25 October 2013

Just Another Blog Challenge

Recently the lovely Toni of The Only Way is Toni put a call out to see who would be interested in a new blog challenge.  I held my hand up as yes and here we are!

The first month is transitional pieces, what items of clothing you wore in Spring/Summer and are carrying forward into Autumn/Winter.

One item I loved wearing this summer is the gorgeous paisley print dress from +Simply Be and I couldn't bare to pack it away for the Winter so decided layering up was the answer.  Here's my Summer and Autumn looks (you'll notice that the hair gets bigger in Autumn haha):

Now you may have spotted my new knee length boots in these pictures, they are what appear to have become the boots of the season as I have seen everyone wearing them!  They are the gorgeous quilted boots from SimplyBe!


  1. Love the dress, especially with the cardi! I still haven't bought those boots! :O x x

  2. I love that dress on you- it's so bright and colourful! Lovin' the boots, too. I've been coveting them ever since I saw Rachel blog about them recently xx

  3. Works really well for Autumn, I think :) x

  4. This works so well with the boots and cardie! you look fab x


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