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17 September 2018

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer is something that we have all had experience of; whether being diagnosed ourselves or having had a family member or loved one suffer.  Since 1960, an unbelievable 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime.

If you are a family who has a child that has been diagnosed with cancer, the news is shattering.  The thought that your child is suffering this disease must be completely unbearable, devastating beyond belief.  

Just getting through each day, supporting and uplifting your child through the illness and the treatment that goes alongside takes superhuman strength.  But parents, every single day, find that strength to take care of their children, visiting them daily in hospital, spending hours, days and months and sometimes years by their bedside; providing a constant, positive and supportive outlook; no matter how bad it gets.

One thing that we forget is how much this all costs the family.  Not just the emotional cost of the heartache, not just the time spent away from work while you spend infinite hours at hospital with your child; not just the worry and maintaining that positive facade; but the practical, physical cost that can be crippling for families.

Children with cancer cannot simply go to their local hospital.  Studies show that on average, children and their families have to travel at least 60 miles to hospital and back for treatment.  Research carried out by Clic Sargent revealed that families are spending around £180 and more per month on their commute.

Children with cancer and their families get very little in way of support in relation to travel costs and this needs to change.  When you are using every ounce of your strength to support your child through their treatment, the very last thing you want to worry about is whether you have the money to visit them.  Families are often plunged into debt just for visiting their sick child.  This is wrong and has to change.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Clic Sargent have launched a petition asking the Government to create a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund so that families no longer need to worry about the costs of travel whilst visiting their child.

I ask today to sign the petition above which will be delivered to the Department of Health on the 26th September.  You can also download a petition sheet that can be signed by your work colleagues and friends which can add to the numbers (see the link on the petition page as linked above).  Every signature counts.

Please sign this petition for something so worthwhile which would help families with children suffering this terrible disease; taking some of the financial worry away from them at a time when all of their strength is focused on their child.  They are dealing with enough.

27 November 2017

Spread A Little Love This Winter

Among the seasonal cheer and chilly temperatures, winter is one of the busiest times of year for many of us. Whether it’s gift shopping or making time for friends, family and loved ones, there are plenty of things to keep us busy during the coldest months of the year. However, as we become increasingly pre-occupied and wrapped up in our own lives, finding time for one another can be a particularly difficult task.

Instead of focusing on the material aspect of winter and the festive season, we should do our best to get back in touch with the people who surround us each and every day. Care, kindness, compassion and generosity should all be integral at this time of year, which is why it is so important that you do what you can to welcome a little love back into both your life and the lives of others around you.

So, with that in mind, how can you go about welcoming some positivity and a greater level of care into your thoughts and actions? Here are some top tips which will hopefully provide the inspiration to get you started!

It costs nothing to be kind to someone, and this is a trait that can easily be applied to many situations throughout life. Whether it’s a simple smile and a compliment or taking some time out of your day to be there for someone in their hour of need, once you begin to takea conscious effort to be kinder to people, it’s something that will then continue to grow on its own. Plus, even if you don’t believe in fate, once you begin to act nicer and consider how you treat people, it won’t be long before you too begin to reap the rewards of your own actions.

We all know that Christmas is a time for giving, but how many of us actually spare a thought for the many people who are in need around the world at this time of year? With plummeting temperatures and bad weather, winter brings a whole new host of difficult challenges for people to face, be it the homeless in our own cities or refugee families and orphans across the globe. 

Even if it’s just a handful of loose change in a charity collection box, an hour spent volunteering at your local food bank or donating what you can to an appeal for the Rohingya, even the smallest acts can go a long way towards helping someone in need.

Of course, we all have people who are close to us and those we appreciate and care for no matter what. Whether it’s your family or a good friend, it’s always nice to show an additional degree of love, care and attention to your loved ones at this time of year. From clearing your schedule and organising meet-ups with friends and big family gatherings to simply picking out the perfect Christmas gift, sharing these simple yet meaningful annual moments is the perfect way to strengthen your ties and commit to spending more time together throughout the year to come. 

After all, the feeling of being loved and appreciated is one of the best there is – wouldn’t you want to share it at this time of year?

