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29 August 2018

Top Tips For What To Wear To A Wedding

I have been invited to a wedding in October and I have already started looking at outfits and shoes, trying to decide what to wear.

For this wedding I have been invited to both the ceremony and subsequent wedding breakfast, going straight through to the evening celebration at another location.  Which poses a problem.  What do you wear that is going to work for both parts of the wedding, at different times of day?

Here are some tips that I think will get you through a wedding with style and without offending the bride!

1.  Stay Classy

If you have been invited to a wedding, chances are that it is going to be a formal event (unless it is on a beach, then you might get a little leeway!).  So this is not a time to bring out your jeans.  Have a really good shop around for something formal, but also ideally something that you can wear again or style up to give you different looks.  No white please!

For the summer months, why not go with a mid length fishtail dress in a bright colour?  This one from SimplyBe is an absolute steal at £25.00.

As the wedding that I am going to is in October so I am looking for something a little more covered, but still stylish.  I love the River Island dresses that are around at the moment and am in love with this one which is very reasonable £65.00 and could be worn to a variety of events, not just a wedding.

2.  Think With Your Feet

Chances are, if you have been invited to both the day and evening events of a wedding, you are going to be on your feet, a lot.  There are a few different things to think about here.  

  • You need a pair that are going to work for both day and evening wear.  Glitzy glitter covered heels look fab underneath a disco ball but not so much in a pew at a church.
  • You want a heel height that still looks elegant and stylish, whilst also not being too high.  They have to be comfortable enough to wear the shoes for hours on end without killing your feet and of course, you have to be able to dance in them (after you have negotiated uneven flooring outside churches, cobbled streets etc).
  • Try to go for neutral tones or black.  Matching that perfect colour of jade green from your dress may seem like a fab idea at the time, but you want to wear a shoe that you can wear again with other outfits (thereby justifying paying slightly more than usual for a gorgeous pair!).

I am loving these shoes at these black diamante shoes from River Island at the moment which have just a touch of sparkle and have a manageable, block heel which shouldn't prove hard to walk in.


3.  Remember, it is someone's wedding day

When you are going to day and night event, probably surrounded by many people that you do not know; the urge to have a few more drinks than usual to "ease you up a bit" is an easy one to succumb to.  I know only five people at the wedding I am going to in October and that includes my plus one!

Everyone has a few too many drinks at weddings but make sure that you eat something at the wedding breakfast, have a nibble at the buffet later in the evening.   Tripping the light fantastic on the dance floor is one thing at a wedding, but there is always one that gets too inebriated and can potentially spoil a couple's wedding day.  Don't let that be you!

8 November 2017

Wedding Traditions In Different Cultures

I love receiving wedding invitations. Once the excitement of receiving a wedding invitation has worn off, it’s time to start planning your outfit. My favourite part.

Choosing a guest outfit for a wedding in the UK is hard enough. You want to be individual but not detract from the bride and ideally, buy something that you can wear again. What happens however if you’ve been invited to a wedding abroad, of a different culture?

Just like the tradition that no guest wears white to a wedding in the UK, every culture has their own traditions and rules. It can be difficult to choose an outfit as a guest, as there are many traditions and symbols that you may be unaware of and you don’t want to offend anyone.

Together with Charles Tyrwhitt, retailers of timeless menswear, I am looking today at how the dress code of a wedding changes depending on the background of the newlyweds. in India, Japan and China.


What will the bride be wearing?

The bride and her bridal party often have henna on their palms, hands, forearms and legs.

In India, the lady’s dress depends on the region of India that they’re from. In some regions, the bride wears a saree which is a garment that looks like a long drape, in others she wears a lehenga which is a long skirt. Often the bride is dressed in red or another vibrant colour, her garments will be carefully embroidered with an impressive design.

What will the groom be wearing?

Similar to the women, it depends on what region of India the groom is from as to what they wear. Some husbands-to-be wear traditional dress, such as a dhoti which is a rectangular cloth ties around the waist. In other regions, they wear a sherwani (a long coat), a kurta (loose falling shirt that hangs below the knee), or a Western suit.

The men also have henna on their bodies but it is less elaborate and often hidden.

What should you wear as a guest?

At an Indian wedding, the bolder your outfit is the better. Wearing vibrant colours will mean you fit in with the Indian guests. Guests should avoid white or black as these are colours worn for funerals and mourning in India. It is also advised that red is not worn either as the bride will probably be dressed in this colour.

