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4 August 2014

New Outfit of the Day

I haven't been able to do many outfit posts lately but I wanted to share with you what I am wearing today for work.

I love outfits that you can just throw on and feel comfortable it.  I particularly love my necklace today although I confess that it is a bit on the heavy side!

 photo IMG_20140804_085407_zpsdcba58ab.jpg
The attempt to look sultry but ending up Monday morning grumpy look

 photo share_zpse8657d6e.jpg

 photo IMG_20140804_085236_zps4c211d7b.jpg

 photo IMG_20140804_085434_zps90800d50.jpg

The dress is from for the bargain price of £25.00, the cardigan and sandals are from +Simply Be and the necklace I found in a charity shop.

30 June 2013

Planned Work OOTD

A quick #ootd that I am thinking about wearing for work tomorrow, a little different to the combinations I usually go for. 

I like this outfit although I feel I might be pushing it slightly as being acceptable for the office, but hey, I’m making the most of the sunshine!

I have featured the dress on the blog before and is from Savoir at Very.  It is cool and comfortable to be able to wear with ease all day although for me, at 5ft 4, it is a tiny bit too short to wear without leggings.  You can't tell that in the photos, but if I bent over I would be in danger of flashing my underwear, not the look you want for work!

When i originally bought the dress I had the idea of bare legs and sat outside in a beer garden but due to the length, a little more propriety is required!

9 May 2013

Birdy Birdy Girl

Just a quick outfit of the day post as I wanted to show you the new dress I have from .

I absolutely love anything bird print so when I saw this dress for £15.00, I simply was unable to resist!  I have paired it with my trusty teal cardigan from Next which seems to go with everything and some leggings from Very with a PU stripe down the side.

I love the colours on this dress.  It is a little short for me to wear without leggings or tights but it fits very well which is important to me.

I look a little windswept in these photos, apologies for that as I had just come in from a very windy and wet outside.

I love a good bargain, what have you picked up recently?

1 May 2013

I'm Declaring it Summer

A quick outfit of the day post today.

I bought this dress from last year and wasn't brave enough to wear it.  This year I said sod being scared and I have worn it today, inspired by the gorgeous sunshine outside and have teamed it with a red cardigan from Primark.
With the bright blue and red I feel like I am chanelling Superman, or Superwoman in a longer dress? 
My thought of the day is therefore - Never be afraid to wear something, you wear the dress, it doesn't wear you.
Happy sunshine everyone!


26 April 2013

You Get What You Pay For!

I’m doing something on the blog today that I have never done before.  A bad review.  I hate giving a bad review of something, but in this case I was very unhappy with the product and felt that I should.

 I have been buying clothes from Very for some time and have always been happy with the quality and item that I have received.
Unfortunately the shoes appear to be a different story.  This is a second chance story with Very’s shoes as I had previously bought a pair of boots for the Winter from South that I was unhappy with;  namely with the soles coming away from the boots and the leather coming off at the front of both boots.  I had decided that it was a one off and having not paid over the odds, I left it there.
Approximately two months ago I bought a pair of black glitter ballet shoes from Very for £15.00.  I have worn them no more than five times.  Here is the result.  Given the state of the soles coming away from the shoes I have had to throw them away. 

I realise that I have paid less than £20.00 for the shoes and if I had been wearing the pair for a while, I would have been fine with the end result.  But for a pair of shoes I have barely worn?  Unacceptable I’m afraid. 

I will continue to buy clothing from Very as I think that they have a great selection and I have never had a problem with quality on that front.  But as for the shoes and boots, a little more quality please!
I hate doing bad reviews......

23 March 2013

March Lovelies

From time to time (read every other day) I like to look at the various clothing websites and pick out dresses that I love, regardless of price.  Although it is slightly like dress torture, as usually I am looking when I can't afford to buy, there is no harm in looking and I think it helps to keep on trend.

Here are my March ladies that I am lusting after, some in my price range, some not, all absolutely fabulous:

1.  Chesca Butterfly Print Dress £195.00 found here
2.  SimplyBe Enchanted Print Dress £35.00 found here
3.  AX Paris Laser Cut PU Scallop Skirt £30.00 found here
4.   New Look Ruby Rocks Monochrome Layered Dress £25.00 found here
5.  Asos Curve Skater Dress £28.00 found here
6.  Very - South Mono Floral Print Dress £49.00 found here

What are your favourites of the month?