen completely in love with the poppy pattern.  It is bright, colourful and perfect for summer with a 50's twist.

It can be found (maybe in my wardrobe soon but also) here

AX Paris Sleeveless Floral Dress

Being sleeveless, patterned with a floral print and floaty, this dress is right out of my comfort zone which makes me itch to try it out.  I have heard good things about AX Paris dresses although am yet to buy one myself.

It can be found here

AX Paris Heart Print Cross Over Dress

This dress got a Carrie esq "Helllo lover" out of me when I saw it.  I absolutely adore the dress.  I like that the heart print gives it a feminine touch but the dress has clean cut lines and adaptable to being dressed up or down.

What's not to love.

It can be found here

So that rounds up my favourite dresses I have seen on SimplyBe.  I have to say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the range, colours and style available for the plus size gal.  I think more than one of these dresses will be making their way into my wardrobe.

Do you have any favourites?