19 August 2013

Pushing Boundaries

Today I decided to push myself a little on the old make up front. 
I have previously done a post called “Bare Faced Cheek” where I was pushing the boundaries of what amount or lack thereof, makeup I was happy wearing in front of a camera.  Actually going out in public like that is a further step forward.
Now I am not going to say to you that I am suddenly going to stop wearing makeup.  I’m not.  I love it and I love how it can transform your face depending on what look you are going for.  But I would also like to feel comfortable going to work with no makeup on.
Especially on those mornings when you are running on slow speed and putting on makeup is the thing that will make you miss your bus or make you late for work.  It isn't that important.  Yet I can't count the number of times I have left the house late because I have needed to "make myself presentable".
So here I am at work, no makeup, shiny nose, no eyeliner.  The world did not end.  People didn't draw back in horror.  The mirror didn't crack.  I look fine.
Whilst makeup is still something I choose to wear on a daily basis, I now know that I can live without it too.  Another step in being comfortable in your own skin.



  1. Go you! I think everyone should have the confidence to go out with out make-up! We are all beautiful without it! xx

  2. Do you know, sometimes I go out and I get back, look in the mirror and think 'Oh, I forgot my make up!' No babies or dogs howled at my naked visage, no one went 'Ugh!' as I walked past. It made no difference to my day at all, which shows the effect of make up is more in our heads than anything else. That said, when I remember my make up I enjoy wearing it! x x

  3. Go you! You look fabulous fresh-faced! In ten years, I only went to work once with no make up on, and everyone kept asking me if I was ill or tired! I often made myself a little late because I was doing my make up,too, but also got good at applying it on the go. I don't have any issues going out without any on, but I genuinely enjoy wearing make up, and feel more confident wearing it around people I know. xx

  4. you look amazing with no make up! I went make up free yesterday as I took Oliver swimming and thought there was no point in make up! ps I also love your dress x

  5. Rocking the no makeup!! Looking gorgeous!


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