At the end of the day, we should all do what we can to help our fellow human beings. We all share this planet and when we work together, we are far more likely to succeed and reach greater levels of success. For that reason, even if it’s just a small act of kindness, try to commit to making a change for good this winter. 

*Collaborative piece

4 April 2017

Alder Hey Hospital Appeal

Today it is time for my charity of the month post and I cannot think of a more deserving one than this.

When you think of hospitals caring for sick children, the first one that comes to mind is always Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

Alder Hey were founded in Liverpool in 1914.  The hospital become an NHS Trust hospital in 1991 and they treat on average 270,000 children every year.   After its centenary year in 2014, a new hospital went into construction, with the new hospital Alder Hey in the park opening its doors in 2015.

Alder Hey and the University of Liverpool officially opened the first phase of a state-of-the-art dedicated research, education and innovation centre in March 2016. 

The unique Institute in the Park is a world-leading centre for research, with leading clinicians, healthcare professionals and scientists working in partnership with young patients and their families to produce remarkable life-saving and life-changing results.
The Institute in the Park is home to around 100 research, education and clinical staff and has facilities that no other UK or European children’s hospital can offer.  The building features two lecture theatres, a boardroom seating, a state-of-the art Library, dedicated e-learning suite and quiet study room. Video conferencing equipment enables Alder Hey to beam events, meetings and teaching seminars around the world and the facility has technology for live streaming from the hospital theatres.

Alder Hey Children’s Charity Appeal

Alder Hey Children’s Charity is raising vital funds to build the second phase of the Institute in the Park.

This appeal will allow the hospital to extend the current Institute building and develop even better treatments for children and young people. The second phase of the Centre will allow the hospital to double the space available to undertake world class research and innovation.
Within this building, Alder Hey’s researchers and clinicians will continue to work with partners in academia, technology and pharmaceuticals to develop safer, better medicines and therapies for children to use in the NHS and throughout the world.
Here are some of the most remarkable feats accomplished by Alder Hey since it opened its doors.  It has been the first to:

  • Test Penicillin, saving a child from Pneumonia in 1944
  • Establish a neonatal unit in the UK 
  • Cure the UK’s most commonly encountered congenital heart defect
  • Pioneer various splints and appliances, including the Thomas Splint
  • Introduce ‘liquid glass’ to reduce infection 

Alder Hey Children’s Charity works in conjunction with NHS funding to cover the running costs of the hospital, Alder Hey relies on charitable support and the money is spent directly in order to benefit patients. 

In 2009 as a result of charitable support Alder Hey was able to buy Europe's first 3T intraoperative MRI scanner.

Alder Hey Children's Charity needs our support in order to carry on its amazing life saving work and important research.   You can find out more and discover ways that you can donate by clicking here.

21 February 2017

Lung Leavin' Day

Today is my monthly charity of the month post.

When I decided to start this series, I decided that I wanted to try and support charities, causes and forms of illness that were lesser known to the general public; in order to raise more awareness.  One of my posts like this is for Ugly Mugs

Today I wanted to talk about a rare form of cancer called Mesothelioma.  I think most of us knows someone or has had a family member who has had cancer.  There are many types of cancer that are well publicised and get great fundraising from the public, such as breast cancer.  I have never heard of Mesothelioma before now, until I talked to a very special lady who was diagnosed eleven years ago.

Mesothelioma is rare and aggressive form of cancer that develops in the lining of the lungs or the abdomen.  Unlike many forms of cancer that occur naturally, Mesothelioma is caused by asbestos.  It has no known cure and the prognosis can unfortunately be bleak.  You can learn more about this cancer and the dangers of asbestos here.

One thing that I had seen in cancer patients, both young and old is an utter resilience.   A refusal to let cancer beat them and a force of will that is powerful to watch.

It is that resilience that got Heather Von St James to the stage where she has now reached eleven years of survival after a diagnosis of malignant pleural Mesothelioma which the doctors told her could take her life in as little as fifteen months.  Faced with a dire prognosis with a three month old baby girl at her side, Heather decided quite simply that she was going to live.  There is nothing stronger than a mother, determined to watch her child grow up.

