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18 May 2016

Summer Sandals - The No Budget Edition

Whilst writing my Summer Sandals Essentials Guide last week, my eyes could not help be drawn to the more expensive shoes and sandals sections.

If you decide to treat yourself to a pair of designers shoes, my tip would always be to chose something classical and not to complex.  You don't after all want to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair of shoes, only to find that they only go with one outfit!

These are my favourites sandals that I have been looking at over the past week, all of which could fit into any wardrobe whilst still eluding a sense of style of glamour.

Michael Kors £55.00
I just adore these Michael Kors Sandals.  They would be perfect to show off your summer tan and add a touch of bling to your outfit. 

Southaven - £119.00

These sandals are a classic strappy style with a manageable heel, given a cool edge with the vibrant orange colour.  These will look fantastic with a black dress, or something clashing if you are feeling adventurous.

Swedish Hasbeens £149.00

I love these shoes so much I cannot even tell you.  They aren't particularly stylish or up to the minute fashionable, but anyone who has ever loved the Mary Jane combined with a 50s sense of style will love these shoes as much as I.

J Crew - £360.00

Now we are getting into the pricier end of the market.  I love the simple style of these sandals, jazzed up with the sequinned heels and strap.  You could wear these sandals with lots of different neutral tones.

Alaia £750.00

Last, but not least, the most expensive pair of sandals I am showing you today.  Classic, stylish, expensive yes, but absolutely beautiful.  These are the pair that you save for.  What is more, you could wear these shoes with any evening outfit for years to come. 

What are your favourite pair?

8 October 2015

K.Jacques Sandals

As I write this post, the rain is pouring outside and the weather forecast is miserable.  Last week though happily we had a few lovely sunny days and it gave me the chance to test out my new sandals from K.Jacques

K.Jacques is a family run business in France that create bespoke sandals to your precise specifications which sell all over the world.  K.Jacques have had artistic collaborations with the heights of fashion such as Givency, Karl Lagerfield; Balenciaga and Helmut Lang; to name but a few.  So when you create your own bespoke sandals, you know that you are in great company.

I was given the chance to create my own pair of sandals, which is something I have always wanted to do.  

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-18-10-125_zps0bqdnytg.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-18-19-098_zpsbyvf4s0i.jpg

The first step is to chose your style of sandal.  I went with the Buffon style with a combination of black leather and Dover Capri leather for a touch of sparkle.  Once you have submitted your design, this is sent off to the design team who come back with a picture of your chosen sandal, sometimes with a suggestion of an added element or design.

Once you have agreed your chosen design, the next step is providing them with a hand drawn outline of your feet so that they can create the perfect fit for you.  This is especially great for me as I have a slightly wider foot, somewhere between an E and EE so finding fashionable sandals is usually a bit of a challenge.

One week later and my beautiful sandals arrived on my doorstep, with a bag to keep them in to ensure that they stay in great condition.  The leather is luxuriously soft and the sandals fit me perfectly.

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-27-01-519_zpstk2rstan.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-28-28-502_zpstblequh7.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-27-16-730_zpsworrp9za.jpg

Being bespoke and handmade they cost a little more than your usual sandal purchase, but for a pair of sandals that fit like a glove, are soft to the touch and are designed to your precise specifications; the money is worthwhile.

With the weather turning to rain and cold I may not get another chance to wear my sandals now until next Summer, although with our changeable climate, I could be wearing them again in blazing sunshine next week!

*These sandals were gifted to me but all opinions are, as ever, my own.

22 April 2014

Summer Sandals

We are speedily getting to that point of year (crossing fingers and toes as I type) when we need to start thinking about breaking out the summer sandals.

I tend to replace my summer sandals each year, mainly for the reason that I fall in love with new ones every time.

What I want from a summer sandal is a simple style, something that can take me from day to night if needed; comfortable and preferably with a small wedge to it.  With that in mind, this year I have decided to go for the Low Wedge Sandals from +Fashion World   They come in both black and gold and have a lovely sparkle to them.

After purchasing the black pair I also decided to go for the gold pair also.  They are ultra comfortable and come in different width fittings to make sure that you get the perfect fit.

What sandals are you wearing this summer?

24 June 2013

Searching for Sandals

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am a shoe addict.  Luckily for my bank balance although not so lucky for me, I have to take a few considerations into mind when I am purchasing shoes.

Any shoe higher than 3-3.5 inches is probably out for my due to my clumsiness and lack of general balance.  

In addition to that I have to factor in my limitations when it comes to stairs which I will inevitably encounter at some point in my day/night.  This  means that I need some flexibility in the soles and again, not too high a heel.

Due to my ridiculous idiosyncrasy that I have to be able to feel the next step in front of me with the front of my toes/shoe means that when it comes to Summer, many sandals are impossible for me to wear.

My quest for the perfect Summer sandal for me is never ending.  All I want is the perfect sandal, fitting with my limitations, in a colour that goes with everything, comfortable and if at all possible, can carry me from day to evening if necessary.  Yes, I want the world in other words.

Well a few weeks ago my search for the best sandals in the world ended when I found the Hush Puppies Faith T-Bar Leather Sandals in gold from . 

The sandals are are cushioned slightly which makes them ultra comfortable, they fit perfectly and one key feature for me, they didn’t need breaking in whatsoever and didn’t have that annoyingly slippery surface that new shoes sometimes have.  I’m in love!

Whilst at £45.00  they are a bit more than you would generally pay for a pair of sandals, for me the price is totally justified as I can wear them with anything, they work as well with jeans as they do with dresses and I can make it up a flight of stairs without looking like a complete fool.

Have you found your perfect Summer sandals?