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6 November 2017

Logojoy Review

On Friday on the blog I was talking about how different we can become between our online and offline selves.  How much we share of ourselves online and how that can sometimes get problematic, especially if you talk a lot about current affairs; as I do!

I have always had my picture as my profile image for my social media accounts, but now, I feel like I want to pull back a little.  Many times, as I mentioned on my previous post, I have had conversations only to be derailed and ignored on the basis of what I look like.

On that basis, I decided to leave imagery of myself to my blog only, and have something simply blog related as my social media representation.  I wanted something simple and to the point, which would let my words do the talking and not my face.  What do you think?

I created my new logo through Logojoy. I confess that I am not talented when it comes to creating images and need some guidance and a simple application that takes me through the steps to create the perfect logo.

Logojoy was the perfect vehicle for me to be able to create my new logo.  Below are some of the steps that you go through in order to create your image.

The first thing you do is enter your blog name or the title of your business and then proceed through to choosing at least five images as below, to start the designing process and gives the site an indication of the styles that you like.

From there, you can choose up to five symbols to go with your text.  There are many to chose from simply be writing down what you are looking for in the search bar.  This step is optional.

Once your symbol has been chosen, this then takes you to a screen where you can fully customize your logo with different fonts, different colours and designs.  You can from having something simple like mine to something really unique, simply by clicking on the different options.

The process of choosing a new logo through Logojoy could not have been easier.  It was a simple, step by step process that even I could follow with ease and from there, there are different packages that you can chose from depending on what you want to use the logo for.  I chose the 65 dollar package, which includes a high resolution logo, different colour options and also the social media kit for an extra 9 dollars which gives you perfectly sized logos for all of your social media accounts.

Logojoy is free to try out so you can spend as much time as you want creating the perfect logo before committing to buy.  There are so many different combinations that you can try out that I really recommend that you spend some time on the site trying them out.

  • Hope you like my new logo!

12 July 2015

Manchester Central Travelodge Review

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a two day trip to Manchester.  The plan was to do a little sightseeing, some shopping, catch up with a friend and have a few spa treatments.

I booked myself in the Manchester Central Travelodge on Blackfriars Street, Salford as it is in a prime location for everything you could want in a city break hotel.  There is parking available which is cheaper than the usual NCP parking but is also close to bus routes.

Only 5 minutes walk away from all the major shops, including everything from Primark to Michael Kors (all hail those amazing handbags) with lots of eatery places scattered around; the hotel is the perfect location for shopoholics.

Just around the corner from the hotel are the fantastic bars and restaurants in Deansgate and Spinningfields with an easy 5-10 minute stroll back to the hotel after some lovely food and a cocktail or two.   I would recommend The Botanist for cocktails and Gusto for gorgeous Italian fayre or GBK for the best burger in town.

For those looking for some culture too, the hotel is less than a 5 minute walk to Manchester Cathedral, 10 minutes to the Phones 4U Manchester Arena to see the latest musical performer and a 10-15 minutes stroll to the Opera House.

I was booked into one of the business floors at the Travelodge which offer a quiet and relaxing stay, especially with the fantastic new king size beds.  My room was compact but comfortable and had all the usual amenities.

Breakfast at the Travelodge has all the things that you could want including cereals, croissants, yogurts  and of course the hot breakfast together with an array of fruit juices, tea and coffee.  Diane, who was the lady on duty to assist customers was really lovely and helpful; being the perfect combination of chatty, without being intruding.  A plus when you are a sole traveller who wants to feel at ease, but also enjoy a peaceful breakfast.

I thought that I would share with you a few photographs that I snapped during my visit to Manchester Cathedral.  The architecture is simply breathtaking and is definately worth a visit.

I also visited a spa which I will be telling you about in a future blog post as well as as a cocktail bar or two!

*My hotel stay was gifted to me however all opinions are my own

25 May 2015

MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask Review

I have said it once and I will say it again.  I am not a beauty blogger.

My make up skills are adequate rather than expert, my nail painting skills are the "hope for the best" method (seriously though, how do they draw pictures on their nails with varnish, I'm convinced it's witchcraft) and my product applying skills are none existent.

I recently talked about my Lazy Girl Face Mask routine and after this, I was offered the opportunity to try out the Maybeauty Incredible Face Mask starter kit which includes 5 face masks and a brush as pictured below.

The face mask promises to:

The Mask removes dirt from your face while the guide prevents your skin to produce excess fat and dead skin cells, which are the cause of acne, blackheads and inflamed skin.
Given the approaching summer months and the need to give my skin a good overhaul I decided to give it a go.  The mask is black in colour and goes on easily with the brush.  You apply, leave it on for 30-45 minutes and then peel off.

Now, this is how the mask is supposed to look when applied:

This is how it actually turns out the clumsy girl way:

As it suggests in the guide they provide to you, ensure that you do not get the mask anywhere near your eyebrows or eyelashes as the mask will stick to them (note how I did not read the instructions properly from the picture above.)

