12 August 2016

Changing Up My Accessories

When I first found my confidence, everything about what I wore changed.  My clothing turned to dresses, my jewellery became statement and bold; my shoes took more of a backseat instead of having to be the only colourful things I wore.

I have been looking back at my old blog posts and came across one that showed all the costume jewellery that I had been wearing recently.

The thing is, your style evolves.  Whilst I still love costume jewellery and statement pieces, they no longer fit into my clothing collection.  If I were a more fashion forward person, I could probably make them work in interesting ways like I have seen many other bloggers do; but I am not.

I am still a woman that wears dresses 100% of the time, but now, unlike when I started to gain more confidence; every single one of them is patterned.  The jewellery that I want now is more simple, something classic that I can wear day or night.  

I just want one or two simple pieces that are versatile and I don't mind paying a little extra to get them.  After all, if I am wearing one or the other nearly every day, they will pay for themselves (see how I can justify anything?)

So here are some pieces that I have been looking at:

This a bit of a bling piece but as a Michael Kors fan, I cannot resist.  If the pendant was larger, it would not work as a day/night piece but with the size, I could definately rock this for business wear or a cocktail at the bar.

This is the perfect example of what I am looking for.  Simple, classic and will work with either a day or night time look.  This is definate contender and one I will more than likely purchase.

Mikey £69.30 (on sale from £99)

Again, this is an evening look necklace, but one that I could match with many outfits.  It has a vintage feel to it, which I love.  Very Downton Abbey.

This is another prime contender.  You cannot get much more classic than a heart necklace, but with the double chain and a little bling, I am sold.

So those are my choices.  I am thinking numbers 1 and 4 as being the pieces I will probably go for.  Both need saving for but perhaps one could be a Christmas present from someone?  *Starts writing Christmas list

11 August 2016

My Shovel List - Updated

Four years ago I wrote my shovel list.  You know the one, the list that has all things and people that you want to hit in the face with a shovel.

I was rereading my list and it made me laugh.  I got to thinking about some entries that would no longer make it on the list, and many more that would.  So here you go, my updated list.

The Too Happy/Nice People That Clearly Must Be Psychopaths
Bonnie Langford 
Anthea Turner
Morning people

Politics (including those hate groups who try to be political- Limited As I Could Be Here All Night
Donald Trump (obviously)
Nigel Farage (can I hit him twice?)
Britain First 
The Tories
David Cameron
Boris fucking Johnson
Michael Gove 
Jeremy Hunt
I had better stop here....

The Pop Stars List
Justin Bieber
Robin Thicke
Mariah Carey
Robbie Williams (I used to love you Robbie, but now you need a shovel)

The People I Don't Have An Explanation For, They Just NEED A Shovel To The Face List
Sebastian Vettel
Gwyneth Paltrow
Clowns (these need multiple shovels)
The people who make the tampon ads

Pass me the shovel!!!

The "Women Are Evil As They Won't Date Me, Let's Threaten Them Instead" List
Where do I start?
A Voice for Men
Return of the Kings
Roosh V

So there is my list, who is on yours?