Women guests should not bare their shoulders, wear low cut tops or short skirts as this can be seen as disrespectful — a jewel-tone dress with a shawl is one appropriate outfit. The Indian female guests will most likely be dressed in colourful sarees or anarkali suits. Jewellery is important for women too, choose a statement piece for around your neck with matching earrings and bangles.

Men often wear a tailored kurta with a pyjama and a dupatta (shawl) can be added over the kurta. For their feet, sandals, jootis or chappals are often worn as these are comfortable and prevent overheating.

Guests might also be expected to cover their heads if the wedding is held in a temple. For this, women can wear a long scarf or pashmina over their heads and men are usually provided with a head cover such as a large handkerchief.

An Indian wedding is often a long drawn out event (it could be three days long!) so make sure you are wearing something loose and comfortable. 


Japanese weddings are very elaborate and it is acceptable for families to spend close to £75,000 on a wedding day. It is often the parents of the couple who organise the wedding, and they are willing to spend excessive amounts to save face. Because of the large scale of the weddings, the bride can have as many as 5 costume changes!

What will the bride be wearing?

At a traditional (Shinto) wedding, the bride wears a white kimono, but more recently Japanese brides wear a dress that has a traditional print.

What will the groom be wearing?

Traditionally, a Japanese groom wears a wedding kimono for the ceremony and then changes into a tuxedo. The formal kimono that he wears is called a montsuki, and often displays the family crest. More recently, younger grooms start the ceremony in a tuxedo too.

What should you wear as a guest?

At a traditional Japanese wedding, men were expected to be dressed very formally with a black suit and white tie. Now however, the dress code is more flexible and it is accepted for men to come dressed in suits other than black with various coloured ties. However, it is advised to avoid white clothes with black ties.

Women often wear dresses that are knee length or a coloured kimono to take on a traditional look. It is best to avoid showing any shoulder as this can be deemed a disrespectful.


What will the bride be wearing?

In China, it is likely that the bride will be dressed in red as it is considered a sign of good luck that can warn off evil spirits. In some regions, typically in northern China, the traditional attire for a bride is a one-piece dress that is embroidered with gold and silver designs. In southern China, the typical wear is a two-piece frock.

A bridal crown is part of the wedding costume for some brides too – it is worn for photography or for show at a grand occasion. For footwear, a special pair of shoes are often worn that are embroidered with a symbol — for example, a turtle or a deer which symbolizes happiness and longevity. 

What will the groom be wearing?
In China, the husband-to-be traditionally wears a black silk coat over an embroidered robe. Often, in the modern day, the overcoat is not worn.

The groom has to wear certain headwear too – this is usually a black hat with a red tassel. Some younger generations are not following the traditional dress code and simply wear a tuxedo or a Western-style business suit.

What should you wear as a guest?

When dressing for a Chinese wedding, avoid wearing red as this can be seen as trying to steal the limelight from the bride. It’s best to wear pink, peach or purple as these are all symbols of new life and happiness. A formal dress is suitable for a Chinese wedding.

Colours to avoid include black and white, as these symbolise mourning and black is considered to be the colour of bad luck.

9 October 2017

The Wedding Industry And The Digital Age

The majority of retailers are operating online these days, or at least keeping up a strong online presence. Some stores, such as Amazon and ASOS, do not even have any physical stores. However, the wedding industry has maintained a strong offline presence — with brides needing to try on their wedding gowns before they buy, grooms having several suit fittings, and of course, who would want to miss out on the opportunity to have a tasting session at your venue for your wedding breakfast? But with new technologies and social media apps, is it time for the wedding industry to make a transition into the digital world?

To put the rise of online shopping into perspective, in the last twelve months it was reported that around 87% of UK customers have purchased at least one product online. From the year 2016, digital sales have increased by 21.3% and are forecast to increase by 30% by the end of 2017. But does this mean that wedding vendors will have to make the transformation online too? Retailers of tension setengagement rings, Angelic Diamonds, investigates further.

What does the future hold?

As companies increase their online presence, it will be interesting to see whether the wedding industry follows suit or remains successful offline.

New technologies, particularly social media, has already affected the industry and how customers are shopping. With apps such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook; brides and grooms can find so much inspiration for their big day with just a few clicks. Modern couples are now using new technology when wedding planning. In fact, 42% of people use social media to plan their wedding — with 41% of brides following photographers on social media, 37% of brides following venues and 14% following florists.

The internet is helping brides search for dresses and vendors too – TheHuffington Post reported that 61% of brides search for gowns through their mobile (up from 27% in 2011) and 57% search for wedding vendors in the same way (this figure was 22% in 2011).

