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12 January 2015

Weekend Wear

One item of clothing I have always wanted is the type of blazer/jacket you can wear with everything.  The kind that you can wear with jeans to create a classy weekend outfit, that looks just right when you wear it over a dress and can create a suit for you when worn with a skirt.

The only problem is that finding this sort of jacket is like finding the holy grail.  I saw people effortlessly rocking the blazer/jeans combination but I have never got it right.  

Recently though I purchased the PU Trim Tux Jacket from +Simply Be and it has become the go to thing in my wardrobe.  I first reviewed this jacket here when I wore it with a dress for my work Christmas party.

Yesterday I was going out for a meal so I decided to try out my new lovely and jeans and for the first time ever, the combination actually worked!  

The top and jeans are from So Fabulous at  and the boots are from Clarks and have previously been reviewed here

 photo DSC02928_zps3ef6585c.jpg

 photo DSC02927_zpse0fe6fa4.jpg

 photo DSC02926_zpsa09eadee.jpg

 photo DSC02928-001_zpsb3d55ec1.jpg

What outfit combination have you always wanted to get right?

12 December 2014

Playing with Purple

This week seems to have been the purple week.  When I have looked into my wardrobe each night to see what I want to wear the following day, my hand has increasing been drawn to the purple end  of the spectrum.

Today I have for you the Purple PU Trim Shift Dress from +Scarlett Jo This dress is shortly than I would ordinarily wear but for these photographs I decided to get my legs out and have a play.  You could also easily wear this dress with tights and boots or even with leggings.

I love the PU detailing on the dress which gives it an edgier feel.

 photo C360_2014-12-08-19-52-43-126_zpsd5cd7185.jpg

I have also decided to play around with an up do as the detailing on the dress practically demanded to be shown off.  Apologies about the lighting in some of these photographs, I am really struggling for good light conditions when I come home from work!

 photo C360_2014-12-08-19-41-21-594_zps19d2e276.jpg

 photo C360_2014-12-08-19-46-04-298_zps0a6d1783.jpg

 photo C360_2014-12-08-19-50-47-595_zps85b612b3.jpg

 photo C360_2014-12-08-19-40-46-361_zps13afa2a9.jpg

Dress from Scarlett & Jo - found here
Shoes: +Simply Be

 photo C360_2014-12-08-19-54-46-424_zps12df2dd5.jpg
Obligatory pout selfie

* This item was kindly gifted to me but all opinions are, as ever, my own.

20 November 2014

High Waisted Jeans

Whilst I am a dress girl at heart, lately I have been looking around at the season's latest offerings and have seen some beautiful tops, for both daytime and evening, which I would love to wear.  

My separates collection is very small indeed and I find myself searching for the perfect fitting pair of high waisted jeans that I can pair with some of the beautiful tops I have seen.

I have recently been provided with an infographic from Fashion World in which they have provided tips and suggestions about the 4 essential types of trousers that every woman needs in their wardrobe. 

Having asked me which my preference was they requested that I give them some styling tips.  They have created the below graphic for me where you can see what I have chosen and my comments!

* Written in collaboration with Fashion World

19 November 2014

Taming the Butterfly

Today on the blog I have for you a dress that I bought from the gorgeous Lolly Likes

I have been meaning to show you this dress for a while now but finally managed to photograph it.  I believe that the dress comes from +New Look

 photo DSC02874-001_zps0f2cb1e1.jpg

 photo DSC02873_zps7a230431.jpg

 photo DSC02876_zpsedb60a76.jpg

I have worn this dress throughout the summer and it survived the "packing away for winter" cull as I wasn't ready to stop wearing it.  I wear it now with tights, a cardigan and some boots.

Now, there is something going on underneath the dress that I also wanted to tell you about.  Take your mind out of the gutter please!

I am wearing the Best Form Slim control shaping high briefs * I like to put shapewear under many of my dresses in order to have a smoother line but finding shapewear that both works and is comfortable is something akin to finding the holy grail.

I want a smoothing line, whilst still being comfortable and unrestricted and above all, something that is going to stay in place and not roll down half way through the day as can happen with so much shapewear.

These shaping high briefs have two silicone anti slip strips to the top which enable the shapewear to stay in place whilst not getting sticky against your skin.  They feel great to wear and I will be purchasing more very soon.

