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7 February 2018

Love is in the Air

Considering that January seemed to take the age of man to get through, it comes as a surprise to me that suddenly we are approaching Valentine's Day.

Whilst Cupid has not struck his arrow for me, I confess that I do love to see happy couples on Valentines Day.  Love is everything and is best when you have a special someone to share it with.

What are your plans for Valentines with your partner?  For me, large costly gestures have never been required.  Buying flowers for example seems to quadruple in price which I think is insane.  

Love is shown in actions and the way that you feel.  I would prefer a lovely, thought about card than a throwaway (although expensive!) bunch of red roses.

Today +Simply Be are allowing me to host a competition to win this gorgeous lingerie set in time for Valentines Day.

The bra is available from a 36C through to a 48DD.  The midi briefs run from a 12 to a 26.

This competition opens at 12.00 tonight and will close at 12.01am on Monday 12th February 2018 so the winning entrant can receive their prize prior to Valentines Day.  UK only

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2 September 2015

Plus Size Bras

As someone who has had the need of a bra since the age of twelve, I am well aware of the trials and tribulations that you can go through when purchasing a bra.  

What I increasing found as my bra size went up over the years was the increasing lack of options that were available to me.  Pretty colours and patterns became less and less available with only the boring options of black, white and nude (if you were lucky) on display; the look of which was less based on style and more like your grandmother would wear.

As for a fitted bikini top or a sports bra in a larger size, don't even think about it!

If I wear to go on the highstreet to find a pretty bra in my size today, I would still be hard pressed to find what I wanted but happily, online is now a different story.  There are many websites which store the larger sizes of bras, sports bra and swimwear and I am happy to discover that colour, style and print are back!

Here are some of my favourites, with some of the ranges sizing up to a 46J.

1.  Elomi Swim Kissimmee Bikini Top up to 44HH  £42.00
2.  Underwired Moulded Sports Bra from Freya Bras up to 40H £38.00
3.  Pansy Print Balconette Bra from +Yours Clothing up to 46E £16.00
4.  Sculptress Green Sequin Bra from Evans up to 46J £39.00 
5.  Berry Red Pleated Bra from Evans up to 48F

Which one would you buy?  Personally I would have all of them!

25 June 2014

Elomi Caitlyn Bra

I was recently contacted by BrasandHoney and asked I want to have a look at their website and choose an item for review.

Finding a well fitting but also pretty bra is an everlasting search of mine as my particular bra size (46H) is always hard to find.  It is either non existent on many lingerie sites or if it is, the words frumpy and granny usually spring to mind when the images appears.

Happily though the first thing I noticed about the BrasandHoney site is the convenient quick search feature which enables you to put your size in first and everything available immediately appears.  This is a particularly good feature as time and time again I have found the perfect bra, only to then find that it doesn't come/isn't available in my size.

I decided to choose the Elomi Caitlyn Underwired Side Support Bra which comes in sizes ranging from 28B to 48k and is available in black, nude and pearl.  I decided to go with the black and happily I was also sent the matching briefs.

 photo both_zpsca2e5822.jpg
Not me!

 photo bra_zpse15fb41a.jpg

I haven't on this occasion taken pictures of myself in the bra as the top half is sheer with beautiful embroidery and I didn't want to show to much flesh.  An unintended nipple flash would not be a great idea!

I can however confirm that the Elomi Caitlyn bra is extremely comfortable to wear and the fit is just right. 

You can believe me when I tell you this as I can't even count the number of bras I have worn over the years where I have had to compromise somewhere on the fit.  Straps digging a trench into your shoulders, the back clinging to you uncomfortably and riding up; the ends of the underwire poking you in the armpit, I have had them all...

With the Caitlyn, the gore (central panel) sits flat on my chest, the straps are resting on my shoulders without either falling off and feel secure and the band position is snug without being tight.  I feel supported but also comfortable which is all you can ever ask in a bra.

The Caitlyn is also available in nude and pearl and I will definitely be looking to purchase them in the near future.

*  This item was gifted to me but all my opinions are my own.

14 March 2014

May Underwear Set

I was recently speaking to the lovely Sophie at My Curves and Me and she offered me the opportunity to review a matching underwear set for them.  Given my previous experiences in trying to find a bra that is both well fitting and stylish, I jumped at the chance.

I asked to review the May Full Cup Bra which came with the matching briefs as pictured below.

Here is me in the bra (I had to turn up the bravery factor to take these pictures!)

The briefs fit just fine and the bra is a brilliant fit.  I always seem to find that I can never get quite the right combination of back side/cup size ratio but with this bra the 46H that I chose fit just as I wanted.  It clasps you around the back just as I like in a bra but doesn't dig into your shoulders and is comfortable to wear.

This set is currently available at +My Curves & Me  for the combined price of £36.05 which for a beautiful set of underwear I don't find unreasonable at all.  I will definately be searching out new lingerie from this site in future.

Vicky xx

13 September 2013

This is not a Bra Review

This is not a bra review.  I have included a couple of pictures of the bra I am talking about but it is not a proper review.  For that, and proper pictures, I would direct you to Fuller Figure Fuller Bust or Curvy Wordy who do a far better job than I.

When I attended Plus North last week I was measured for and kindly gifted a bra from the Sculptress range from Panache.  I have to tell you that I was a bit in shock whilst getting the fitting, not because there was anything wrong with it, but because it was completely unexpected.  I had wandered into the cubicle with the intention of changing into the first of my model outfits, only to be greeted by a woman telling me to take my bra off!

After the initial "What???" and then realisation, I had the fitting and for the first time, I was given my accurate bra size.

As I said, this isn't a bra review.  It isn't a how to get your bra size fitted post either.  Although if you do measure yourself and want one of those online calculator programmes, Butterfly Bras is very good.

This post is for the people who have read all the advice, done the measuring but still aren't true believers that you really can get a bra that will fit you the way it's supposed to.  The bra that doesn't leave angry red marks where your straps have been, the cup that supports your breast enclosing everything in, the band that actually does support you, not the straps like you always thought.

I was kindly given the Panache Sculptress Willow Bra which can be bought online for £35.00 in various lingerie websites.
Here are a few snippets of me wearing the bra, but I'm not a lingerie model so snippets is all you get!

Sitting on my shoulder, not cutting into my shoulder

Such a beautiful colour!

Enclosed and well fitting

 So the advice for Friday is do it!  Get your bra fitted!!  You don't have to suffer uncomfortable bras that dig in, leave nasty lines and don't support you properly.  You can be comfortable.  I have been wearing this bra all day and have felt comfortable, secure and maintained a great shape.

If your back aches with your large breasts, you are wearing the wrong bra.
If you have red welts in your shoulders after taking your bra off, you are wearing the wrong bra.
If you can fit your whole hand behind the band at the back, you are wearing the wrong bra.

Go forth and buy new bras!