25 February 2013

Review SimplyBe Glamorosa Tunic Dress

I often compare finding the right dress as being similar to finding the Holy Grail.  Both being much talked about mythical objects that no one can find.

Having accomplished the feat of finding a plus size dress that is both fashion forward, to my taste and not shaped like a tent I am often thwarted at the last hurdle by the bust area.  Many times I have tried on a dress which has fit perfectly in all areas, but my breasts have either been squashed so much it looks like I have a lumpy pillow stuffed under my dress or there is far more cleavage showing than I would prefer  to show outside of my bedroom!

SimplyBe recently kindly offered me the chance to review an item from their range.  I came across their Glamorosa section which said it’s clothes were “Designed for your boobs, tailored for you”.  We’ll see I thought and decided on a Bird Print tunic dress in Voluptuous Fit.

Having high hopes I tried on the dress and hurrah!  Finally a dress that ticked all the boxes.  What I wanted from this dress was something that I could wear either at work or with the girls at the weekend.  The v neck hits me at just the right spot to be work appropriate.  With the length, if you are 5ft 4 or over, this dress may be a little short without tights or leggings.

The viscose material is light and flows perfectly, although personally I wouldn’t wear it without my trusty silk slip underneath as it is a little see through when viewed in sunlight.  After wearing it for a full day in the office, I can confirm that there was not a crease to be seen!  The bird print on the SimplyBe site appears to just be black and white but there is a smattering of pink on each bird which really adds something to the dress.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive as I anticipate this dress getting many an outing.  I prefer a belt that cinches in a little more at the waist so have substituted one of my own, although the belt has come into other uses, namely in my hair as you can see from one of the photographs!

The dress can be found at SimplyBe and is available in sizes 14-32, covering cup sizes from A - K.

Here are the pics!

I have not been paid to write this blog and the opinions in the same are honest and my own.


  1. Oh yes … the boobs are a huge problem for me, too. That's why I don't have a nice blouse yet. ;)

    You look fab in the dress. Short and simple … fab. Nothing more to say. xoxo

  2. Hiya ive just found your blog ;-) its great i love that dress ;-)
    im now followin you hope you can take some time to check out my blog too x



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