Have you found your perfect shapewear yet?

 photo signature_zps747b2e1a.png

* Denotes gifted item

4 November 2014

New Dress Wishlist

It has been a while since I had a good look around at the various brands to see what new dresses catch my eye.  I had a bit of time to spare tonight so I decided to have a browse and do a little wishlist of my current favourites.

First up is a gorgeous red lovely from +Yours Clothing

 photo yours_zps79ad6e8a.jpg

I am a sucker for a red dress and I love the pattern of this Glitter Flocked Skater Dress and for £35.00, what a bargain!

Next up is the stunning Briar Rose Dress from Taking Shape.  I love the black accents and as you will know if you have read my blog before, give my a floral print and I am happy.  This is £99.00.

 photo BriarRoseDresspound99_zpsc90a00e6.jpg

Next is the Claire Richards spot mesh prom dress from +Fashion World   This is such a classic look and would be perfect for the Christmas party season.  

Adding a little va va voom to my wishlist is the +ASOS Paper Dolls Plunge Neckline Pencil Dress priced at £58.00.  You cannot go wrong with a monochrome theme and the neckline detailing is just gorgeous.

Finally, I have a dress that I recently spotted on the beautiful George from FullerFigureFullerBust and I have been lusting after ever since.  This is the +Scarlett Jo red floral jersey dress from Evans which is currently on sale for £40.50.

That is it for my wishlist today, hope you have liked my choices!!

31 October 2014

A Golden Oldie

I took my mum out for a meal last night and managed to take a couple of pictures of my outfit.

The AX Paris floral dress from +Simply Be , which I have previously featured on the blog here is a real favourite of mine as it is the first dress that I choose when I finally decided to move my wardrobe away from black and into what is now a staple in my wardrobe, beautiful patterned dresses. 

I am wearing in here with my new +Clarks ankle boots and a black cardigan from WearAll.

 photo DSC02869_zpsae391382.jpg

 photo DSC02868_zps53b2dfc0.jpg

 photo DSC02865_zpsfb25462a.jpg

30 October 2014

SimplyBe Prom Dress

Today I have a beautiful dress to show you from +Simply Be   I am saying this in a whisper in case it runs away however as this dress appears to be very camera shy.

I bought the luxe print prom dress months ago and have worn it on a few special occasions but for some reason, I have never managed to get photographs of myself in it.  Either I forget the camera or the photographs turn out blurred; something always seems to happen to prevent me showing the prom dress to you.

You know sometimes you will try a dress on and you feel nothing short of amazing in it?  You get a little warm glow and your confidence goes up a notch or two?  This is what this dress does for me. 

As you will see from my photographs the lighting isn't great so the dress is still trying to hide away from the limelight.  Naughty dress.  The girls in the pictures are my beautiful friends Shona and Vicky by the way :)


6 October 2014

Checking Out Clarks

I went for a night out with the girls on Saturday so whilst I was all dressed up and ready for a night of dancing, I decided to take a few photographs to show you what I wore.

My dress is the amazing Anna Scholz Check Print Skater Dress  I first spied this +Simply Be dress at Plus North and made frequent visits to the stand to gaze at it.  A sure sign that I was meant to own it.

 photo DSC02843_zps97dbc8fe.jpg

 photo DSC02847_zps89d41071.jpg

 photo DSC02844_zps50fcf9c2.jpg

I love how the bright pinks and yellows combine with the black and the PU trim to the neck, arms and around the waist really give it an edgy detail.  I bought the dress for £50.00 but luckily for you, it is now on sale at £35.00.  Run! Quick! Buy it now!

Now the last time I went out dancing my shoes absolutely crippled me so this time I wanted something that was a little more comfortable, but also added the final edgy touch to the dress.  I decided to go with the Macay Halle * boots from +Clarks 

 photo 26104357_B_p_zps8c228f0c.jpg
These boots have a double zip, one on each side with one for fastening and the other as you can see above, which goes half way up, allowing for a little extra room.  One thing that is always important to me with ankle boots is having space to move around my ankle.

These boots goes perfectly with dresses but will work equally as well with lots of different outfits. The block heel isn't too high and the best part for me, strangely I know, is the sole.  I am the human Bambi on ice and when it comes to winter, I need a good firm grip to keep me on my feet instead on falling to the ground.
 photo 26104357_G_p_zpsa38a2ce7.jpg

After wearing them for a night of dancing I can testify that they were very comfortable to wear and will be a firm favourite for the coming Autumn/Winter months.  You can buy them at Clarks here for £69.99.