You can read about Heather's incredible story here which is quite frankly awe inspiring.

After having her left lung removed, Heather and her family created a memorial to the event by starting the Lung Leavin' Day.  This day is celebrated every year by Heather, her family and friends gathering together, writing their biggest fears on a plate and smashing them into a bonfire.

Eleven years on and this tradition is still going strong and is spreading.  You can write your own fear and smash your place here.  Here is what Heather has to say:

"Having so many people come out in support of us is incredibly humbling, and SO DAMNED COOL!!!!! It is so great to have a house full of people who love and support us. Some people I only see this one time a year, others are in our lives all the time. Having friends come from out of state come is really special and makes the event so much more than just a party"

Research into this rare form of cancer is incredibly important.  You can donate to the UK charity by clicking Mesothelioma UK or for my US readers, click on MARF

It is so important to share stories like Heather's.  The human spirit is a powerful thing and Heather is proof of that.  She celebrated her eleventh year of surviving this horrible disease.  I wish her many, many more years to come.

29 January 2017

Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal

This blog post is the first of my new monthly feature which highlights a different charity every month.

This month I am talking about the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal.  This appeal has been raising funds and awareness since 1986 and has raised many millions of pounds for much needed funding.  In 2014 alone, the appeal raised £8.26 million pounds which funded 413,000 nursing hours.

Apart from making a personal donation yourself, there are many different ways that you can fund raise for this cause.  

You can volunteer to fund raise for Marie Curie by volunteering your time to selling daffodil pins to the public.  There is a simple questionnaire on the site, found here where you search for your town or city, find out the nearest fundraising site (mine is my local Tescos) and volunteer for the hours that you are available.

If you are looking to fund raise via your friends and family or work colleagues, why not make an event out of it?  

You could have a dress down day at work, with everyone donating £2 each.  Perhaps suggest that everyone wears an item of clothing that is daffodil yellow and have a donation box on the reception desk for clients and visitors to donate too?

Are you great at doing hair or have a talent with makeup?  Why not see how many many hairstyles or makeovers you can do in a day?  Every person seen could donate £5 each and it could be a really fun event.

If you fund raising alone, why not try something out of the ordinary. Why not become a human statue in a public place with the public donating funds every time they move you? If you have a musical talent, why not sing for your donations?

Happy fund raising!!

23 January 2017

You Got To Give a Little

If there is one plan (and I use the term loosely because I hate making long term plans that inevitably fall by the wayside) that I want to follow through on this year; it is to do two things.  Be more selfish, and give more.

Doesn't make sense right?  Being selfish and giving are at opposite ends of the scale.  But giving can entail many things and there is nothing wrong with scaling back on some aspects and escalating others.

When I say I want to be more selfish. I am not talking about holding on to the last Rolo or showing no consideration for others.  What I mean is that this year, I need to remember to take care of myself too.  To give a little less of myself in some areas, which will enable me to give more in others.

As I have said in my previous post I am guilty of falling into the habit of being different personalities around different people.  The "I'm fine" person, when I'm really not; the sociable person; when I want to be alone (although I need to bring that out more as it is tied to my anxiety); the shy person in a group of people, while with my friends I am never scared to put my voice forward.  Molding your personality to fit the situation is exhausting and this year I decided, I am just not doing it anymore.

I am also going to take more time out for myself.  Some me time, on my own.  I need space on my own sometimes, even if it is just shutting a door or going to spa on my own for the afternoon.  I need it; and I deserve it.  We all do.

But I also want to give more this year and that does not have to involve giving myself.  Giving can be giving some of your time, writing a blog post to promote a charity or even working charity into your everyday shopping.

So my first goal is to write something for a different charity each month.  I tried to start that last year, but I only managed a few posts.  This year I will do better.  This month I am going to write about the Marie Curie Daffodil appeal and next month I am featuring an amazing woman who is 10 years Cancer free, after having one lung removed after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Mesothelioma.  She now raises funds for research and that will be my February charity post.

