9 October 2013

OMCZ 16 - Your Choice

Welcome to OMCZ 16 - this time there is no theme, just our choice of what is outside of our personal comfort zone.

What I decided to wear was the dress that everyone has been talking about, the +Pink Clove UK tartan dress.  Now this dress is out of my usual comfort zone as red check is something I have never thought would suit me and indeed when I saw the trends emerging for Autumn Winter, I swore I wouldn't buy any tartan at all.

Yet here I am today, wearing a tartan skater dress and loving it.  How times change.  I wore this dress to the the +Marisota blogger event last week and it was comfortable to wear all evening and I didn't need to do any adjusting half way through the night which you can find with some dresses.

The lighting isn't great in these pictures I am afraid, I was having a bit of an argument with the flash which seemed to insist on highlighting where I didn't want it to.

With the dress I am wearing an Alice in Wonderland quote necklace which I got from Etsy and wedge ankle boots which are from +Simply Be and I am totally in love with them.


  1. I love that dress so much and it suits you great. At the moment, I don't think that I'll jump on that moving train, but who knows … ;)

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  2. you look great, this dress is amazing. After saying i hated tartan I can't stop wearing mine xxx

  3. Love the dress and it looks amazing on you!! Super trendy this season!! ;)*

  4. You know how much I love that dress and you look awesome in yours xx

  5. I LOVE this! The dress and the boots are gorgeous! x

  6. You look really good. Those boots are awesome! x

  7. Wow, you look fantastic in this dress! It really suits you and I love the boots you wore with it. I bought the dress, too, and it's a beauty. xx


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