20 June 2013

Lovely Dresses from Bon Marche?

I’ll make a confession.   I have always associated Bon Marche as being somewhere for the older generation to shop in.  It isn’t somewhere I have ever bought anything in for about 20 years and I think that the last time I was in a Bon Marche shop was 15 years ago.

I recently saw Bon Marche on Twitter and out of curiosity I decided to have a look at what they were currently doing with their clothing ranges.  Now, whilst I think that a lot of their range is still edged towards the older category, no high heels for example, there are now mixed in a lot of items that I would buy myself.

Bon Marche feature a lot of colour and a large variety of prints, both of which are brilliant for the summer months.  With stripes, Aztec and floral prints to chose from, there are many dresses that are right on trend.

Given that I am a dress girl at heart I have decided to feature my four favourite dresses here as an example of what you can now buy.  The great thing is that with their reasonable pricing structure, I can probably afford to buy one or more sooner than I would with other more expensive brands.

I promise, this isn’t a sponsored post by the way, I was so pleasantly surprised with what they have available, I wanted to blog about it!

Tribal Print Shirred Dress

Crochet Trim Printed Maxi Dress

Short Mock Tie Front Beach Dress
 So those of my four favourite dresses from Bon Marche.  You can get 10% discount off your first order from Bon Marche through www.FashionPerks.co.uk using their Bon Marche Discount Code 

Have you rediscovered any brands lately?


  1. I started buying bras from Bon Marche when I was pregnant and have a browse now and then to see what they've got in. It does have that 'mumsy' air to it but I think it's changing. x x

    1. We don't have one locally now, but I always remember going in and looking at the clothes and just thinking "No way!".

  2. The first dress and the maxi dress are both very pretty. I didn't realise they'd started selling 'younger' pieces; I'd always avoided the brand because I thought it just sold frumpy clothes aimed at older ladies! I was under a similar misconception with M&Co, and was really surprised to find out they also sell lovely clothes, and have a plus size range! xx

    1. They always used to; it was only coming across them on Twitter that made me look on the website to see if anything had changed.

  3. Bon Marche has really improved, I think because there is a new generation of 'older women' who don't want that frumpy look that our mother's generation might have gone for. This autumn they have some very nice items.


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