Another way I intend to give is by giving money.  Although I donate some money to Women's Aid and Refuge every month, I cannot afford to give much.  So another way that you can give money is through your shopping.

After a little research, there are a number of ways that you can do this.

I am always one for finding a bargain online, any way to save money on a purchase.  I have some across a site called which not only finds you the discount codes for the shops that you want, it also donates 20% of it's profits every month to a different charity.  This month they raised over £200 for the Alzheimer's Society and since they began they have raised over £51,000.00.  That is just incredible. 

So this is my plan this year.  Take care of myself more, and give a little more.  We all need to look after ourselves and we all need to give a little back.  This is going to be my way of doing that.

14 November 2016

Oxfam - Stories of Hope

Every month we all have the same kind of withdrawals from our bank accounts.  Everything from our mortgage to the food we eat.  

We make our budgets, we live according to what we can afford and we know that every month, the money that we earn is going to home us, feed us, clothe us.  

As someone living in the UK I have many privileges.  I know that I am safe; both in the house I live in and the country I reside in.  Neither will be taken away from me.  I have food, water, sanitation.  Something as simple as turning on a tap or flushing a toilet is something that I will never need to worry about.

This is why, the most important withdrawals from my account each month are my charity donations.  For people who do not have those basic things such as a safe roof over their head, food, water, sanitation.  I cannot give a lot, but every penny really does count.

I was recently contacted by Oxfam and asked if I would help with their campaign to share stories of hope.  Stories of people who do not have the things that we take for granted every day.  People that have faced adversity every day of their lives, yet still have managed to make a life and provide for their families.

So today, I wanted to tell you about Buchumi.  Buchumi was born in Burundi.  Due to fighting and unrest in Burundi, Buchumi and people like him have been forced to seek refuge in Tanzania.  Buchumi has been living in refugee camps since 1999.  Think about that.  That is 17 years of not having a proper home.

After moving into his first refugee camp, he met his wife a few years later.  In 2010 they moved into a new camp and went on to have four children.  Due to a lack of food and small portions, Buchumi needed to support his family and find a way of making an income.

Previously a teacher, but with the schools closed down, he decided to take up tailoring lessons to learn how to sew. 

Photo credit: Amy Christian/Oxfam
With the income that he makes from being a tailor, he is now able to provide food for his family.  He is making the best out of a horrible situation and is providing a future for his family.  

 “I love tailoring, that’s why I am still doing it. For now, I would love to keep tailoring.”

Due to the influx of people coming into camps in places that were only sparsely populated before, this has meant the Nyarugusu refugee camp, that was originally set up for Congolese refugees, has quickly run out of space. Three new camps have been set up but each need sanitation improvements and emergency supplies.

Oxfam is working in Nyarugusu and Nduta, one of the new camps, to provide water and sanitation facilities, emergency food, and support to access work. Providing a safe and sanitary environment is a major priority in the work Oxfam has carried out, but helping people improve camp infrastructure and gain new skills is also a high priority. These programmes help refugees like Buchumi create an income and gain stability in their lives.

Photo credit: Amy Christian/Oxfam
This is why it is so important that we make a donation  A single donation of £25 could provide safe water for 25 people.  A monthly donation of just £5 could pay for a goat for a family.  £20 could pay for two toilets.

In just 15 years extreme poverty has been halved.  Imagine what the next 15 years could achieve.  With every donation, that time frame will lesson.  We won't live with poverty.

*In collaboration with Oxfam 

25 July 2015

Home Start St Albans City and District

I spoke to you a couple of months ago about a new monthly feature that I wanted to implement on my blog.  I have had so much joy from this blog and I want to, in my own small way, give back some of that joy by helping others.

My idea is to promote those smaller charities that you have not necessarily heard about before.  The large charities, although very important, get a lot of press and donations whilst the smaller ones, which need help just as much, can sometimes be unnoticed.

Today I want to feature Home Start - St Albans City and District.
Home Start support families in need who have children under the age of 5 by way of volunteer visits.  All of the volunteers at Home Start have parenting experience and they assist families who need practical help and assurance, breaks for parents as well as practical support with local services.

