23 June 2013

Choices, Choices

I am going on a girl’s day/night out in Manchester on Friday. It is an event that a group of friends and I like to try and arrange every few months as we all live in different places and don’t get to catch up very often.

I have been looking for a dress that will take me from afternoon to evening and also something summery and bright. I refuse to think that it will be anything else other than glorious sunshine.

I recently found the Floral Border Print Dress from the Koko range at +Simply Be  and completely fell in love. I have never worn any of these colours before and certainly not in that combination. The print of the dress made me thinking of a Monet painting and I couldn’t resist buying it.

I confess that I am more than a little nervous to wear this dress as it is the most “look at me” item of clothing that I have ever owned. You certainly won’t be able to miss me in it and that in itself is terrifying me (shush, don’t tell anything I told you), so much so that I decided to have a test run of the whole outfit.

I’ve gone a few different ways with the styling of the outfit combining cardigans and shoes and can’t decide which way to go so decided to ask for your thoughts???

Look One

Red cardigan, nude and black shoes

Look Two

Black cardigan, black strappy shoes or alternatively.....

Look Three

Screw the cardigan & black shoes.

Answers on a postcard, or just in the comments box which might by easier ;)


  1. I like all three looks that dress is amazing but I would say number three is my fave get those arms out lady xx

  2. I really like the one with the red cardi. It's a lovely contrast. x x

  3. I LOVE this dress and the colours look so good against your skin and hair colouring. I love it in all the looks, but my favourite is look 2 x

  4. Ooh this is really tricky as I love all three options. The red cardi look is lovely and cheerful, but if you're feeling self-conscious of the loud print, the second outfit with the black cardi might be more comfortable for you as it tones it down a bit? I really like the contrast of the black against the orange and red. You really can't go wrong with any option, though! xx

  5. cute dress


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