21 October 2013

Simple Skin

I have always been really lucky with my skin.  I rarely get spots and usually have a clear complexion. 
Over the years my skin and I have reached an accord.  I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser on it and it stays happy and clear.  The thing with having good skin is that you can fall into the trap of getting lackadaisical about taking care of it the way that you should. I have really been guilty of that, but especially lately.
I have always gotten away with just using the beauty facial wipes on it instead of the cleanse, tone; moisturize ritual (I know, I know, you don't have to say).  I usually make sure to at least do a face pack once a week and exfoliate when I remember (read knock over the St Ives Scrub and notice it).  

Now though, my skin has started to remind me that I'm 34 now.  It needs that loving touch that as yet, I have never given it. 
So my next quest is going to be finding a decent skin routine and actually sticking to it.  The Simple skin care range seems to agree with my skin and isn't on the expensive side.  Time for me to really start reading some beauty blogs and getting some tips!


  1. I'm also guilty of mostly just using cleansing wipes and then my moisturiser, but it's usually enough for my skin. That said, I do also use the Garnier grape extract products when I can be arsed to cleanse, tone, and moisturise like I should. They're cheap, smell nice, and make my skin feel so soft! Definitely recommend them xx

  2. I used Simple in my early 20s, Clinique in my late 20s and then moved on to Clarins in my 30s. I now use a mixture of Liz Earle, Bobby Brown and Kiehls.... Skin gets drier and pores get larger as you get older. The more care you take when you are younger, the better. One thing that never occurred to me in my 20s and 30s - use a high protection sunscreen on the back of your hands and your cleavage all year round - they show your age much sooner than your face!


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