I spoke to Home Start and asked them to share a paragraph with us:

"Being a parent can be hard at the best of times, but imagine parenting when you have a mental or physical illness, a child with a disability, no family or friends there for support; or when you are living in poverty or debt.  This is the reality for many parents.

The weekly support provided by Home Start's fully trained volunteers has been described by families as a "lifeline".  Our early intervention reduces family breakdown and crisis and helps parents five their children a positive and settled start start in life."

Home Start is a nationwide project but I wanted to promote the St Albans City and District Project in particular as I have learned that they have recently lost all of their Council funding and as a result they are in dire need of funds.  Home Start need to raise the sum of £40,000.00 over the next 5 months in order to continue with this much needed support for families.

Here is where you can donate to Home Start, either by a single or monthly donation

27 May 2015

Charity Challenge

Hello all,

I have a question for you today.  I have promoted charities on this blog before such as Ugly Mugs and Capes for Heroes and would like it to become a monthly feature.  I have a passion for promoting smaller charities, the kind that people generally do not know about but also sharing people's stories on how they cope with potentially life threatening illnesses.

What I was wondering was whether anyone else would like to join me in this monthly feature.  The idea would be to each month promote a different charity, either one which is close to your heart, a smaller one that does amazing work or promoting a blog/website that aids, supports or provides help to people.

If you are promoting a charity, the idea would be to provide at the end of your blog the ways in which people can donate.

If anyone wishes to do this monthly challenge. please comment with your blog address and email or alternatively email me on and I will get in touch with the date for posting and everyone's details.

Vicky xx

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21 May 2015

Charity Shop Bargains

One thing that I love to do at the weekends is have a look around our local +Barnardo's   I have written about my local Barnardos in my post here 

We donate regularly to the charity shop with various clothing items and so I love to have a look around and see what bargains I can find.

Here are some of my recent purchases:

 photo DSC03034_zpsdocqzwie.jpg

 photo DSC03036_zpsyyh8dzes.jpg

 photo DSC03037_zps7arftqqo.jpg

All of the necklaces were bought ranging from £1.50 to £3.50, one  of which was brand new and still had the shop tags on it.  

I am love with the turquoise Fossil purchase which I picked up, in perfect condition for the sum of £4.00.  Having had a look online, knowing that Fossil purses are expensive, I found the same purse retailing for £65.00 at Rainbows Accessories so I had gotten myself a real bargain there.

What great finds have you come across in charity shops?

23 April 2015

Ugly Mugs

Whenever you see a fundraising campaign, the charity beneficiaries always seem to be the same.  Whilst charities such as Cancer Research and the Save the Children Fund are vital, many smaller charities are helping people and saving lives that most have never heard of. 
It is so important that these smaller charities receive exposure too as they need funding too.  With this in mind, today I want to highlight a charity called "National Ugly Mugs" which aims at protecting sex workers from violent offenders. 
The term Ugly Mugs was first developed in Australia in 1986, where the phrase ‘ugly mugs’ was used to describe punters who became violent.  They understood that distributing descriptions of ‘ugly mugs’ could warn other sex workers and help to keep them safe.  The first schemes in the UK were started in 1989 in two cities and are now run nationwide.

So why should you care about the lives of sex workers?
Since 1990, 149 sex workers have been murdered in the UK.   A study undertaken by the Home Office shows that more than half of women in prostitution have been raped and or seriously assaulted and at least 75% have been physically assaulted.  Those figures would pose a significant argument for crimes against sex workers being treated as hate crime.

A report by the Trussell Trust has showed an appalling rise of 163% in people having to utilise food banks, with nearly one million adults and children being forced to access them in the last year.  The austerity measures implemented by the Government has forced many people into looking for alternative ways to make ends meet and for some, this can lead to sex work. 

The atypical image of a sex worker is a scantily dressed woman on a street corner but the truth often is, especially in the current climes, that it could also easily be your next door neighbour; un-noticeable to a passer-by in the street.

