30 June 2013

Planned Work OOTD

A quick #ootd that I am thinking about wearing for work tomorrow, a little different to the combinations I usually go for. 

I like this outfit although I feel I might be pushing it slightly as being acceptable for the office, but hey, I’m making the most of the sunshine!

I have featured the dress on the blog before and is from Savoir at Very.  It is cool and comfortable to be able to wear with ease all day although for me, at 5ft 4, it is a tiny bit too short to wear without leggings.  You can't tell that in the photos, but if I bent over I would be in danger of flashing my underwear, not the look you want for work!

When i originally bought the dress I had the idea of bare legs and sat outside in a beer garden but due to the length, a little more propriety is required!


  1. That dress is lovely and yes I am the same height as you and often think need leggings with that for work otherwise the office is going to be treated to a view of my knickers!!! x

  2. You look lovely! Very summery. Xx

  3. Yeah, wear it for work. You look gorgeous, everything's suitably covered that needs to, and it's still a smart look x

  4. You look lovely! I always feel uncomfortable in shorter dresses, so leggings are my saviour. You could always try a pair of white cropped leggings with it get that summery feel without flashing your colleagues! xx

  5. That dress if lovely and it really suits you well!! xx


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