9 May 2013

Birdy Birdy Girl

Just a quick outfit of the day post as I wanted to show you the new dress I have from +Very.co.uk .

I absolutely love anything bird print so when I saw this dress for £15.00, I simply was unable to resist!  I have paired it with my trusty teal cardigan from Next which seems to go with everything and some leggings from Very with a PU stripe down the side.

I love the colours on this dress.  It is a little short for me to wear without leggings or tights but it fits very well which is important to me.

I look a little windswept in these photos, apologies for that as I had just come in from a very windy and wet outside.

I love a good bargain, what have you picked up recently?

1 comment:

  1. Lovely dress … the print is too sweet.

    I hope my recent haul from Bonprix arrives tomorrow. Two dresses, two shirts, one trouser and shoes. Hope I will keep some of it. Keep your fingers cross. :)



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