One tip that I would definately recommend when removing the face mask is to have a damp cloth to hand.  You can peel the mask off however there is a definate sting to it, proof that it does actually remove everything that it promises, but water to the edges helps.

After removing the mask my face felt wonderfully soft, the few blackheads that had appeared on my nose had been removed and my skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated.  I intend to use the mask once a week in order to keep on top on it maintaining a healthy look.

The face mask is not tested on animals and is safe to use when pregnant.

You can buy the starter kit from Maybeauty for 19 pounds and if you use my code VickyFace30 you will save a huge 30%.

I would recommend the face mask to others and will continue to use it myself.

*This item was gifted to me, however all views, as you can probably tell, are my own!

5 January 2015

Mad About Mac - A Review for the Dubious

It is rare that I choose to review make-up on my blog.  I am no beauty blogger and usually I prefer to leave the expert reviews up to them.  Today though, I have something that I wanted to rave about.

For a Christmas present this year I was given my very first Mac lipstick - in Russian Red.  Now why might you ask am I about to review something that has been done a million times before?  You can barely take a step on the internet without falling over someone's rave review of Mac lipstick so why I am bothering?

The answer to that is simple.  I, like many other people I know, always believed that Mac lipsticks were overpriced.  It is just a lipstick I thought, how could it possibly be so much better than you pay £16.00 for it?  I did not get the hype about it at all.  So this post is for those people.

The red lipstick lover in me has always wanted to try out the famous Russian Red so I decided to ask for it as a Christmas present.  I thought that I would like the colour and that would be it. It would then join the masses of other lipsticks, all interchangeable for one another.

How wrong I was.  The colour, as I suspected, is divine.  But the real selling point of this lipstick is not the rich colour or that although it a matte lipstick it is not drying as so many are, it is the fact it stays perfectly in place, all night.

I forgot to do a colour swatch of the lipstick but everyone knows what the colour looks like by now?  This explains why I am not a beauty blogger however here are a couple of shots of me wearing it, pout in place.

(I have just realised that my hair makes me look like a bobble head with a tiny neck!
I put my glorious my new red lipstick on when I was getting ready for celebrations on Christmas Day and it survived a three course meal, lots of drinks and persisted until I went to bed and I took it off.  This is quite a feat considering the sheer amount of things that passed my lips that day and the fact that I am always touching my lips and usually end up with lipstick all over my hands. 

(That sentence sounds dirty and I cannot fix it, I'm sorry. You will just have to cope with the double entendre).

Now that ladies and gentleman is a lipstick that is a keeper.  I did not need to reapply at all, the colour stayed rich and lush and I felt amazing wearing it all day.  I need more.  Immediately.  As soon as my bank account recovers from my rash Christmas spending, another Mac lovely will be entering my life pronto.

I now bow at the alter of the god of Mac.  Whatever did I ever do without you?

2 September 2014

Alexi Accessories

I was recently contacted by Jen of Alexi Accessories who are a new British jewellery brand.  I was asked if I wished to review something from their Signature Collection and of course I jumped at the chance. 

I decided to choose the hollow circle necklace* which is made from sterling silver and features cubic zirconia stones around the halo of the circle.  This necklace retails for £46.50.

The necklace is simple and elegant and will feature well either to add the finishing touches to an evening outfit or alternatively add a little sparkle to a workday outfit.   The chain is a good length, 16 inches with a 2 inch extension which is neither too short (don't you just hate it when that happens) or too long. 

I have worn this necklace for an evening out matched with a simple black dress and have also worn it at work with bright colours.  It is a piece that will work easily with your wardrobe as it will never date and has a contemporary elegant look.

There are some timeless pieces in the Signature Collection that will suit most people's tastes, they also have their Brooke Collection which has been inspired by nature and the world around us.   I particularly like the Ashleigh Pendant, which is very whimsical and ornate.

I would highly recommend that you check out this new jewellery brand which has some amazing pieces, either for yourself, a friend or family member.  A well placed hint to a significant other wouldn't lead them too far astray!

 photo signature_zps747b2e1a.png
* This item was gifted to me but all views are my own.

14 March 2014

May Underwear Set

I was recently speaking to the lovely Sophie at My Curves and Me and she offered me the opportunity to review a matching underwear set for them.  Given my previous experiences in trying to find a bra that is both well fitting and stylish, I jumped at the chance.

I asked to review the May Full Cup Bra which came with the matching briefs as pictured below.

Here is me in the bra (I had to turn up the bravery factor to take these pictures!)

The briefs fit just fine and the bra is a brilliant fit.  I always seem to find that I can never get quite the right combination of back side/cup size ratio but with this bra the 46H that I chose fit just as I wanted.  It clasps you around the back just as I like in a bra but doesn't dig into your shoulders and is comfortable to wear.

This set is currently available at +My Curves & Me  for the combined price of £36.05 which for a beautiful set of underwear I don't find unreasonable at all.  I will definately be searching out new lingerie from this site in future.