Social media is not only useful for customers, but it is beneficial for companies in the industry, too. The apps provide a platform for wedding planners, venues, florists, and other wedding suppliers to showcase what they have to offer. Instagram and Pinterest, which is used by 64% of brides, have now become a couple’s go-to platform for all their inspiration, a digital alternative to a wedding fair. 

Suppliers who have not yet invested time into creating a social media profile for their business could be missing out on free exposure.

27% of modern couples suggested said that they would create a hashtag for their special day, too.

Digital exposure

It appears that the future could remain promising for wedding vendors. Whilst it is likely that companies will need to go digital at some stage to stay up to date with the latest technologies, and keep their head in the game, there might always be a place for them offline within the industry.
In fact, it is likely that the industry would struggle if many of the companies became digitalised. 
Wedding fairs have been around for centuries, and there is a reason for that; whilst modern couples use social media for visual inspiration, wedding fairs are still a great way for suppliers to engage face-to-face with potential customers. For most people, their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives so it’s important that they can speak face-to-face with suppliers, and physically see what they have to offer.
There is no escaping the digitalisation of shopping, and it is suggested that the wedding industry will have to conform to the trend in some way. However, it appears that it is during the inspiration stages of the wedding planning process that the internet is most useful. The industry is definitely not yet ready to wipe out all traditional methods of wedding planning. There’s no question that there is still a demand for the physical processes. Maybe, it’s just time for suppliers and other industry professionals to use digital as a means to extend their business and gain more exposure. 

*Collaborative piece

3 June 2017

Top Honeymoon Destination Ideas


I have had a few friends get married in the past year and I always find it interesting what kind of honeymoon destination and idea that they go for.

There is no holiday more important and more special than your honeymoon. This should be the one trip of your life, where you go all out, no holes-barred, and go as big as possible, absolutely guilt free of any restricted budgets. This should be a holiday of a lifetime and one that you will never forget. If you concur, but are struggling a little on the inspiration side, here are our top honeymoon trip recommendations.


The cruise, is surely the king of all luxurious trips away. If you are looking for a balance between adventure and exploration and some good old fashioned, unadulterated relaxation in the sun, then a luxury cruise could be just what you are looking for. Seabourn luxury cruises specialises in a range of luxury cruises, that could have you and your new wife or husband, off on a trip of a lifetime. So jump online and start researching the routes and packages that best suit your needs and preferences and take it from there.

Private Villa in Tuscany

There are very few places more romantic than Italy, and certainly no place more romantic than beautiful Tuscany. With the stunning Tuscan vineyards, historical little villages and the gorgeous weather, this is a top destination for newlyweds looking for a truly special place to celebrate their new life together, as man and wife.

Hiring a private villa in Tuscany is a wonderful way to relax and unwind after the stresses and strain that planning a wedding very often put us through. So why not look hiring yourself your own slice of honeymoon heaven? Idyllic, peaceful villa, glistening pool and breathtaking views over the Tuscan countryside.

Scuba-Diving Holiday

For those couples that are looking for something a little different to try out on their honeymoon, why not look into a scuba-diving holiday. Travelling to somewhere hot and exotic, is incredibly special in itself, however coupling it up with learning a new skill and exploring a completely new world, can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. There are many different locations throughout the world that offer top-tier scuba-diving courses and experiences, so once you have settled on where you want to go, why not then look at the different diving schools available and just jump right on in and get it all booked.

Sailing & Island Hopping

Being out on the open waves can be a truly unique and liberating experience. So why not look into options of trying your hand at a little sailing and island hopping? Don’t worry if you have no idea how to sail, it is super easy to organise a boat charter these days, fully equipped with a skipper to look after you and your new spouse. Croatia is a fantastic location for island hopping and it is incredibly easy to sail from one island to the next. Along the way, you may even be able to try your hand at a little sailing. The rest of the time, you can just sit back, relax and take in the beauty of the Croatian coastline and its collection of charming and unique islands.

Going Tropical

Of course, one of the most popular ways for newlyweds to celebrate their new life together, as man and wife, is by going somewhere gorgeously tropical, exotic and of course, hot, hot, hot. There is a reason the secluded white sanded beach holiday is a firm favourite with honeymooners and that is because it is quite simply, indulgence and romance personified.

If you are wanting to whisk your new bride or groom somewhere far away and fabulous then it is always worth spending time getting your head around the best exotic locations out there. Cuba, for example is a fantastic place for honeymooners as it combines latin flair and passion with stunning Caribbean beaches. It is a really energetic place for couples looking to combine fun with chill out time.