I finished my outfit with two strands of jet beads and a 50's style roll in my hair.  I hope you liked the outfit!

 photo signature_zps747b2e1a.png
* Denoted gifted item

28 September 2014

Shirt Style Belted Dress

Today I have a beautiful tomato orange dress to show you from the Look Magazine Collection for @SimplyBe.

The Shirt Style Belted Dress* is very simple in style which lends itself to be worn in a variety of different ways depending on where you are going and how you want to look.  The material is 62% Polyester, 33% Visclose and 5% Elastane.  The fit is true to size and the material is just the right thickness for taking you into Autumn/Winter.  

Given that I wear dresses every day, I love finding a dress that I can style in different ways to create alternative looks.  For the photos today I have the dress with the buttons open at the front, with heels and a glitzy belt; worn simply with a large statement necklace and low black wedges and also with a belt added.

Opaque tights will also look great with this dress or styled with some ankle boots for an edgier look.

The dress comes with a dull gold belt that I haven't featured here.  The solid colour and simple style of the dress lets you either wear it as is, or choose a variety of different belts in different styles and colours.  I am tempted to try out a clashing coloured belt to see how this looks too.

You can buy the dress at SimplyBe for £60.00.

 photo DSC02825_zpseef80e82.jpg

 photo DSC02826_zps21306c84.jpg

 photo DSC02830_zpsf3e1b410.jpg

 photo DSC02831_zps25050066.jpg

 photo DSC02836_zps393f0635.jpg

 photo DSC02837_zps204747e7.jpg

* Denotes gifted item

8 September 2014

Magnificent 7th - Workwear Post

 photo magsevenpic_zpsf34d5705.png

We will be posting on the 7th of each month, and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit the theme, using clothes from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won’t end up in Narnia, but you never know with a bloggers wardrobe!

Today’s edition of the Magnificent 7th Challenge is Workwear/Back to School.

I have had an absolutely crazy time lately and have not been able to schedule anything when it was supposed to happen.  I am hoping that this week will see a return to normality.

For this challenge what I decided to do was show you some of the outfits I wear at work.

 photo IMG_20140818_085350_zpsf6ed18bc.jpg
From +New Look 

 photo IMG_20140617_084826_zpsb374bc6d.jpg

 photo IMG_20140804_142229_zps13e5d663.jpg

 photo IMG_20140904_084855_zpsb48d4971.jpg
From the Claire Richards collection at +Fashion World 

As has been fully established on this blog, I love colour and bold print!

21 August 2014

BooHoo Ruby Leaf Print Jumpsuit

I was recently contacted by and asked if I wanted to try out something from their new plus size range and of course, I jumped at the chance!
There were quite a few different options that I few for, such as the Paisley Print Batwing Dress (which I still think I need in my wardrobe pronto!) and the Paisley Print Trousers.

 photo Screenshots_2014-08-21-09-40-57_zps4fcecf38.png photo Screenshots_2014-08-21-09-48-39_zps0b7264b7.png

In the end though I decided to go for what has been my nemesis so far, the jumpsuit!  I have tried out three different versions of jumpsuits in the past and none have been right for me so I was hoping that the Ruby Leaf Print Wrap Front Jumpsuit would fit the bill.

 photo 2014-08-13114707_zps3673005d.png

This jumpsuit is 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane and comes up true to size.  If you are a little busty like me than you may want to put a little camisole on underneath or pop a strategic stitch in order to avoid any gaping.

I absolutely love the print and decided to go big with the accessories, little a wide belt (old), a chunky necklace that I picked up from a shop on Ebay and my reliable +Simply Be heels and crochet cardigan.

 photo DSC02786_zpsfc17d6a7.jpg

 photo DSC02785-001_zps7adf6aa5.jpg

 photo DSC02784_zpsc701fd14.jpg

Although I love the jumpsuit I am not entirely about it on me.  I would ideally prefer for my particular body shape for it to come in at the waist, which I have done by adding the belt instead. 

The colour, the material, the print and the elastic around the ankles are all things that I love about the jumpsuit so I must therefore conclude that the only thing I don't like, is me in it!  Actually you can strike that, I do like me in it, but I am so far off the edge of my comfort zone that I am practically absailing.

I would highly recommend this jumpsuit for anyone who has a penchant for them and indeed, anyone who has yet to try one.

Vicky xx

* Item gifted but all opinions my own as always