Vicky xx

10 October 2013

Perfect Tweedy Coat Review

I was recently asked by +Simply Be if I wanted to have a look through their current Winter coats and chose one for review. 

I always tend to chose coats that are either practical but plain or stylish but conservative so this time I wanted to chose something that was both warm and stylish; but also just a little bit special.  I also had an eye out for something that would work either day or evening and could be used during the week at work or to dress up a weekend outfit.  Yes, I wanted a lot!!

After much searching through the various styles, colours and shapes, I decided upon the Joe Brown Perfect Purple Tweedy Coat 

I have taken photographs of the coat wearing a black bodycon dress that I wore to work this week and also in a pair of leggings and a tunic dress that I would normally wear at the weekend.  The Purple Tweedy Coat is definately a coat that can be used on all occasions, except perhaps a muddy field, by why would you want to do that to something so pretty?

At £110.00 it is on the higher side of what would be my budget for a Winter coat, but it ticks every single box for me and works doubly well for work or play. 

The coat has a luxurious feel with attention to detail in the coordinated lining and the detailing on the buttons.  It is warm and the neckline can be worn higher or lower depending on how cold it is.  One thing it is missing is pockets however that may have detracted from the lines of the coat.

One thing to mention, the buttons on the coat, mine at least, were quite loose and on the second of time of wearing, one fell off, never to be seen again.  Thankfully there is a spare button and I have restitched them all so they are all now secure.

I feel like a million dollars in this coat, I really do.  I have never been a real lover of coats before this year as they always seem to be teamed with the word "serviceable" which I hate.  This coat is stylish, comfortable and absolutely fabulous.

What will you be wearing this Winter?

 *This coat was gifted to me however all my opinions are my own

28 July 2013

Review of Butterfly Print Tea Dress

+Simply Be recently let me choose a couple of pieces for review.  When I found the Butterfly Print Tea Dress, I knew that this would be a must have.

I chose this dress at first as I thought that it would be a great work dress as it looked cool and comfortable.  Perfect for the office.  After trying it on with various combination though it would look just as well out for a lunch with the girls or on a date!

I have styled this dress today with dark coral shoes to bring out the same tones in the butterfly pattern together with a black statement necklace.    This is a great look for a summer’s day but it could equally be easily restyled for winter with a cardigan, coloured tights and a big belt.

I know I will get a lot of wear out of this dress as there are lots of different ways to wear it.  It feels a little vintage on me, which I love, and the next combination will most definately include some classic Mary Jane style shoes!

 Butterfly Print Tea Dress £35.00
Shoes (past season) +Dorothy Perkins 

20 July 2013

Matching the Sky

I was recently contacted by Bon Marche and asked if I would like to review something from their “New In” section.   Having recently done a post on Bon Marche, I knew that they had some really nice pieces in this season and so immediately went on to their site to take another look.

I was quickly drawn to the David Emanuel Border Print Sleeveless Jersey Tunic.  Normally I am not a lover of tunics; is it a top, is it a dress, how do I wear it etc etc but I loved the colour and print so much that I had to give it a try.

I originally tried out the tunic with just my So Fabulous leggings on it’s own, but as you can see, that didn’t work on my body shape and made me look like a box.  I’m sure on ladies with a smaller bustline it would look completely different.

Undeterred I decided to add a wide belt which brought me in a little and I think really finished off the outfit.  I loved the result!

You can find the tunic in the new in section of Bon Marche and is currently priced at £18.00. 

*I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

24 June 2013

Searching for Sandals

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am a shoe addict.  Luckily for my bank balance although not so lucky for me, I have to take a few considerations into mind when I am purchasing shoes.

Any shoe higher than 3-3.5 inches is probably out for my due to my clumsiness and lack of general balance.  

In addition to that I have to factor in my limitations when it comes to stairs which I will inevitably encounter at some point in my day/night.  This  means that I need some flexibility in the soles and again, not too high a heel.

Due to my ridiculous idiosyncrasy that I have to be able to feel the next step in front of me with the front of my toes/shoe means that when it comes to Summer, many sandals are impossible for me to wear.

My quest for the perfect Summer sandal for me is never ending.  All I want is the perfect sandal, fitting with my limitations, in a colour that goes with everything, comfortable and if at all possible, can carry me from day to evening if necessary.  Yes, I want the world in other words.

Well a few weeks ago my search for the best sandals in the world ended when I found the Hush Puppies Faith T-Bar Leather Sandals in gold from . 

The sandals are are cushioned slightly which makes them ultra comfortable, they fit perfectly and one key feature for me, they didn’t need breaking in whatsoever and didn’t have that annoyingly slippery surface that new shoes sometimes have.  I’m in love!

Whilst at £45.00  they are a bit more than you would generally pay for a pair of sandals, for me the price is totally justified as I can wear them with anything, they work as well with jeans as they do with dresses and I can make it up a flight of stairs without looking like a complete fool.

Have you found your perfect Summer sandals?