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19 May 2016

Good Memories

Clothes, are not just clothes.  They hold memories.  Good ones, bad ones, great ones, momentous ones.  

A first kiss, a last kiss; a great night out with the girls, a New Years Eve to remember; the day that even a scathing laugh at your size could not kill the "I feel fabulous in this dress".  

Every night I go through my wardrobe (ok, two wardrobes) and choose what dress I want to wear to work the next day.  Tonight, I came across this dress.

This dress has wonderful memories for me.  It is the first dress I ever wore (in my adult years when I had a choice) that was patterned.  Had bright colours.  Was feminine and floaty and beautiful.  

Up until that point, my entire wardrobe was black.  I remember choosing to wear it for a party, terrified that everyone was going to be looking at me, the wrong way.  I took forever to get ready; changing accessories, changes cardigan; changing my hair,; changing my makeup.

I had decided to use the dress for a blog post, seen here, and you can see the joy on my face when I wore this dress.  The wonderment that I was even wearing it.  I went to the party and felt amazing.  After the initial shock of seeing me in something that was not all black, my friends loved it.

That was just over three years ago now.  Although years in time, it feels like decades.  I wish it wish.

I have changed into a different person in that time.  Someone who isn't afraid of wearing what I want.  Someone who wears a dress every day, so different from the black pants, black top girl that was invisible.  I am not invisible anymore, certainly not in the different pattern I wear every single day.

But is more than that, I no longer want to be invisible.  I want to be seen.  This is part of who I am.  I would not have it any other way.

Don't wait, like I did until you are 33 to wear the clothes you want.  To feel that you are allowed to.  To feel confident.  To say "to hell with what (some) others think".  

Clothes are not just clothes.  They are a physical manifestation of our personalities.  You have one.  Let it SHINE.

31 October 2014

A Golden Oldie

I took my mum out for a meal last night and managed to take a couple of pictures of my outfit.

The AX Paris floral dress from +Simply Be , which I have previously featured on the blog here is a real favourite of mine as it is the first dress that I choose when I finally decided to move my wardrobe away from black and into what is now a staple in my wardrobe, beautiful patterned dresses. 

I am wearing in here with my new +Clarks ankle boots and a black cardigan from WearAll.

 photo DSC02869_zpsae391382.jpg

 photo DSC02868_zps53b2dfc0.jpg

 photo DSC02865_zpsfb25462a.jpg

26 August 2013

My Heart Skips a Beat

I am on the hunt.  The hunt for the perfect black ankle boot.  It has to go with both jeans and dresses and it has to have "that thing".

What is that thing you ask?  Well if you are a shoe addict you will know.  When you first set your eyes on a pair of shoes and your heart skips a beat.  There is a sharp intake of breath and a little voice inside you whispers "They are the ones".  There is an immediate bond.

I am not the type that can just buy a pair of shoes, they have to speak to me.  The Mary Jane style of shoe for example owns a little piece of my heart. 

When it comes to ankle boots for Winter, I tend to look for boots that are comfortable and can be worn with either a dress or jeans.  Something that is both versatile but still stylish.  Here are my favourites for the upcoming season.  One of these lovelies needs to be mine.

A/W Ankle Boots & a Pretty Bag

During my ankle boot search I also came across the perfect bag.  Crocodile skin and a bow, I practically swooned.  Isn't it just perfect?

What are your favourites for the upcoming season?


17 May 2013

May Wishlist

I am quite certain that you could lure me to practically anything if the words “Pretty Dress” were included.  I can’t help myself.

I have been looking around at the new dresses available and have fallen in love with a few that I thought I would share with you.

PeacockSkater Dress Desire Clothing £32.00
RedMulti Floral Dress Lovedrobe £40.00
PaisleyMaxi Dress AX Paris at New Look £35.00
KissPrint Dress – Evans £45.00
 I recently discovered Desire Clothing through a blog post done by the lovely Mrs Bebe.  I love the peacock pattern of the dress and the contrast of blue at the neck and waist.  As to the gorgeous red floral dress from @_Lovedrobe_ , well it's just fabulous isn't it?  I absolutely adore the floral print and the black edging.
I previously saw the paisley maxi dress on the +AX Paris site in their regular size collection and was praying that it would also be created for their Curve section so I was delighted when I found on the @NewLookFashion site.
Finally, the kiss print dress which was modelling by the gorgeous @CallieThorpe of From the Corners of the Curve.  I thought the dress looked amazing on her and I'm itching to see what it would look like on me.
I have previously done a roundup of my favourite dresses back in March and happily managed to buy one of them (read unable to resist so bought with my eyes closed at my bank balance).  I think you’ll agree though that the +Simply Be  dress as worn here is one I had to have ;)

What are your favourite dresses at the moment?

23 March 2013

March Lovelies

From time to time (read every other day) I like to look at the various clothing websites and pick out dresses that I love, regardless of price.  Although it is slightly like dress torture, as usually I am looking when I can't afford to buy, there is no harm in looking and I think it helps to keep on trend.

Here are my March ladies that I am lusting after, some in my price range, some not, all absolutely fabulous:

1.  Chesca Butterfly Print Dress £195.00 found here
2.  SimplyBe Enchanted Print Dress £35.00 found here
3.  AX Paris Laser Cut PU Scallop Skirt £30.00 found here
4.   New Look Ruby Rocks Monochrome Layered Dress £25.00 found here
5.  Asos Curve Skater Dress £28.00 found here
6.  Very - South Mono Floral Print Dress £49.00 found here

What are your favourites of the month?

2 March 2013

AX Paris Floral Prom Dress from SimplyBe

 Normally when I put together an outfit, I look at the end result and, providing it looks ok, I forget about what I am wearing. The clothes just become a part of me and I carry on with my day or evening without further thought.

Sometimes though, you find an outfit that makes you feel special. The kind that you really do feel pretty in. The kind of outfit that makes you smile to yourself.  You know the kind I mean.

Recently SimplyBe kindly let me review some pieces for them and I jumped on the AX Paris Sleeveless Floral Prom Dress like a vulture. Having already seen this dress worn by Mhairi of Lilybobombslovelylumps I had admired it then was curious if it would suit me.

Image courtesy of Simplybe

I wasn’t sure whether this dress would suit my body shape or even have a good fit as usually anything button up fits badly on me.  I usually end up having to undo too many buttons and AGAIN use the slip under the dress trick. I need not have worried as it buttons all the way to the top if I want it to and it fits just right without any pulling anywhere. 

I am wearing the dress, it doesn't wear me.

I feel fantastic  in this dress. It makes me want to waltz around the room like Maria from West Side Story singing “I Feel Pretty”. It is floaty and feminine and fits just right. Any dress that makes you feel like that is a special thing indeed.

The Floral Prom Dress is available from Simply Be in sizes 12 to 32 for the price of £35.00.

Red Skinny Belt from Asos Curve
Cardigan from Ebay

Do you have a dress that makes you feel like that?

I have not been paid to write this blog and the opinions in the same are honest and my own.