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26 August 2013

My Heart Skips a Beat

I am on the hunt.  The hunt for the perfect black ankle boot.  It has to go with both jeans and dresses and it has to have "that thing".

What is that thing you ask?  Well if you are a shoe addict you will know.  When you first set your eyes on a pair of shoes and your heart skips a beat.  There is a sharp intake of breath and a little voice inside you whispers "They are the ones".  There is an immediate bond.

I am not the type that can just buy a pair of shoes, they have to speak to me.  The Mary Jane style of shoe for example owns a little piece of my heart. 

When it comes to ankle boots for Winter, I tend to look for boots that are comfortable and can be worn with either a dress or jeans.  Something that is both versatile but still stylish.  Here are my favourites for the upcoming season.  One of these lovelies needs to be mine.

A/W Ankle Boots & a Pretty Bag

During my ankle boot search I also came across the perfect bag.  Crocodile skin and a bow, I practically swooned.  Isn't it just perfect?

What are your favourites for the upcoming season?