The Home Office study shows that 74% of women in sex work identified paying household expenses and supporting their children as being the primary instigators in being drawn into sex work.

Everyone deserves help and everyone deserves support.  You cannot impose a moral line on safety.  It is only with schemes like the National Ugly Mugs that sex workers are feeling more confident about coming forward and reporting crime because of the stigma involved and the worry that they will not be taken seriously.

Alex Bryce, Director of Services at National Ugly Mugs has said:

"National Ugly Mugs is saving the lives of some of the most unfairly stigmatised people in our society and bringing to justice some of the most dangerous offenders."

The National Ugly Mug's reporting scheme is vital in bringing information about dangerous individuals to the attention of local constabularies and the National Crime Agency.  This has already led to nine convictions of serial repeat offenders.  In its first year of offering supporting, 480 incidents were reported, including 120 sexual assaults.
The cost of running the Ugly Mugs scheme for one year is around the same of investigating a rape and around the tenth of investigating a murder.  They are desperate for funding to allow this scheme to continue and this is where we come in.

My good friend Shona is a support worker for sex workers who works alongside Ugly Mugs in Lancashire.  As well as offering support and liaising with the police to report attacks on sex workers, she also is out at night twice a week providing condoms and panic alarms, along with a colleague who offers Hepatitis B and other vaccinations.

Shona is new to running but has set a goal of running the 10K Great Manchester run and has set up a JustGiving page with to a view to raising much needed funds for Ugly Mugs.  To date she has raised £885.00 in donations but the more that can be raised, the better.  You can donate to Shona and this very worthwhile cause at Just Giving

*Also posted on the Huffington Post

11 April 2014

Capes for Heroes

Today is the donation date that I have been speaking about on a couple of blog posts recently. 

The idea behind it stemmed from the Facebook #nomakeupselfie from a couple of weeks ago. 

What I have noticed about these Facebook games is that it is always focussed on cancer.  Whilst Cancer Research is of course a very worthy cause, what about the other charities that need donations and awareness as well? Alzheimer’s Research, The Stroke Association, FMA UK, SANE, the RSPCA, the Down’s Syndrome Association, everyone has a charity that means something to them because a friend or relative is or has been affected or indeed themselves.

I want to do something to emphasis that although charities like Cancer Research are important; there are others out there too that need help and support. 

The idea is that we are all to post on our blogs and Facebook/Twitter accounts a picture of ourselves holding a sign with the name of your chosen charity, the link or text message number of how you can donate and the hashtag #IDonated. 

Here is a bit about my chosen charity and my picture!

Capes 4 Heroes is a non profit organisation that have a very simple, but very powerful idea. Here’s what they have to say:

“We make and personalize superhero capes for kids with disabilities, kids with life threatening illnesses and kids who just need to feel empowered. We hope our capes give these deserving kids an extra boost of strength and courage and make them feel like the superheroes they truly are!”
Sometimes it isn’t about trying to cure a disease, sometimes it is as simple as putting a smile on a child’s face when they really need to smile.

You can donate a cape to a child for $30 or alternatively whatever you can afford to via Paypal on this link You can also nominate a child who you think needs a superhero cape of their own on the website. They also send capes to the UK.

27 March 2014

A Day for Charity

You may remember that I recently wrote A Charity Case on my blog further to the recent Facebook no makeup selfie thing on Facebook for Cancer.

The point in my post was that these Facebook games are always about the same charity and what I wanted to do was emphasis that although charities like Cancer Research are important; there are others out there too that need help and support.

Everyone has a charity that means something to them because a friend or relative is or has been affected or indeed themselves and those charities need support just as much.

The idea was that a date would be arranged for next month whereby we would all post on our blogs/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest accounts etc a picture of ourselves holding a sign with the name of a charity that you support, together with the link or text message number of how you can donate and the hashtag #IDonated.

I was excited to see that many of you contacted me and said that this was something that you wished to be involved in. I have decided to use Friday 11thApril 2014 as the day for everyone to post and hope that you will become involved.

I thought that I would tell you a little about the charity that I have chosen, which is one that I have heard about recently.

