1 June 2013

My First Vlog

Hello all, posting my first ever vlog today.  Please excuse the scared rabbit in headlights look!

The vlog can be found on YouTube here!


  1. Fantastic video and well done for having the confidence to have a go xx

  2. You are so lovely, even when you're a bit nervous. ;) Love the video and I'm surprised, that I understand nearly 90%. Reading and writing english is one thing, hearing and speaking another one. :) And your accent is too cute. :)

    To the topic Katie Hopkins, I must say that I must google her, because she's a "no name" in germany. (Thank god … but we have also such people here … *sad*). I stumbled over an article on Yahoo!TV UK & Ireland and this article about her appereance in this morning show gaves me a good overview of what kind of person she is and that I'll try to avoid her. ;)
    But I liked the article. :)


  3. You are a natural in front of the camera, Vicky! I don't know who Katie Hopkins is, but I am fed up of narrow minded people like her, and I agree, she must be an insecure person. I completely related and agreed with all you said. I've spent my life trying not to draw attention to myself, and being convinced nobody will ever want me, because society's standards have made me question myself. I know it's crazy, and I'm only just beginning to get past this in my late twenties. I wish the world was a more accepting place. People in all shapes and sizes are attractive!

    I hate that rape is ao often seen as 'the fault' of the victim because they dressed in a certain way. We don't say murder victims are to blame for their deaths because their appearance might have enticed the murderer, and we shouldn't blame rape victims, either. How a woman chooses to dress doesn't give another person the right to rape them. People need to be taught not to rape, not how to dress to prevent rape from happening.

    It also shocks me how women have no rights over their own bodies in some places.

    I think you covered some important points, and said them very well! Thank you for a great video xx


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