14 August 2013


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Today’s challenge was thought up by Rachel from A Dress is for Life and the theme is “Standing Out From The Crowd”.

For this post I decided to share with you my quest into brighter and bolder prints, charting how I became to be more adventurous.

This first dress I bought over a year ago.  I loved the shape of the dress and I am a sucker for anything coral.  Now, I say I bought the dress over a year ago, but the picture below, taken in May of this year was the first time I wore it.  Because before, I was too scared. 

I tried to wear it on numerous occasions previously, but it was so far out of my black comfort zone that I felt like I was wearing a flashing neon sign saying “Look! Fat girl!”  Now I wear it and enjoy wearing it.  Looking back, I can’t believe how scared I was, simply to wear a pretty dress that wasn’t black.

The next dress I am showing you is one that truly does stand out from the crowd.   This dress has a beautiful flower print and is quite unusual.  I wore this on a trip out to Manchester with the girls for cocktails and it definately stood out from the crowd, for the right reasons!


I was so nervous about wearing this dress, but I loved it so much that I had to wear it, even teaming it with a red cardigan for an extra pop. 


My next standing out from the crowd dress I am not showing here, but will be wearing at the after party of Plus North.  I wanted something that exuded confidence and for me, that had to be a bright red dress.  My final goal.

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  1. I love them all, those bright colours really suit you x

  2. that dress is stunning, it makes you look extra curvy, in a good way.x

  3. This is your colour! The dress is a beaut! Wear it with confidence. x x

  4. Beautiful. Love how you look in those bright colours. Amazing. :)

    ♡ Mel

  5. You look great! The second dress is just to die for and looks amazing on you xx

  6. you look fantastic the bright colours really suit you x

  7. You look fantastic in both outfits! Red really is your colour!! xx

  8. Both dresses are cute, but I REALLY love the first one. I'm a sucker for coral.

  9. Love the first dress Vicky you look bloody gorge! xx


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