30 August 2015

Fun in Blackpool

(Picture heavy post)

Last weekend I went away with my mum for a couple of days.  We both needed some fun time away so decided to have a mother/daughter weekend filled with good things.

I always say that my mum and I could laugh and have a good time wherever we happen to be and that was certainly challenged when we arrived at our hotel to find that it was a country and western themed weekend.  Both of versions of hell!  Typical of us however we managed to have a laugh, whilst being completely mystified by the stony faces of the line dancers.  I thought dancing was supposed to be fun!

Anyhow, we had some fun things planned, the first of which was a trip to the +The Blackpool Tower ballroom.  Here was my outfit, planned with a little vintage edge.  The dress is from Simplybe from last year and the shoes are from Joe Browns.  The bag is a charity shop bargain from Barnardos.

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-11-16-11-526_zpsojrusrep.jpg

Here are some pictures that I took at the Tower Ballroom, including the delicious afternoon tea for two which was exquisite.  I highly recommend a visit, I paid £37.00 for two which included a table for two around the edge of the dance floor.

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-22-42-288_zpsom7chb8u.jpg
Me and my beautiful mum

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-25-59-669_zpsv7bv5n98.jpg

Four types of sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam and cakes 
(plus a cheeky glass of wine)
 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-02-34-822_zpsimuyouga.jpg

A quick photo I managed to get of the stage between dances

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-03-50-542_zpsnhoesnot.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-04-19-037_zpshwlwvmpz.jpg

Now at this point my post goes slightly awry as I had some lovely photographs of my outfit later that night at Cats with some pictures of the amazing stage but unfortunately, my SD card decided to eat them.  So I have recreated my outfit for you here.

My dress* is from the Scarlett and Jo collection at the House of Fraser and is currently on sale for an amazing £20.00.  Although I usually size down for Scarlett & Jo dresses, I went for my usual size in this one as the dress is lined.

I love the ribbon tie detailing and the textured print of the prom dress.  The length, although isn't shown on the website, I would guess at around 42 inches as it lands just below my knees and I am 5ft5.

I felt like a princess wearing this dress and recreating the outfit, I still do!

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-09-41-560_zps0vw9dbcq.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-09-12-174_zpsuaewzibe.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-08-09-442_zps9kixmwuv.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-07-40-073_zpsvlij8iwj.jpg

So that was my weekend, hope you enjoyed yours! x

29 August 2015

Have Bag Will Travel

I went to Blackpool for the weekend with my mum last week for a some relaxation and fun (post to follow).

Neither my mum or I are what you could call light packers.  My mum tends to bring clothes for every eventuality and I am definately the products girl.

For me there is nothing worse when you go on holiday, even if it is just for a weekend and you haven't got everything with you that you want.  Whilst I can easily plan outfits ahead of time and pack the minimum pair of shoes, if I do not have options for accessories and if I cannot bring all the makeup and products I want, I am not happy.

A couple of years ago I decided to solve this problem and bought myself a vanity case.  The one pictured below is no longer available but there are so many options about.  Mine has the added bonus of being rain proof so you don't have to worry if you are caught in a shower.

Next up is my pink leather toiletry bag.  I have all my shower and hair products on one side and keep my makeup in the other.  It holds a surprising amount of stuff whilst still being compact when you zip it all back together.  This bag was a present and I believe it was from Next.

I don't know about you, but every time I pack jewellery in my suitcase, it always seems to tangle into a horrible state and for some reason, I always end up losing an earring or two.  Enter my new jewellery case* from the House of Fraser.  It is just the right size to hold your jewellery, securely locked away in a zip and thanks to the draw string pouch inside,  every stays put with minimum tangling.

Lastly I have my old faithful make brush up case which folds away neatly for packing.  I like to have all my favourite brushes with me and this case lets me do that, without taking up much space at all. I bought mine here in a set which includes four brushes, but has more room in the sections for more.

All that is left to pack are my hair straightners and hair dryer (never rely on the hotel supplied version) and I am set for travel.  Now, where's my suitcase?  Maybe I can fit one more dress.....