Capes 4 Heroes is a non profit organisation that have a very simple, but very powerful idea. Here’s what they have to say:

“We make and personalize superhero capes for kids with disabilities, kids with life threatening illnesses and kids who just need to feel empowered. We hope our capes give these deserving kids an extra boost of strength and courage and make them feel like the superheroes they truly are!”

Sometimes it isn’t about trying to cure a disease, sometimes it is as simple as putting a smile on a child’s face when they really need to smile.

You can donate a cape to a child for $30 or alternatively whatever you can afford to via Paypal on this link You can also nominate a child who you think needs a superhero cape of their own on the website. They also send capes to the UK.

I look forward to seeing your posts on the 11th!

Vicky x

20 March 2014

A Charity Case

This week we have seen the latest Facebook craze which is to raise awareness for breast cancer by posting a makeup free picture of yourself. 
This originated back in September when launched the campaign Dare to Bare for breast cancer, which aimed at getting women to get sponsored to go to work or have a night out without their make-up on.   The first 1000 people were sponsored £1.00 by the company.

That has been taken over this week by Facebook users by posting a makeup free selfie.  The problem is that whilst many people have posted the photos, they are putting little or no information about cancer and are forgetting about the donation part. They simply post the photo, nominate some people to join and then forget about it.

I am aware that Cancer Research posted a message yesterday saying that although they hadn't organised the Facebook campaign, there was a text message number you could donate to (text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3).  For the majority of postings I have seen however, it was picture only.

It was the same with the colour of your bra game and where you put your handbag.  Neither did much of anything to help, unless writing "on the table" suddenly cures cancer.

Am I being too judgemental?  Probably. 

But what actually irritates me (and this may get people shouting at me) is why is it that these Facebook crazes always fixated on cancer?  Whilst Cancer Research is of course a very worthy cause, what about the other charities that need donations and awareness as well?  Alzheimer’s Research, The Stroke Association, FMA UK, SANE, the RSPCA, the Down’s Syndrome Association, everyone has a charity that means something to them because a friend or relative is or has been affected or indeed themselves.

I want to do something to emphasis that although charities like Cancer Research are important; there are others out there too that need help and support. 

My suggestion is simple.  If I can get enough people together who would like to do the same thing, my idea is that on a day to be decided next month we would all post on our blogs and Facebook/Twitter accounts a picture of ourselves holding a sign with the name of your chosen charity, the link or text message number of how you can donate and the hashtag #IDonated.
You don’t have to donate a lot.  You can donate as little as a pound if you want to.  The point is that this would be more proactive than taking a silly picture in order to raise awareness.
This is just a fledging idea at the moment so if anyone has any thoughts and hopefully wants to collaborate on this with me, please email me at 

Thanks for reading!

Vicky xx

5 June 2013

A Case of Charity

Just like I once had a huge aversion to the sale rack in a shop, I also used to have a dislike for buying things from charity shops.  I would happily donate frequently, but every charity shop I went into seemed to smell and nothing ever seemed to appeal. 

I don’t know if this applies to just shops in my local area or is a widespread thing, or alternatively, if I’m just being a snobby bugger.

Anyhow……..  A few monthly ago now I was having a clear out of my wardrobe, out with the black, in with the colour and so had a ton of clothing to donate.  There is a Barnardos charity shop just down the road from me which I hadn’t previously been to so I decided to take everything down to them.

What a difference a bit of inspiration makes!   The volunteers and staff at this shop have made such an effort with this shop.  The displays are different every time I go in with different items available, all the clothing is colour coordinated and everything is sized correctly.  The clothing, shoes and general bric a brac is sectioned off perfectly in order to attract customers and every time I go into the shop I feel like I am walking into an Aladdin’s cave of enticing things to buy.

I was thinking of this shop yesterday as when I got to work, I realised that most of my outfit I have purchased from Barnardos. 
Like an idiot I managed to take a photograph of the dress and then deleted it by accident however you have seen before on the Flash the Flash challenge last month.  Here is a picture of the bag which is my most recent find for the bargain price of £4.00.
Have you had any great finds lately?