26 April 2013

You Get What You Pay For!

I’m doing something on the blog today that I have never done before.  A bad review.  I hate giving a bad review of something, but in this case I was very unhappy with the product and felt that I should.

 I have been buying clothes from Very for some time and have always been happy with the quality and item that I have received.
Unfortunately the shoes appear to be a different story.  This is a second chance story with Very’s shoes as I had previously bought a pair of boots for the Winter from South that I was unhappy with;  namely with the soles coming away from the boots and the leather coming off at the front of both boots.  I had decided that it was a one off and having not paid over the odds, I left it there.
Approximately two months ago I bought a pair of black glitter ballet shoes from Very for £15.00.  I have worn them no more than five times.  Here is the result.  Given the state of the soles coming away from the shoes I have had to throw them away. 

I realise that I have paid less than £20.00 for the shoes and if I had been wearing the pair for a while, I would have been fine with the end result.  But for a pair of shoes I have barely worn?  Unacceptable I’m afraid. 

I will continue to buy clothing from Very as I think that they have a great selection and I have never had a problem with quality on that front.  But as for the shoes and boots, a little more quality please!
I hate doing bad reviews......


  1. Have to agree that they should have lasted longer than that, I buy most of my flats from Primark for less than £10 a time and they still manage to go the distance so for £15.00 I would expect more as well x

    1. That's the thing, I wouldn't have minded so much if I had gotten a reasonable number of wears out of them. The same happened with some boots though. Still don't like doing bad reviews! x

    2. No I understand its not very pleasant having to do a bad review but at least you are being honest x

  2. Even for £15, they shouldn't fall apart after five wears. I once had a pair of Primark ballet pumps that cost me £6 which I wore constantly for six months before they fell apart! You should contact them and complain!


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