30 October 2014

SimplyBe Prom Dress

Today I have a beautiful dress to show you from +Simply Be   I am saying this in a whisper in case it runs away however as this dress appears to be very camera shy.

I bought the luxe print prom dress months ago and have worn it on a few special occasions but for some reason, I have never managed to get photographs of myself in it.  Either I forget the camera or the photographs turn out blurred; something always seems to happen to prevent me showing the prom dress to you.

You know sometimes you will try a dress on and you feel nothing short of amazing in it?  You get a little warm glow and your confidence goes up a notch or two?  This is what this dress does for me. 

As you will see from my photographs the lighting isn't great so the dress is still trying to hide away from the limelight.  Naughty dress.  The girls in the pictures are my beautiful friends Shona and Vicky by the way :)


29 October 2014

How to Buy Future-proof Christmas Presents

ristmas presents can be stressful business anyway but in these times of fast fashions, fads and technology it can be even trickier to pick a present that will last longer in your loved one’s affections past New Year’s Day. Whether you are buying for a young gamer, conscientious student or mad music fan, here are some tips on what to buy this Christmas and ensure they are still enjoying their gift this time next year.

Television technology moves very quickly these days. It doesn’t seem long since we were all watching massive backed screens which took a forklift truck to install in our living rooms. Now, we are all reaping the benefits of sleek thin designs with quality picture and sound quality. Electronic suppliers such as www.electricshop.com stock mainly LED screens these days but there are more advanced models such as SMART TVs which link directly to the internet, 4K screen technology for superb quality pictures and curved screens which are set to be the neatest thing in 2015.

Console Games
Console gaming can be an expensive hobby and it is difficult to keep track of the latest games and when they will be updated. This Christmas there are two titles which will be flying off the shelves in places like Game. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the latest in this highly popular series of game and comes out in early November. Assassins Creed Unity is another high profile pre-Christmas release which will make most gamers’ festive period and hopefully give them hours of enjoyment until at least summertime.

When thinking of purchasing future-proof laptops the best thing you can factor in is virus protection. Websites such as PCAdvisor are great for offering advice on the best antivirus software. It is also important to consider the laptop brands with the best reputations. If you can afford one, a Macbook is probably the safest option but if you are not a fan of Apple products or don’t fancy the hefty price tag, models such as the Sony Vaio AW, Panasonic Toughbook 74 make great purchases. Both offer quality screens as well as decent processors and RAM.

For fashion advice it is best to bow to the established authorities. For 2014/15 Autumn-Winter Vogue recommend items such as polo necks, capes and other wraps like ponchos and cocooning coats.

For the young pop fan in your life it is no longer good enough just to get that Christmas X Factor single. Releases from artists such as Calvin Harris, Ne-Yo and of course One Direction should be top of your pop picker’s list. If you are looking for something a bit edgier, albums from TV on the Radio, Eminem and The Voyeurs will provide a little more street cred.

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28 October 2014

Where is my Mojo?

Hello all!

Just wanted to do a little update as to where I am now.  You may have noticed a lack of outfit posts, my usual rants and my generally not being around on here and on Twitter.

My step dad has been in hospital for over five weeks now and time to blog; tweet and write in general is short as my mind is full of other things.  I am fulfilling my pre agreed obligations but both my time and my mojo have temporarily disappeared.

I have also unfortunately had to take a step back from my monthly column "The Plus Perspective" at the amazing Fashion Worked website but being the kind person he is, the editor/creator (sometimes known as Batman in disguise) has let me take a hiatus with a view to hopefully returning back.

Although things are now (happily) slowly improving for my step dad, my mojo seems to have taken a nosedive when it comes to writing, which makes me sad, as I love to write more than anything.  Apologies also for any blog challenges that I have missed, I will try to catch up, particularly the "Suits You" challenge which I enjoy doing.

So basically I am just here to say a quick hello and that I haven't disappeared into thin air and hopefully my blog will resume to running on full throttle again soon.  All of my obligations have now been fulfilled so I may not update again for a little while, unless my motivation suddenly decides to come out from wherever it is hiding.

In the meantime, if anyone finds my mojo, can you please return to sender as I am missing it dreadfully.

Vicky xx

24 October 2014

Calendar Girls

One unfortunate side effect of getting older (yes I have to acknowledge that it is happening) is that my memory is not which it used to be.

In my early twenties I used to have a razor-sharp memory, able to recall dates, phone numbers and work file numbers with ease, but these days; after hitting my mid thirties (shush don't tell anyone!) my memory recall has definately taken a dip.

I have recently been looking into ways in which technology can help me with making better use of my time and having solved that with a tablet, I am now looking towards finding a calendar that suits my needs and to assist my forgetful memory.

What I want is a personalised calendar that I can tailor to both my blogging and personal life. With this in mind I decided to check out Photobox and see how they could help me create what I need.

One thing that I like the sound of is being able to upload your own photographs to use for each month. Whether it be family snaps, places you have visited or even quotes that you love, being able to choose my imagery and create a photo calendar specific to me is very appealing.

In the past few weeks I have committed to several monthly projects so being able to choose the starting month of the calendar rather than having to wait until January 2015 makes much more sense. Also, being able to enter my events, birthdays and blogging deadlines on the calendar before it is printed makes for easier reading and is much tidier. Much better than scribbling illegible notes and crossing out when you put an entry on the wrong date.

For an A3 calendar wall calendar with your own photographs costs £17.99 and for just £2.99 you can add in all the events and reminders that you like. Included in the £2.99 cost is the ability to add a photograph keyed to a specific date; great for adding photos for birthdays.

So with my technology sorted and my calendar arranged, my life is much more organised and I can use the extra time to have a glass of wine with a friend or just settle down with a good book. The important things in life.

What aides do you use to organise your life?