Mauritius, on the other hand is a much more relaxed and low key honeymoon destination. The people are incredibly friendly, the food is fantastic and the beaches are unbeatable, meaning it is a great destination for honeymooners who are looking to relax and unwind.

For those on a budget, who can’t quite afford to travel so far afield, why not organise your honeymoon in the Greek islands. Santorini is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece and it offers a destination just as magical and romantic as any of the further afield, tropical islands.

3 September 2016

What to Wear to a Wedding

Every year we inevitably see a certain kind of envelope drop through the post box.  The wedding invitation.  

For me, the first question I ask myself is "What am I going to wear?"  I read an article in Cosmopolitan recently that answered many of the questions that we ask ourselves when choosing a wedding guest outfit.

Much of the advice I agreed with (no long white dresses, nothing see through; no jeans); but other tips such as no animal prints, I was not so sure of.  There is no reason why you cannot be fashion forward or wear a strong print at a wedding, it is just a case choosing the right dress.

 photo wedding_zpsakpwz2xb.jpg

Wedding Appropriate                               Keep for the Club

I have picked out some of my favourite dresses that I would wear when attending a wedding.  All of them can be carried through from day to evening and as this is a plus size fashion blog, I have ensured that you can find dresses from a 10 to a 32.

 photo david nieper_zpsvwgdgt0k.jpg

David Nieper Uncrushable Tunic Dress
10-24     £135.00

This is a very classic style dress that will take you from day to evening and is also made from an uncrushable fabric, meaning no creases after sitting in church pews or a very long best man's speech!

16-30 £55.00

You cannot go wrong with a classic black and white dress.  I love the lines on this dress and the pleating will look amazing when twirling around on a dance floor!

 photo simplybe_zps6yqhaf2e.jpg

SimplyBe Print Up Down Hem Belted Dress
10-32 £25.00

This is the boldest choice of my dresses.  It will look gorgeous on a sunny day and is must for a fashion maven wedding.

 photo House of Fraser_zpsicbhzdnr.jpg

House of Fraser Studio 8 Aliona Dress
12-28 £175.00

Who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle with a wedding.  This beautiful dress has sparkle without being too flashy and I love the light green colour.

Which one would you choose?

7 January 2016

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

I don't know whether it is my addiction to "Don't Tell The Bride", but I am always on the lookout for fun, memorable and unique ideas to have at weddings.

The best weddings are always the ones that are unique to the couple, have a fun element and ones that you can take away wonderful memories from; whether you are the ones getting married or a guest.

One thing that I think is really fun to do, which is becoming very popular these days is having a photo booth at your wedding reception.  Professional photographs, although lovely for the ceremony and group photos, really have no place at a wedding reception where you want to have fun in a more relaxed setting.
Photograph courtesy of OMG Photo Booth Hire
As well as having fun props and getting random combinations of guests posing, this is a really fun addition to your wedding reception.

An essential to a good wedding reception is the music.  What you do not want is an empty dance floor or even worse, twenty drunk people doing the Chicken Dance courtesy of a bad DJ.  A great idea to do is add a song request option to your wedding RSVP invite.  When you get the cards back, simply create a playlist, adding a few of your own favourites to the mix!

Hey Mr DJ
 The card featured here is downloaded from Etsy at the low cost of £4.22.  You can just print out the cards yourself to add to your wedding invitation envelope.  Fun for a tiny cost!

Another idea would be to invest in some personalised wedding pens.  They can either be added to your wedding invitation envelope or placed on the tables at the reception, perhaps to use in the next idea.

Wedding Pens
These pens cost £30.00 for 50 and will be a nice memento of your wedding (as well as getting the phone number of that wedding guest who you have decided after a wine or two is your one true love!)

The people you ask to your wedding are (in an ideal world) all the people that you love and spend time with.  A great idea would be to leave these wedding advice cards out for each guest on the tables in place of a wedding guest book.  Cheaper and will invoke some great memories in years to come.

Wedding Advice Cards
I found these on Etsy for the cost of under £20.00 for 50.  Not a bad place at all for some interest at the table and great reading afterwards.

Finally, at the end of the night when toasts have been drunk, many drinks have been consumed and that wedding breakfast seems a very long time ago, how about a popcorn food stand?

Photo Credit
These are just some of the great ideas that I have come across, all designed to make your wedding that little bit more special and something that you will always remember.

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