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23 October 2013

Born in the USA

A few weeks ago during the weekly #psbloggers chat on Twitter on Sunday, the conversation go onto our favourite places to shop.  Many of the shops I have heard from before but I was intrigued to hear that you could also buy from the U.S.  without too much hassle.  More places to find dresses?  Yes please!

The availability of fashion in the plus size community is ever expanding but sometimes, you want to wear something that no one else has.  As it turns out, shipping over to the UK isn’t anywhere near as complicated as I first thought, with many companies working out the correct shipping and more importantly taxes out for you.

Here are a few dresses I currently have my eye on:

Untitled #7

1 - Colour Block Dress from Roamans
2 - Faux Leather Sweater Dress - Macys
3 - Beaded Keyhole Dress - Macys
4 - Printed Drawstring Dress from Roamans

What has surprised me about the American market is the actual ease of buying there and shipping here.  As well as working out the exact shipping and taxes for you, some of the larger companies offer a discount to international customers.  Roamans for example currently gives international customers 40% off your most expensive item, with the idea I guess of getting people to buy more than one item.

There are some gorgeous dresses available and I think I will be treating myself to a bulk buy sooner rather than later!