18 August 2013

Girl’s Night

Just wanted to share the outfit I wore last night.

Myself and my two best friends had planned a catch up with involved first much gossip, wine and 90’s music at my friend’s house to get us in the mood and then off out into town for a few drinks and a dance.

Alas due to the pulled muscle in my leg I didn’t get to do much dancing, but there was a lot of laughter, gossip and much needed time with two of my favourite people.

I wore my black Hush Puppy shoes, purple tights from Evans and a geometric print dress from South at +Very.co.uk .


After some persuading from my friends, I decided to ditch the little black shrug I had been wearing and went out with bare arms, so was feeling very brave as my arms are a part of my body I don’t like.

I had a fab time though and absolutely loved the dress.   Here’s the link to the dress if you fancy one yourself South Shirt Dress  I really want a mustard colour cardigan to go with it now, but need to be good on the spending front for the moment!

What did you get up to last night?


  1. You look lush! Last night was a chilled on in front of the gogglebox with a takeaway. x x

    1. Didn't look so lush at 2.00am with a kebab in one hand on the way home in a taxi hahaha!!! Thanks Leah ;) x

  2. You look amazing- with and without your arms out! I'm still not comfortable baring my arms in public, either, but you look fabulous :) xx

    1. Thanks Louise, I love this dress, it is so comfortable to wear. Bought it at the same time as the fox print dress.

  3. Looks proper stunning that dress on you my lovely!!
    (Please follow me and I will follow back)


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