6 October 2013

Ava Collarless Coat Review*

Hi all!

Last Wednesday I was invited to the launch of the Ava Collection for Marisota in Soho.  I was lucky enough to be allowed to take a couple of pieces away with me on the day and as a result, I have this gorgeous coat to show you!

This collarless coat is available in black, dusty pink or red and is priced at a not at all unreasonable £49.00.  Now me being me, I went for the red and immediately fell in love with it.

The simple lines of this coat are effortlessly classic and the just above knee length (on me, I’m 5ft 4) is just at that right length that will go with both dresses and trousers.

My original idea was to show you this coat in a simple black dress so as to show off the beautiful red but then I changed my mind.  Rather than use the coat as a colour pop to finish an outfit, I wanted it to add to an outfit instead, give it a little extra zing.  Just because it is a classic style, doesn’t mean that it can also be versatile.

So here I am, complete with blue leopard print dress!

This coat will fit into my work wardrobe perfectly and will also, as shown in the above pictures, be added to some more fun outfits for nights out and weekends.  All in all, a very hardworking coat!

What coats have you been buying lately?

*This coat was gifted to me however all opinions are my own.


  1. love the coat... it would be even more amazing with a massive collar! where is your dress from? I think it needs to be in my wardrobe?

    Toni x

  2. That coat is glorious! You look amazing in it. x

  3. Loving the coat! Red coats are always my favourite! xx

    1. I have never had a red coat before and always wanted one! x

  4. I remember a post you did a while ago worrying about wearing a bright coloured dress, now look at you wearing red and bright blue, together!

    I love the coat so much you look amazing in it, you're beaming in fact! xx

    1. I remember that too, now I don't care!! I felt really happy wearing this outfit and wore something similar to work yesterday :) x


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