5 June 2013

A Case of Charity

Just like I once had a huge aversion to the sale rack in a shop, I also used to have a dislike for buying things from charity shops.  I would happily donate frequently, but every charity shop I went into seemed to smell and nothing ever seemed to appeal. 

I don’t know if this applies to just shops in my local area or is a widespread thing, or alternatively, if I’m just being a snobby bugger.

Anyhow……..  A few monthly ago now I was having a clear out of my wardrobe, out with the black, in with the colour and so had a ton of clothing to donate.  There is a Barnardos charity shop just down the road from me which I hadn’t previously been to so I decided to take everything down to them.

What a difference a bit of inspiration makes!   The volunteers and staff at this shop have made such an effort with this shop.  The displays are different every time I go in with different items available, all the clothing is colour coordinated and everything is sized correctly.  The clothing, shoes and general bric a brac is sectioned off perfectly in order to attract customers and every time I go into the shop I feel like I am walking into an Aladdin’s cave of enticing things to buy.

I was thinking of this shop yesterday as when I got to work, I realised that most of my outfit I have purchased from Barnardos. 
Like an idiot I managed to take a photograph of the dress and then deleted it by accident however you have seen before on the Flash the Flash challenge last month.  Here is a picture of the bag which is my most recent find for the bargain price of £4.00.
Have you had any great finds lately?


  1. Fab bag I recently found a Guess handbag in a local charity shop but I have no idea if it is real! X

    1. Now that is a find! I confess that I am constantly on the outlook for labels when I go there, but haven't found anything yet!

  2. The bag is gorgeous. I really want to go charity shopping more often. x x

  3. I have always had the same reluctance with charity shops and the like. I love the idea of thrifting, but the smell of second hand clothes just puts me off. I'm trying to work past it, though. Love the bag, though- what a great find! xx


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