16 June 2013

The Most Comfortable Pants in all the Land!

You know when you look at an item of clothing and immediately think “No way!”.  That is what I thought when I first saw the current trend for floral trousers.  Not because I didn’t like them, because I loved them, I just didn’t myself in them in a million years.

I have seen several different variations of these trousers around and have seen lots of plus size bloggers wearing them, but I just couldn’t envisage my being able to pull them off.  Floral dress yes, floral trousers, running for the hills was the basic thought process.

Because I regularly check (for regularly, read every day but shush!)  but I knew that if I were to buy floral trousers, then the @So_Fab_Clothing trousers from +Very.co.uk were the ones I would choose.

As one of my newest quotes to live by is “If you don’t try, you don’t know”, finally this week I bit the bullet and ordered them, found here and currently on sale, the day after I purchased, typical!

It should be noted by the way that this is the first time I have worn anything but a dress for around three months!

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  1. You really suit them ic, i told you pants are comfy, are you converting? X

  2. Why did it say my felts page i dont know?

  3. Ooh I love them and they look amazing on you! I love the floral trousers / jeans trend but I've still not tried it myself xx

  4. I think this is the first time I see you in trousers. :) Beautiful outfit, love it. <3

    Mel xoxo

  5. I think you rock them! I wasn't a fan of florals but they're growing on me, especially when on a black background, like your trousers. Don't you just hate it when things go in the sale straight after you buy them! :S x x


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